Waiting for the night

Is that a song? I swear it is. Anyhoo I am waiting to do some night photography for my olive can make over tutorial… getting warmer at a guess yet? But the kiddos are sleeping or at school and I was finally able to try and find some labels etc. for our christmas cards and […]

Um, is it really 11?

I had such good intentions for our first day in Timor. I have tons of things I am dying to sew (Italy is an inspiring place) and I have one HUGE project coming up (think wood, saws, nails, lace, silk etc ha!!) When I went to bed last night my head was swimming and I […]

The {Free} Tulip Pants Tutorial from Heather

Heather from Featherty Sews , found HERE. Was kind enough to work super hard on the following tutorial, complete with a pattern whoot whoot! (Even when her desktop was working against her) Totally brief aside, when I get home I am planning on offering a tutorial on how to make your own digital patterns using […]

Princess and the Pea: A softie toy tutorial

I love love love this little softy. I think it is just so cute. It is sitting on Evie’s changing table right now and she loves playing with it while I change her which is heaven compared to the leg wrestling I usually have to do And the great part is that it is so […]

Still Going Strong!

Hi guys! We have been keeping busy busy busy here. I thought I would give a super quick update about what we have been up to. I tried to do family pics this last week so I can get the Christmas card goin’ I thought I would share a sneak peak: My fav of Sawyer: […]

Planner and Procrastinator Guest Post

Jess from the Planner and the Procrastinator (a great blog you should absolutely check out!) made THE cutest dress to share with us. I LOVE the back. Make sure to scroll down and look at that part it is the cutest detail. I am definitely making Evie one when I get home. Jess even provides […]

Whats in the bag?

I must preface this post saying I in NO WAY think I am a fabulous, trailblazing photographer. I think I do just fine and have fun editing my personal pictures in fun funky ways but I don’t want people to think I am little miss know it all or anything. I just thought I would […]

The Uptown Dress: A Guest Tutorial

Amanda from If Life Was Like A Cupcake (found HERE) and Patricia Rea Designs has been so sweet and offered to share this fabulous tutorial with us for her Uptown dress. I love the ruffle on the shoulder, so chic, and I know Evie will want a clutch when she gets a little bigger (to […]

The view here is gorgeous

I try to enjoy it as it blurs pastYou know, stop and smell the rosesAnd soak up the gorgeous sunlight and cool breezes. I had almost forgotten what slightly chilled air felt like.I sincerely hope your days have been as beautiful!Cheers!KellyPS I thought about saying Caio but I totally don’t want to be one of […]

Pillow from a Pillow case! Guest Tutorial

Michelle from DohDums was kind enough to create this adorable tutorial while I am away. She did such a stellar job! So organized and wonderful. It really inspired me to do a better job on my post instructions, love the idea of the troubleshooting section (sorry guys that I am sloppy sometimes). I think you […]