The Vivienne Skirt & Giveaway–closed


I wanted to make sure I had a post up my sleeve in case one of my 12 days went awry. I have been dying to make the Vivenne Skirt by Violette Fields Threads: I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to not only make it but giveaway the pattern! I somehow talked two […]

12 Days in Review & Winners!


It’s here!! I hope you are having a fabulous and very blessed Christmas! I hope that sometimes during the hustle and bustle you are able to take a moment and quietly contemplate the true meaning of the holiday. I know this year I have had to make a concerted effort not to get caught up […]

Twelth Day of Christmas: Shannon from Luv In The Mommyhood

Ummm what can I say, it’s Christmas Eve. I am so sorry this post is so late. But I am sure ya’ll have been just as crazy busy today as I have and are just now getting a moment yourself! Thankfully this is an awesome post! Shannon from Luv In The Mommyhood is here! Shannon […]

Eleventh Day of Christmas: Susan from Living With Punks

Our fabulous guest today is Susan from Living with Punks. I adore Susans blog for so many reasons, her fun snarky commentary, her crazy twin boys and darling little girl, oh and her fabulous tutorials!: (Mark my words this floor cushion is number one on my to do list and WILL be made when we […]

Tenth Day of Christmas: Cheri & I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

If you have boys and love to craft then Cheri’s blog I Am Momma Hear Me Roar is an absolute MUST. While I wrack my brain for a single boy tutorial Cheri is spinning fantastic ones out on a weekly basis! Her little boys are down right adorable and I love following all of their […]

Ninth Day of Christmas: Katy of No Big Dill

I absolutely adore Katy Dill. I have been following Katy’s blog for years (No Big Dill) and then suddenly we were both in Project Run and Play together where she proceeded to blow me out of the water every week but one. She is AMAZINGLY talented. Her dresses have the type of details that you […]

Eighth Skirt of Christmas: Shabby Apple Giveaway


Ohhhhhh the 8th day of Christmas. You will like this one! Have you seen the Shabby Apple skirt collection? I swoon. I am in love with their Pencil skirts. I mean look how cute your bootie would look in one of them: Okay, so maybe not that EXACT bootie, but those lines are sewn in […]

Seventh Skirt of Christmas: KOJO Designs

Although I hardly think they need an introduction Kristen and Jordan are the talented dynamic duo behind KOJO Designs. We go way back… at least it sure feels that way!  Before we get to Kristen’s ADORABLE skirt tutorial let me share a few things I adore about KOJO: 1. They post pretty much every day, […]

Sixth Skirt of Christmas: MADE’s Giveaway

Whoo hoo! We are half way there! We are really down to crunch time now 😉 I hope your weekend has been full of fun family activities and not waiting in lines or fighting crowds Today we have another fun giveaway (All giveaway winners will be announced Christmas day and have until New Years to […]

Fifth Skirt of Christmas: Delia Creates

Happy Fifth Day of Christmas!!! Do you know those ladies who have absolutely fabulous style? The type who some how make grey yoga pants and a black shirt look glamorous? The type you slowly follow around the store just to see what they are going to buy so you can buy it too? Delia from […]