04.21.15Sunday Sew: Easter Dresses

I didn’t know if I was going to make Easter dresses for the girls this year… scratch that, I forgot to make easter dresses for the girls this year. I forgot that I would be on vacation with Chris on Easter Sunday and thus had to make them and have the kiddos dress up the week before if I planned on seeing them in their Easter best and getting some pictures. So the sunday morning arrived and I panicked. Luckily I had some awesome Cotton and Steele fabric on hand and had sewn several Bohemian Baby Doll dresses the week before for another project so I was able to whip these bad boys out super fast.


Oh my gosh you guys this was seriously the funniest most ridiculous “photo shoot”, if you can even call it that. We were already late and I was running around like a crazy person and the kids were totally feeding off my insanity and the above picture is the ONLY one as a group where someone isn’t pulling a hilarious face…. Though Sawyer looks SUPER thrilled in this one. At least he isn’t half sneezing like he was in the rest! Chloe refuses to wear anything I pick out these days. The only way I got her into this dress was letting her pick out her accesories. Hence the hairband and necklace. You gotta do right?


I accidentally made Evie’s dress about three inches too short but C’est La Vie she went to church in it anyway. Now I make her pair it with leggings so it is more of the tunic version.


I am kind of upset at myself for rushing it so much and making rookie mistakes along the way. But having said that I LOVE patterns where you can use small amounts of your expensive hard to find fabric and still get a wow factor. This pattern and the C”est Dimanche pattern really do that. Have some fat quarters you have been hanging on to? You can totally make this dress top out of them (thought probably the sleevless version) and then pair it with a nice soft solid cotton bottom. Voila! I am neurotic and have to have my bodice tops without topstitching so I actually sewed up these dresses a completely different way and added zippers on both. But the instructions are great and it sews up so so so fast and that is the only reason the girls got Easter dresses this year ha! By the by the boys suits and ties are from Crew Cuts and are from when Sawyer was baptized.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!!



02.23.15Sunday Sew: St. Paddy’s Day

For those of you who have been following the blog for a while you know that we have a lot of Irish pride. I spent several summers there with my family growing up and our cuties have already made several trips. It stands to reason then that St. Paddy’s day would be big around our house. I decided this year to whip the girls up some fun super green dresses to wear to school so there would be no pinching ;)


After I made Evie’s though I hit a wall and wanted something colorful. I remembered her little top from the “color my summer” photo shoot in Paris and thought that would look festive with a little green skirt for Chloe. Luckily she loved it! Mainly because I STILL haven’t attached it to anything so she could lift up and show her belly to her hearts content.


The girls were in the CRAZIEST mood and being completely ridiculous.



I tried getting just one picture of them by themselves but Chloe REFUSED to stay out of the shot.



When I said their crepe payment was on the line things got serious….

2015-02-23_0001 …for all of two seconds.

It’s funny because I would say the Murphy’s law part of my heritage (I am a murphy several times over) has definitely dominated my life more then the “luck of the Irish” but looking at these hilarious and spunky girls I am pretty sure I am the luckiest mama out there!



FYI: All cotton fabric, dress pattern for Evie: Roma by C’est Dimanche, in french but I did an english walk through you can find HERE. Chloe’s top and skirt are self drafted.


02.18.15Sew Up: Mini Hudson

I have been itching to sew something for my boys… that didn’t involve weapons and a cape. Finn is my trendy boy. He loves “looking handsome” and lets me put gel in his hair without immediately flattening it down and often sports a leather jacket and a scarf, in short, he’s a keeper. Which is what inspired his freezer paper stenciled shirt. He was wearing his “stay gold pony boy” one to death so I thought it was time for a new one. I also thought he would So I love a pair of Mini Hudson‘s (from True Bias) with some leather detailing, and I was right!


2015-02-17_0001 ^^^Oh my gosh you guys I just want to hug him through the screen!!!^^^

2015-02-17_0004My kiddos are obsessed with my sister’s pug Winifred. They seriously would ask more about Winnie when we were in Paris then most family members ha!


I knew if I wanted Finn to have a fun photo shoot and give me some real smiles I just had to bring Winnie along.


The pattern itself was an easy sew. This was my first time working with ribbed jersey and I LOVE it!


