Lack of Luck

This week has been a rough one. I lent my lovely friend my sewing machine and upon its return I have not been able to get it to work. Ughhhh. That is such a totally awkward situation. According to the hubby you relinquish any right to get mad about something getting broken when you lend […]

It’s To Late T’Apologize…

Okay, actually it is not ha! I am sorry I have been unplugged lately But when Chris got home Monday morning it launched me into an I-Don’t-Want-To-Do-Anything-That-Doesn’t-Involve-Hanging-Out-With-My-Family sort of mood. Which is a great mood to be in. So content and fun. Even in the evenings when I usually sew, make patterns or work on […]

You want a piece of me?

Okay so that sounds like I am looking for a fight or something ha! Which as you can see by the sad state of voting over at Project Run and Play I am not that major of a contender so of course I wouldn’t be picking a fight. What I am doing is getting excited […]

Project Run and Play Finale

It is finally HERE! The finale of Project Run and Play. I am still floored that I made it this far. Every week I have been in awe of the amazing creations made by my fellow competitors. Several times I thought for sure I was a goner. It has been an amazing 6 weeks: This final […]

Your First Cupcake

Do you remember your first cupcake? I certainly don’t. While I LOVE cupcakes (making them, eating them, staring at them on websites) they are not a “rare” thing and thus not really all that special. Yesterday I went with the Ambassador and the Sea Bees to a ribbon cutting at a school we rebuilt. It […]

A Teenie Tiny Sneak Peak

Before a Foreign Service Friday post I thought I would give a teaser from my photo shoot for my finale outfit for Project Run and Play. I am soooooo crazy excited about this outfit and I can’t wait to share!

Crying is for babies–other babies

This will be a two part post since there is soooooo much to talk about!  I have received several emails and comments asking for tips on photographing newborns and babies. As this is my FAVORITE session to do I thought I could offer the few things that I have found make newborn sessions go smoothly. […]

Why I LOVE the blogosphere

After mentioning Finns tummy issues I received lots of fantastic emails with articles and suggestions on what it could be. I literally was moved to tears by how kind and concerned the emails were. The fact that people would take time out of their busy days to send me articles and suggestions and words of […]

Whats Cookin?

Oh my goodness. The state of nutrition in this household is DIRE. With Daddy gone it is rather hard to be motivated to make an entire meal. I try to make sure that there are at least fruits and veggies on the plate… even if they are seated next to a sad little shriveled up […]

Take A Look….

Okay, I am going to be completely honest with you. As I had mentioned before, things are a little off with the hubby being in Hawaii. I mean, we are all managing fine just I have WAYYYY less free time. Today after tucking the munchkins in bed I looked at the several items I am […]