04.23.14Leather Top Teepee

I am so excited to be working with the  Leather Hide Store. to share a bunch of inspiration and tutorial posts about projects you can do with small amounts of leather. They were a dream to work with and their selection is INCREDIBLE! I wanted to share fun things you can make with out breaking the bank! So snatch up a remnant or a whole hide and get sewing!


I am a HUGE sucker for teepee’s. The first two teepees I created were very girly. I knew I wanted to make the boys their own with some of the larger bits of leather I received.


I ended up modifying a few tutorials that I liked but mainly followed A Beautiful Mess‘s lace teepee instrctions.


The big difference was the size. As much as I wish they could have seven foot poles in their rooms that just wasn’t going to happen. Because of this I had to size down all the measurements.


 In the end I had six foot poles and took a good 6 inches off the length and shrunk the width for proportion.


Other then that their tutorial is great and very through and it would be totally redundant for me to share it here. 



I also added “port holes” to allow for better air circulation and light.


I am thinking about finishing off the bottom with some Bias tape but was waiting just in case I had enough scraps of leather to use it to finish it off. I didn’t ha!


I also added a little mail slot on the side. My boys LOVE writing and receiving notes.


The boys have a HUGE room that is a bitt oddly shaped. They basically have a sleeping area and a wide open (usually filled with a lego table we had made for them while living in East Timor).




I thought after a few days they would ask me to take it down and put the lego table back but when I asked them if I could put it away yesterday they got all upset.
2014-04-11_0034 ^^^PEEKABOO^^^
2014-04-11_0035 2014-04-11_0038 2014-04-11_0039 2014-04-11_0040

Since they have the space I figure we will leave it up as long as they are interested. Then it will become one of those “oh my gosh it has been raining for days and I need SOMETHING to divert their attention” things. The teepee itself was SUPER cheap to make. The duck cotton was 3 euros a meter here and I used five meters. The only difficult part was how heavy and awkward it was to sew towards the end. Totally worth it though! Thank you Leather Hide Store!




04.21.14Put A Scarf On It: Camera Strap


I have been needing a new camera strap for a while. My sequin one from Camera Strap Week was starting to loose sequins at an alarming rate ha! I still wanted something feminine (sadly for my hubby who sometimes wears the camera) but also wanted it soft this time, those sequins are scratchy. I have loved the scarf camera straps I have seen all over pintrest and decided to whip one up quickly using the most gorgeous leather scraps on the ends. I only had the little scrap below and it was such gorgeous soft platinum leather. I seriously want a couch or office chair upholstered in which ever leather this is… but a camera strap will do. This literally takes minutes to make. All you need is an old (or new, cute, cheap forever 21 scarf in my case), a small scrap of leather, two lengths of strong webbing. For detailed sewing and cutting instructions hop onto my first camera strap tutorial HERE and scroll about half way down, the basics can be seen below.



Be sure to find the middle of your scarf and put it around your neck to find the perfect length before cutting.

2014-04-11_0019 2014-04-11_0020 2014-04-11_0021


I really love how soft and comfy this scarf strap is! And the blue is perfect for spring and summer! Happy picture taking!



04.16.14Momma Mocs

I am so excited to be working with the  Leather Hide Store. to share a bunch of inspiration and tutorial posts about projects you can do with small amounts of leather. They were a dream to work with and their selection is INCREDIBLE! I wanted to share fun things you can make with out breaking the bank! So snatch up a remnant or a whole hide and get sewing! I am a big fan of the moc craze. When I received the leather from Leather Hide store I had every intention of making the girls their own mocs from scraps (I still am) but when I finished my big projects there was enough to make mocs for ME! I mean come on! Who isn’ envious of these toddlers waddling around in soft gold leather? I basically followed my previous tutorial for mocs HERE but this time around I did the tops like it taught in Making It Fun’s cloth shoe tutorial (click on the image in the side bar for a PDF download). I am a size 8.5 and I haven’t had the chance to grade the pattern but if you are around there you can download the pattern I made for myself (by tracing my feet, doing a lot of guesswork and reworking over and over with fabric) HERE for free!


They are, as you would imagine, incredibly comfortable. But what I didn’t expect was how warm they keep your feet. Like I feel bad that I made Chloe wear heres on hot days now, warm. 2014-04-11_0011 ^^^These pictures were taken at 11pm at night in our guest room right before we left for spring break, hence me looking like a truck hit me ha!^^^

They were super quick to sew up once the pattern pieces were cut out. Just be SURE to cut out mirror images of your sole bottoms. Since leather is too thick to cut through double layers I just flipped my pattern piece over. 2014-04-11_0012 I used super thin elastic and in the future I might use a little bit larger. It didn’t make a huge difference but I think it would “scrunch” better in the leather.