I had some trouble with the pockets initially and ended up redoing them so that they laid nicer.  I am telling you that sewing with a tissue paper layer when sewing with jersey is GENIUS!!! It makes every single seam just gorgeous!


Finn is small for his age so I sized the sweats down because I knew they would already be baggy and I didn’t want them looking like MC Hammer pants…. though um they kind of do, in an awesomely hip and stylish way.


The jersey is from my Japan haul. I am telling you had I known just how mind blowingly incredible the fabric shopping was going to be I would have taken out a small loan. My heart literally aches for the fabrics that I didn’t purchase. Their jersey section was an entire floor and there were the most gorgeous shades of grey… I think they were like 50 different shades… HA! But seriously there were at least 30, and I am a sucker for marled grey jersey and have yet to find it in any stores locally. 


^^^Rockin my ultra cool modern MC’s like a boss^^^^


This was Winnie’s first time to the mountains and I think she was a fan! Both participants enjoy a treat once we returned from what Finn dubbed “Winnie’s Mountain Adventure”. He has been asking me everyday when we are going to take her back. Look at this face, wouldn’t you go on an adventure with her too?




02.16.15Sunday Sew: Sunki Dress


When I was in Japan I found this crazy gorgeous Ikat fabric. I absolutely should have bought a million yards but instead I bought one, and I knew exactly what pattern I was going to use it for: Figgy pattern’s the Sunki Dress.

I have been wanting to sew up this dress forever but haven’t had the time to dedicate to a new, and what seemed like more difficult pattern until this last week.


Then I couldn’t take seeing the fabric folded there, all clean and ready to be sewn up.


Happily the pattern wasn’t nearly as intense as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong I did have to read it twice to really get what I was doing with the pockets and side panels, but you totally don’t need to be intimidated at all. The instructions are great and it sews up way faster then I had anticipated.


Evie especially loved it because of the pockets. I am telling you, add pockets to any outfit and your cutie will love it even more!


The fabric looks so much like a painting to me (one I would like to have on my wall) so when I was thinking about where and how to photograph it I knew paint had to be involved. I have been trying not to do to many shoots outside since it is winter and although she is a SUPER trooper I feel bad making her stand and smile in the freezing cold. Add in the paint idea and I decided to just let her paint the walls a bit.


Okay, so not really. I tapped up some nice big piece of white paper first and THEN let her go to town.

I am pretty sure she will ask to do this with all photo shoots from here on out.

I really wish they offered an adult version of this pattern because I am absolutely smitten. It is taking everything in me not to sew up versions out of all my Japan fabric but I have GOT to ration it ha! As it stands I am pretty sure I will be making her where this everyday this week just so I can enjoy that awesome fabric!



02.13.15Mini Marthe

I have loved Trine from Groovy Baby and Momma since I found her blog. Then we competed in Project Sewn together and I got to actually know her and loved her even more! Everything she makes looks straight out of my favorite Parisian stores and her dark palate is so appealing to me after our years there. A pattern I see her sewing up again and again is the Mini Marthe from Republic Du Chiffon.


When I found this awesome (but odd weight) scuba/jersey/who really knows fabric at Joann’s I knew it was time to bit the bullet and sew it.


Oh my goodness after the first sew I know it will be one I make over and over.


The instructions are in French so I was thinking about doing another sew along. Much like the Roma dress you could not make this without the pattern so the sew along would just be helpful for english speakers who want to purchase the pattern.


It would be easy because I have a feeling I will be making tons of these. Next time though I am doing the longer option on the bottom so we don’t have any belly flashing incidents :)


I have to mention the artwork Chloe is standing in front of (on the table I made…hence the bare feet). My amazing friend Elizabeth Moon painted it for me and it is one of my favorite things in our house. It is up on our main dining room wall which I pass by at least 100 times a day. Every time I do I love it more. Before living in Paris I was not a huge fan of abstract. I thought anyone could do it and that there wasn’t much rhyme or reason to it. Well after going to the Louvre and Musee D’Orsay countless times I have since grown to not only appreciate but love a lot of modern. Don’t get me wrong there are still pieces I think are ridiculous but lets just say I attempted a painting similar to this and it ended up in the trash. It really does take a hefty amount of talent to make the chaotic seem chaotic with a purpose. And I was happy when the idea popped into my head to do pictures in front of it! Now it will be documented forever! Along with that super cute face!




PS Let me know if you would be interested in a sew along!