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04.26.11The "Eating Me Alive" Shirt

When I made THIS top for myself I knew I would eventually make one for Evie. It was just to easy not to! I don’t know if it is Katy of No Big Dill’s “orange” theme lately or the fantastic spring fabric my mom sent me but I knew I would be making it in the fiery orange jersey that a fantastic reader sent me. I followed the exact same method that I laid out in THIS tutorial except I added a second ruffle that was thinner then the first…this second layer may have been overkill.
While I think it turned out pretty cute it does sort of look like it is eating Evie alive, hence the name :)
I was soooo excited to take pictures of Evie in the new Button Up Bloomers I made to match the shirt (pattern can now be found HERE). I thought it would be a cake photo shoot since she loved wearing her first pair. Unfortunately Evie was in NO mood to wear anything I made for her this morning. When I finally wrestled her out of her jammies she ran to the little pile of clothes I had made, picked all three items and threw them while yelling “NO!!!!!” Then looked at me and added “Ever!” I didn’t even know she knew that word! I should have seen it coming, she did poop herself awake at 3am then demanded to watch Shaun the Sheep and spent a good half hour crying in her crib yelling “Sheeeeeeep!” She literally screamed so much about putting on the bloomers and head band that I finally bagged it and thus I only have this very poor picture to share of the would be outfit (taken as Evie bolted down the crumbling Dili sidewalk and I panicked)
She gladly put on her skinny jeans that make her adorable diapered bum look mammoth ha! We crossed the street to the beach to snap some picks. Evie immediately plopped down and started shoving sand in her mouth
I thought maybe if I moved her onto a rock it would curb the dirty item eating, but then she just switched to eating rocks
Picnik collage
When I took the rocks out of her hand she decided she was done
On the walk home I tried to take one last full body pic… it didn’t come out well
I was REALLY excited about putting one of my new labels on the shirt though!!! While I was in Jakarta we of course frequented the Myestic the HUGE fabric mecca I talked about previously. One of the notions shop made them for me in two days for a insanely affordable price.
I love that they are satiney and fold over so they have no raw edges. I am really interested to see how they wash up :) Hope if you make a cute little “Eating Me Alive” top and “Button Up Bloomers” outfit your cutie is more obliging then mine was this morning, but hey we all have our days right? :)
(PS just in case, Evie’s shoes are Salt Water Sandals and her skinny jeans are Zara)

04.25.11Butterfly Dress: The Pattern & a Tunic


I feel badly that it has taken me so long to get this pattern up. Especially since it is one of the simplest ones of have done lately ha! I wanted to share a second outfit that I made for Evie using the pattern though and that meant another photo shoot 😉 I have been really influenced by Asian fashion since moving here… Balinese styles in particular. I noticed the last time I was there that aside from their flowing light cottons and loose fitting clothing that they really used trim and bias tapes to the MAX. I thought it would be fun to use the Butterfly Dress pattern to make Evie a tunic where the bias tape plays a major role. The pattern can be found HERE.
I grabbed some Amy Butler Fabric and some soft grey cotton and went to town.
I made it in the exact same way I got through HERE except I added the large bias on the sleeves and the bottom of the dress.
I LOVE the flowing loose sleeves.
The easy on and off with only a single button closure in the back
I also added oversized pockets on either side.
With her comfy leggings she can do all the jumping, stooping and rock eating her little heart desires
The pattern is for a 24 month old and is the length you see in these pictures. If you would like it more dress length like the Butterfly dress seen here:

Just add a few inches on the bottom :)  Happy sewing!

04.24.11Back in Timor-and so excited

We made it back to Timor! I must admit after getting up to go to the airport at 3 AM I kinda went into hibernation ha! Thank heavens I have a husband who can totally function on little to no sleep. I had to get sleep though because the month of May holds A LOT of fun posts. Not surprisingly they will mostly be  based on my “Evie’s wardrobe” theme except for the first, which will be on the cute blog “Be Sweet

I will be sharing a maternity dress that I made to go a long with her week long theme of projects for Moms. It is super easy and pretty cute :) Next up I will be oh so nervously posting over at my all time favorite sewing blog Grosgrain!

Kathleen is debuting her whole new blog and I am THRILLED to be part of an AMAZING line up. Each contributor will also provide a free pattern! How fantastic is that! This is exactly the reason I started sharing blogging was to get more free digital patterns out there. Now there will be an entire month of free patterns from some amazingly talented women. You won’t want to miss it!

Then I will be heading over to Me Sew Crazy to take part in a Sewing Remix. I was so excited when Jessica emailed me. I think of her as a kindred spirit of sorts since we are both sewing fiends who are dealing with the fun of being preggy too! Although she is ALOT closer to the finish line then I am :) Each participant will come up with a twist on a pattern they love and share it! I have to admit it was kind of nice to sew with a pattern again ha!
I am soooo excited for this! The ladies behind KoJo Designs are so wonderful. I love getting emails from them, checking out their fabulous creations and I LOVE how many fabulous guest bloggers they have. Hasn’t The Sincerest Form of Flattery been fun to follow? I was pretty inspired and am totally psyched to take part in their next line up! I am going to be doing the color RED!! 
There are one or two others that might be in the mix, but like I said a busy month! But that’s the way I like it, I work better under pressure ha! I also have plenty of my own posts to share and lots of Spring patterns from Evies closet to get published. 
I also thought it would be fun to share some of the fantastic outcomes from readers creating projects from Sewing in No Mans Land:
Meagan sent me a picture of the gorgeous headband she made for her adorable daughter:
mias three 043 copy
(Seriously how lovely is that picture! Such a beautiful little lady!)
Terra over at Mama Says Sew made a super cute springy version of the Couture Cutie or “mullet” dress:
Sarah got together with some friends and they knocked out a bunch of the easy now sew tutu’s! 
Laura from Day Of Grace made her own Razzelberry Apron:
razzelberry apron

I hope I didn’t miss anyone! I LOVE seeing creations you make so if you happen to snap a pic and don’t mind taking the time to send it to me you would totally make my day! I hope you all had a very lovely Easter and spent lots of time with your family. I spent most of mine in awe at how overwhelmingly blessed I am, and I pray you had that same wonderful feeling!

