B is for Bustle

I am pretty excited about my NEXT post but I HAD to get this one up (make sure to read to the bottom to get a sneak peak of the next post). I have been talking about it forever but just kept pushing it back. I wanted to show how I make bustles on dresses. […]

The Butterfly Dress and Headband

PATTERN This weekend I was REALLY in the mood to make Evie some head bling. I don’t know why, she just pulls them off or out seconds after I wrestle them on her. I think it is because her hair no longer resembles a mullet but actually IS one and until we get near a […]

Instant Gratification Top

Last night I broke down and ordered this top from one of my fav stores. I just loved it to much not to order it. I then headed to bed, at the super late hour of eh he 8:30 and laid there thinking about how much I wanted that new top and how I would have […]

Tiny Tushie Cushion

The boys are absolutely loving the art table we had built for them. The little tressel stools we had made are the perfect height and we have yet to have anyone fall over ha! The only problem is since they are made of teak they have not been super comfy to sit on. The boys […]

Hansel and Gretel

Today I am over at No Big Dill! I am so excited to be participating in Once Upon A Thread. I chose Hansel and Gretel as my literary inspiration. Hop on over to see what I came up with. I have to say the photo shoot was HILARIOUS! We were on our way to one […]

Two Second Super Hero Cuffs

There is a wonderful thing going on over at Made. It is the month of the BOY. Ohhhh I love it. I don’t often post the crafts I make with my boys, but believe me a lot of boy stuff goes down at the Crawford home! The tutorial I submitted was not selected (no biggie, […]

Petite Chouette Coat

PATTERN Well at least I know how to say “little owl” in French already right? Ha! That phrase I am sure is totally useful In any event I wanted to make sure I posted a tutorial and pattern for the coat I made for the Project Run and Play Finale… which seems like 4-ever ago. […]

Best Intentions Fly Out the Window

Today I 100% planned to post a tutorial on how I make bustles on my dresses (oh it is so easy you will laugh). But then at 6am Evie woke Chris up by softly calling his name. I laughed and thought, “Oh Evie, I will totally reward you later” ha! He couldn’t resist and went […]

Newborn Tips Part Two!

The last post was deleted due to minor controversy and I thought it would be easiest just to delete it. I wanted to finish my tips for newborn shoots with talking about making your own in home studio. Now bear in mind this is for the beginning photographer who is still working with natural light. This […]

Guest Tutorial: Spring Gardening Apron

I am so excited to be sharing this guest tutorial with you today! Since I still am not ready to have sponsors I asked Tara if she would be willing to share with us how to make one of the fabulous creations from her store Birdy Boots where she sells adorable clothes, shoes and toys! She […]