I would also recommend feeding your elastic through the heel piece before attaching it. I tried threading it through afterwards and it was such a pain. On the second I laid it in the fold first and then attached it and it was easy peasy! 2014-04-11_0014 This leather is Leather Hide Store’s dark gold rush and it is so so soft.


The girls are already demanding their new paris so I will have to hop on that ASAP so we can be all cheesy and matchey matchey ha!



04.14.14Leather Week: pique-nique bag

I am so excited to be working with the  Leather Hide Store. to share a bunch of inspiration and tutorial posts about projects you can do with small amounts of leather. They were a dream to work with and their selection is INCREDIBLE! I wanted to share fun things you can make with out breaking the bank! So snatch up a remnant or a whole hide and get sewing!


I knew when I started this leather project I had to make a bag of some type. Since I was using remnants I couldn’t make a FULL bag (plus I wanted something more “friendly”). I also really wanted a BIG deep bag for going to the fresh market and on the many picnics we have planned for this spring and summer. The French really know how to “pique-nique” and in my constant effort to blend in I need a chic bag that would basically carry everything in my kitchen…. plus a blanket ha!


Two of my fav “bags” lately are the Tory Burch Kerrington bag HERE and though not a bag Delia Creates Baby Carrier HERE (yeah I am envious of a two year olds tote). totesinspiration

For this bag I literally cut two large rectangles of striped fabric. I attached a heavy stabilizer to give it some structure. I attached a nice chunky bottom of leather, laid the two pieces right sides together and sewed from one side, across the bottom and up the other.


Once I had turned it right side out I followed THESE instructions on how to make the square bottom. I then literally winged my straps by cutting long thin rectangles and rounding off the corners just like Delia did.



I this part is done I was able to determine how large my lining should be. Since I knew I would mainly use this bag for picnics and swimming pool trips I only sewed one simple pocket for my phone.No zipper or buttons, just a deep rectangle. I slide it in wrong side to wrong side and then cut a long strip of leather to go around and finish off the top.  2014-04-10_0027

I loved being able to completely customize this bag to what I like. I LOVE long straps and a simple interior.

2014-04-10_0021  2014-04-10_0022

I am actually kind of sad that I haven’t tried making my own bags before. So so easy! And very satisfying! Especially when people say “I love your bag!” and you can tell them you made it! Isn’t’ that the best! Thank you Leather Hide for the gorgeous soft leather. Love it!




04.07.14Calling All Kids: Boys for Girls


I am excited to be participating in Alida (of Alida Makes) series, Calling All Kids today! If you have hoped over from Alida Makes, welcome to Sewing In No Mans Land! If you are not a regular reader of my blog you may not know that my girls are girly girl girly to the core. Chloe literally sobs when I force her (and it takes some strength) into a pair of pants. Evie only owns one pair of presentable pants (we have lots of jammie pants but those don’t count). So when Alida emailed and explained that this was a sewing series where you create something  cross gender for your cutie. I decided to accept the challenge and make some pants and a henley for Chloe.


The pants pattern that I used was a hack of the Burda Draw String Pants pattern HERE and the henley is the Hipster Henley from Blank Slate patterns.


I would LOVE to be able to say that everything went swimmingly and I cranked these bad boys out with out a hiccup, but I have to be honest, this project was a BEAR for me ha! I broke two twin needles sewing the henley… yeah, two. Who even knows on what right?


The pattern is fantastic, no problems there I just really need to sew knits more. The pants are made from a soft herringbone. All went pretty well with the pants, even when I added little bum pockets, but then I got to adding grommets for the draw strings in the front. Don’t look to close because the left grommet is actually gone back into the waist band ha!

2014-04-02_0004 Even through all that though I LOVE how this little outfit turned out.


The little blue sweater was Finn’s and is one of my favorites. I was super excited to have a reason to pull it out of storage. Finn was nice enough to share his fedora since I had made a little leather bow for her and dropped it somewhere en route to our tunnel.


I hid little hershey kisses in her pocket before I put the pants on her and didn’t tell her about them until half way through the shoot. She was pretty excited when she found them.


I cannot believe how much she looks like Finn in these pictures… a little too much ha! Her new little bob helped in the boyish factor as well! Even though she demanded to put a dress on as soon as we got home I am still really glad I I got to participate and plan on making the boys some fun pants ASAP. Thank you Alida for having me! Can’t wait to check out all the other fun creations!