07.28.14Anneliese is Sizzling

I am super excited to have Anneliese from the Aesthetic Nest here today! Anneliese’s creations are always stunning no mater what medium they come in. Birthday parties, crocheting, sewing & pattern creating. You name it Anneliese does it and does it WELL.  She has a gorgeously curated selection of patterns in her shop HERE and my personal favorite birthday party post is HERE. I was thrilled when she agreed to participate in our sizzling Paris series and of course as always she knocked it out of the park. Here is a little sneak peak.

Sewing Women Dress Vogue pattern 8468 mod-0211

Oh my GOSH right?!?! How high end super chic is she?!?!  And you know what is awesome? It is totally a Vogue Pattern (how fitting right ha!)  You HAVE to hop over HERE to see much much more.  Thank you so much Anneliese for pulling out the stops and glamming it up for us! You constantly out do yourself!


07.24.14Sewing Rabbit Sizzling

I am so excited to share Jessica’s, of the epic blog ME Sew Crazy, DARLING outfit inspired by Paris. Jessica is incredible. That’s all there is too it. How she juggle all her amazing projects (her blog that has something new and amazing every single day) the eye candy online magazine STYLO (which I sit on pins and needles for every issue) and her pattern club. Seriously, just typing all those made me tired ha! And what really floors me is the quality of all these projects are off the charts. She doesn’t skimp anywhere to make all these things happen she goes full force on everything she touches and today is no exception.  Here is a little sneak peak:

You have to hop over HERE to Me Sew Crazy to see all the darling pictures of her not so little girl surrounded by water lilies and to read some really fun thought on parenting (I may have teared up). Thank you so so much Jessica for lending us your incredible talent!! Your the best!



07.18.14Sizzling with the Shwins

Oh my goodness you guys! Today’s Paris inspired outfit is so ridiculously cute!! Shauna of Shwin and Shwin is kind enough to share with us today! Shwin Designs is the super adorable and right on trend pattern shop owned by these talented sisters. I have lost count of how many of their patterns I have sewn over the years and I ALWAYS love the results! Hop over HERE if you are looking for a fun weekend project  (my personal fav is the maggie mae tunic here). You have GOT to hop over HERE to see more of their absolutely darling Paris inspired outfit, but here is a tiny sneak peak:

Ekkkkk! Right? I mean oh my goodness, the shirt! The Shorts! The SHOES!!! I am dying. I told you it was fabulous! Thank you so much ladies for participating in the series!!



07.16.14Lexi Sizzles

Today is a fun but also kinda sad day. Our guest today is the SUPER talented Lexi of Lexi Made. You can find her amazing projects (and stunning photography) on her blog HERE and she is also a contributor over at the Sewing Rabbit. Lexi is a girl after my own heart, in that photography is her main love (at least i think I can say that) and sewing is a huge fun support of that. I pretty much sew not just because I love to but as an excuse to take more pictures ha! Her outfits have inspired me countless times and today is no exception. Aside from Bonton (which I gush about constantly it seems like) my other favorite children’s store in Paris Is Bonpoint (yup they try to confuse you over there ha!) Lexi made the most STUNNING outfits for her girls and darling flower crowns for her girls. Here is a little teaser for you:

Gah!!! Amazing! She captured everything I adore about Parisian children’s fashion. The effortless chic, the flowy fabric the timeless colors. I LOVE that she used a muted bluey purple for the dress and of course incorporated the timeless french stripe. Lexi you are incredible and I am absolutely depressed that you will no longer be blogging but ABSOLUTELY get it. I wish you all the best with your photography business which I know is doing just amazing . Thank you so much for your endless inspiration and I will be following you like a hawk on instagram. Thank you so much for being part of this sizzling series!Hop on over to Lexi Made to see more STUNNING pictures and while there drop her a note about how we don’t want her to leave! Maybe we can convince her ha!



07.15.14Sizzling with Simple Simon

Say THAT six times fast ha! Today we have the lovely ladies of Simple Simon and co.  Liz and liZ are incredible. There is just no other word for them. They just exude timelessness in everything they sew. On top of their flawless taste in sewing projects they also are the driving force behind Project Run and Play. The organization and kindness throughout my time in PRP made the competition all the more fun. I am so very grateful they were willing to lend their talents here on SINML and you are going to DIE when you see the cute tutorial! When you get a few HOURS to look over their amazing website hop on over HERE. You will be addicted immediately!

le marche

Hi everyone! I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters-in-law that blog at Simple Simon and Company….where we love all things sewing, family and the art of homemaking.

In high school and after one year of college I got to spend a month each time in France as part of a study abroad trip. Both trips were memorable with castles, the Loire valley, cathedrals and Mont St. Michel; but some of my fondest memories were with my host families and their day-to-day activities.

One of my favorite activities with one of my host families was the daily trip to the market to pick up fresh bread, fruits and vegetables along with crème fraiche and other things to make family dinners.

So, for my walk-down-memory lane of my couple of weeks in France (oh, someday to go back!) I decided to make an easy farmer’s market tote to carry fresh vegetables home in.

I purchased my burlap bag at Hobby Lobby where they have tons of sizes, but I also found a good internet source HERE if you are looking for one online.

farmers market tote1

I think the best part of the project is that it takes under an hour.

Here’s how I made mine.


Step 1: Tape off straight (or eyeball it ;) lines on your tote.

Step 2: Mix acrylic paint with textile medium.

Step 3: Using a foam brush dab your paint between the lines, let dry for 10 minutes. Then repeat with your next color.

And you are ready for the farmer’s market!
farmer's market tote
Thank you so much Kelly for having us here!

Elizabeth & liZ

Isn’t that just DARLING!!! I so so wish I had thought (or seen) something like this while I was in Paris carting my ugly shopping bags back and forth to the store! Pretty sure I am making one for our trips to the SLC weekend farmers market! If you are in the area you’ll know me by my copycat tote! Thank you so so much Elizabeth and Liz!