The "Eating Me Alive" Shirt

When I made THIS top for myself I knew I would eventually make one for Evie. It was just to easy not to! I don’t know if it is Katy of No Big Dill’s “orange” theme lately or the fantastic spring fabric my mom sent me but I knew I would be making it in […]

Butterfly Dress: The Pattern & a Tunic

PATTERN I feel badly that it has taken me so long to get this pattern up. Especially since it is one of the simplest ones of have done lately ha! I wanted to share a second outfit that I made for Evie using the pattern though and that meant another photo shoot ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have […]

Back in Timor-and so excited

We made it back to Timor! I must admit after getting up to go to the airport at 3 AM I kinda went into hibernation ha! Thank heavens I have a husband who can totally function on little to no sleep. I had to get sleep though because the month of May holds A LOT […]

Button Up Bloomers

PATTERN Ashley is the fantastic lady behind Lil Blue Boo… well she is half the fantastic team, Boo is pretty amazing herself! I had such a great time competing with her during Project Run and Play and was positively thrilled when she asked me to be part of her “What would you make challenge”. Ashley […]

Kids A Go Outfit

This next outfit is one of my favorites, it is made as a copy cat from a boutique outfit I got Evie in Bali. The store was called Kids a go go I really wanted to share it before Easter because I think it would be so cute at an Easter egg hunt, maybe in […]

How to make GOOD looking pants

Alrighty day one! I am PUMPED! Especially starting out with this tutorial. I have been wanting to share how to make Evie’s green pants for a while.The problem is that I cannot find the correct material ANYWHERE. To make a good looking children’s pair of pants there are a few crucial steps (that I will […]

Evie’s Wardrobe Series

I am reallyreallyreallyreally excited about this series. I had been hesitant to do it. I didn’t want to sound pretentious or all “oh I make all my little girls clothes” -ey. But after seeing how much fun Jessica over at Me Sew Crazy has had with her spring collections I thought I would just go […]

Guest Posting

We have been having torrential, I mean insane, rain here over the weekend, which means a long string of power outages and no internet. While I was attempting to create a post from my hubbies phone I got so frustrated and was having a minor temper tantrum when I thought about how absolutely ridiculous I […]

Bag of Blocks tutorial

Thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments commiserating with me about Finn being sick and the joys of Star Wars. It makes you feel so much better knowing you aren’t the only one ๐Ÿ˜‰ We lu-huv blocks in this house. Everyone seems to love playing with them. Evie especially loves knocking down anything the […]

ups & downs and all arounds

(Warning: Lots of my short falls as a parent are discussed in this post, please judge me gently ha!)Well friends, we are still here in Singapore. Boo hoo. We were planning on leaving bright and early this morning so I could have some snuggly time with Evie and Sawyer by this afternoon but Finn’s tummy […]