04.18.11Button Up Bloomers


Ashley is the fantastic lady behind Lil Blue Boo… well she is half the fantastic team, Boo is pretty amazing herself! I had such a great time competing with her during Project Run and Play and was positively thrilled when she asked me to be part of her “What would you make challenge”. Ashley asked several bloggers if she could send them some fabric (a kind they usually wouldn’t use) and they would have to created something with it. I thought this would be awesome to be a part of and such a fun creative challenge. As readers you then get to enter for a chance to win 2 yards of the very fabric she sent us! I anxiously waited for the package. I received it the day before I left for Singapore and thus spent every night of the trip trying to come up with a cute enough idea for Lil Blue Boo! In the end I came up with an outfit I love, that I hoped fit the requirements to grace Ashley’s cute site ic. cute, comfy and doesn’t interfere with a child’s playing.
_MG_4307_5132 _MG_4338_5163proof
The top is just a simple tie tank but the shorts, I am sooooo excited about the shorts.
It is kinda hard to see them because of the cute floral design of the fabric but they are all one piece!
They wrap around the back and then button with four buttons in the front
Since they are all one piece there are no seams to tug or hems to choke around a little chunky girls thighs,  lots of comfort :)
Evie, who never wants to wear anything I make, loves these shorts, it was so refreshing to have her help me put something on her :)
She also apparently thought fists full of sand would be refreshing
I wanted to make sure you could make your own comfy summer Button Up Bloomers so I made a pattern and tutorial.
Before I launch into it though I wanted to say thank you to Ashley, this was such a fun challenge and it was great to stretch the creative muscles. I hope you guys like the shorts as well! They are insanely easy, even brand new sewers can make these! I hope you read more and make your own!

What You will Need
1/2 yard fabric
1/2 yard lining fabric
Four Buttons
Sewing Machine
Needle and thread

The pattern for the button up bloomers can be found HERE. You will need to tape it together and then cut one on the fold from both your main and lining fabric. Once you have cut out both pieces lay them right sides together and pin all the way around (not across the top).
Try and make sure as best you can that everything lines up
Starting at one top edge stitch all the way around and up to the other side.
When you are done turn everything right sides out and iron really really well. If you did not use a stiffer fabric or a slightly stiffer lining you may want to topstitch all the way around. My lining was stiffer cotton so I sipped that step. Now we are going to make the hem for the elastic at the top. Fold over the top of the fabric twice and sew along the bottom to stitch it in place.
Once you have done this feed through your elastic using a safety pin.
Once you get through to the other side let the end of the elastic slip back into the pocket, but only enough that you don’t see it, be really careful not to let it slip all the way back. Topstitch it into place. Repeat this process on the other side.
Now you can attach your four buttons
Create button holes in the corresponding places on the long flap.
And thats it!! Told you that it was easy. I am currently working on a pair in navy blue with white piping that I am REALLY excited about :) I am also excited to pair it with a comfy jersey shirt ala Lil Blue Boo ! Hope your buttoning up a pair soon!

04.15.11Kids A Go Outfit

This next outfit is one of my favorites, it is made as a copy cat from a boutique outfit I got Evie in Bali. The store was called Kids a go go :) I really wanted to share it before Easter because I think it would be so cute at an Easter egg hunt, maybe in a soft yellow color? The pattern I am sad to say is super small. Poor Evie was stuffed into this one ha! Fingers crossed we have a girl! I would defiantly enlarge it if you have a chunky babers or a child older then 12 months. I don’t know exact rules for enlarging but I try to go 10% for each year. But really I just take a random guess, copy it then see how it looks. I know, not the best method ha! Anyway, this outfit it sooooo light and comfy and when ever Evie wears it she looks so cool and relaxed… well she did before it got way to small ha!
I used some pre embroidered fabric for the top front. I think this makes it look a little less homemade.
I just love how comfy those little pants are!
(I forgot to mention in the last post and got some emails, Evie’s shoes are from
This time Evie’s reward was a strawberry milkshake.
Although to be honest I just REALLY wanted one of the restaurants Choco-Hazlenut milkshakes– YUM! But she guzzled that strawberry one like crazy
While the sewing of this outfit is fairly straight forward and simple, I must warn you that the seam allowance on the top pieces is really small. If you would feel more comfortable you could always enlarge that page of the pattern and sew with larger allowances. The pattern is available HERE on scribd. 
What you will need:
1 Yard fabric
Thin pieces of elastic
2 Buttons
Optional embellishment for pant legs
Sewing machine
Needle and thread


Please ignore my stubby fingers in this next picture ha!
it doesn’t show the loops in this picture but they should be there
Now is also a good time to sew on your two buttons
Lay your top to the side and take your two pant pieces
There you have it!!! Super easy right? And believe me even clothes picky Evie loves wearing this outfit!