Apron Week Preview

I am so thrilled about this up coming week and a chance to share Apron Week with you lovely readers Please grab a button to the right if you get a chance 😉 I have five apron’s that I will be sharing with you (six if someone wouldn’t mind sending me a photo of a “smoacked” […]

Winner and maybe I’ll be a loser?

I hope you had a wonderful and magical Christmas. We are contemplating having a New Years Eve party but you know how it is as Mommies and Daddies this holiday is more for “all the single ladies”… and single gents. I wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments on the drum giveaway. […]

To a Healthy New Year

I hope some of you may be reading this on a new computer, or Ipad or in some comfy new jammies, or like me with a tummy full of stocking yummies! I prepared out neighbor gifts yesterday and ended up having this for lunch:Just looking at it now makes me sort of nauseous ha! But […]

Twelfth Day of Christmas: Bali Drum giveaway {Closed}

Alright, I cannot for the life of me figure out google docs (and thank heavens it seems like I am not the only one) So I have gone back to Media Fire… not a huge fan but unless I start taking advertisers it is the only free option So, the patterns for the Lady’s Apron […]

Eleventh Day of Christmas: Piping, of the frosting kind

Sorry this post is so late but I have a great excuse…pictures to come with the last post Before I was an avid sewer and photographer my dream was to open a cupcake store in my beloved Williamsburg VA. It is still a dream I hold onto and I cross my fingers that it will […]

Tenth Day of Christmas: Lords a Leaping Slippers

When I thought about “Lords a Leaping” I thought about teaching how to take good pictures of kids jumping. This is a pretty hard thing to do but when you do it right they turn out soooo cute. But um, honestly I don’t think I would do a good job teaching it. So, the second […]

Ninth Day of Christmas: 9 Ladies Dancing Tutu

{The Lady’s Apron pattern is now available!! Follow the link in THIS tutorial, sorry for the delay} I knew I had to make something for Evie to dance around in for the 9th day of Christmas and while I know it is 100% unoriginal I thought it would be fun to do a no-sew tutu. […]

Eighth day of Christmas: 8 Maids A Milking Aprons

PATTERN I had such a great response when I asked about Aprons I am thinking about doing “Apron week” the first week in January. If you like this idea let me know AND email me a picture or link to any aprons you would like ot see made and I will tackle it! I love […]

Eight Maids A Milking…. which would you like to see?

Alright, so this totally blows the surprise out of the water but I swear sometimes when I think something is going to be a hit it is a total dud and when I think it is kinda lame it gets rave reviews… so in an attempt to give readers what they want I would love […]

Seventh Day of Christmas: Massive Migraine

Today I have been battling a horrible migraine and I am just not going to be able to get a post up. I am hoping I can squeeze “swans a swimming” in on another day. I am trying to remedy the link to the PJ pattern by uploading it to google docs (as one fantastic […]