Fun Funky Fleece Hat

Pattern Shannon at luvinthemommyhood has been doing the most wonderful contest his month: Sewing vs. Knitting. I must admit I am a little  super amount envious of people who can knit. I have tried several times to learn but I think it is like languages, I have a mental block where it is involved. ANYWAY, since I am a […]


The second round is going on over at “Sew Dang Cute” if you would like to enjoy some fun inspiration for painting you should absolutely check it out! I am thinkin’ I am totally out this week ha! I hope your halloween weekend is fabulous!

A Good 2 Cents

Since photography dominates a HUGE part of my life I love talking with other photographers. I always learn something new and I feel like it helps keep me fresh and current. Chelsey, the photographer behind Pink Fig Photography does fabulous work. I love that her looks aren’t overtly trendy like so many photographers right now […]

Daring New Look

FINALLY we have internet again! Whoo hoo!!! Who knew a day and a half without internet connection could be so stressful ha! I am so excited to talk about the new look of the blog. First some background. When I started the blog a few months ago I promised the hubby it wouldn’t end up […]

The Somerset Dress

PATTERN   Alright you asked for it and here it is! Since I had three sick kids, a big project at the orphanage and the fun Crafting with the Stars competition, I took it easy on myself and decided to do a knock off of Shabby Apples Yorkshire dress {just like the mini version I […]

Scrapping walls and eating ice cream

It was very exciting to see the changes made this weekend at “our” orphanage here in Dili. The children at Sawyers school had done fundraisers and saved etc. to earn enough money to make some major renovations to the walls, doors and roof. We were then extraordinarily blessed to have the help of the American […]

Time to vote and some major inspiration!

The first projects are up HERE at Sew Dang Cute and OH MY GOSH are they amazing. I am determined to do several of them this week. It is such a fun way to get totally inspired. Lets see if you can guess which one is mine The internet is down at our house, boo, […]

Double Header Contest and Christmas Card winner{s}

I was so excited this morning when I jumped online and went to Shabby Apples blog {like I have been doing every 10 minutes for the past week} & saw that my dress design made the top 15!!!!!! AHHHHHH! Sooooooo excited There are so many gorgeous dresses it is certainly going to be an uphill […]

Rocket Man: Little Boys Space Party!

Tomorrow is Finn’s space party {no one remind him his birthday was a month ago ha!} He kept going back & forth between a space party and a shark party. Then he told me he wanted a sharks in space party. Well, I am not THAT creative. Thankfully my friend brought me back a fabulous […]

The Yorkshire in {mini}

PATTERN I am a big fan of Shabby Apple. Love that their dresses are modest and colorful and fun. Not a HUGE fan of how expensive they are but what can you do right? One of my favorites is their Yorkshire dress which you can check out HERE. I admit at times it is super […]