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I am positively GIDDY to be over at Grosgrain today. I have been following Kathleen for so long I don’t even remember when I started! When we both took a photography workshop together I was too timid to introduce myself, I just slunk around standing next to her hoping some genius would rub off…. that sounds creepier then it actually was ha! Anyway, I have been saving this particular pattern for a long time waiting for just the right moment. I was going to save it For Sewing In No Mans Land one year anniversary but I thought Grosgrain called for my favorite! That’s what this is, my favorite outfit I have made my Evie (my 18 month old girl). Because of my location on a small island close to Bali I have been heavily influenced by Balinese fashion. Light, airy, cotton and super super comfy.
When Evie wears it she looks blissfully free and cool, so I named it the Bali Bliss outfit.
The pattern can be found  HERE. It is for an 18 month old and will need to be enlarged using a copy shop if you would like it in a larger size (someday I’ll get some pattern software ha!) I used a soft organic cotton in light purple for this particular one
But she also has the outfit in bright blue, black and white ha! Told you I love it :)
This particular one has the top velcrod together while the others have buttons down the front. The back is safe :)
I have found that with an 18 month old, the trickiness of getting buttons off is probably better ha!
So, come on over to Grosgrain and lets make this outfit!
Lets make this outfit!
PS while you are over there grab my button and share the free pattern month love!

What you will need:
1.5 meters fabric (cotton works best)
Very thin Elastic or elastic thread
Embellishment for pant bottom and sleeves if you like
Wide elastic for pant top
Buttons or velcro
Sewing Machine
Straight pins
Iron and ironing board
Pattern pieces all cut out

Alright lets get sewing. What I have found makes this outfit go much more smoothly and quickly is to iron the many “bands” that go along with it, you can wait and do this as you go if you prefer. You should have one long back band and two shoulder bands. You should then cut an extra back band that you can trim to fit the two front pieces later. All these bands once cut need to have their raw edges ironed over, then ironed again in half lengthwise to create a sort of bias tape like band:
I then iron my two pant legs and pant center so the seams are nice and crisp. Once you have ironed to your hearts content we can start sewing! Grab your two shirt front pieces. You are going to want to hem the armpit portions and the inside raw edges.
At this point I attached my velcro. You do NOT have to do your velcro or buttons right now. They can wait until last if you prefer.
Repeat this process with the other side. Which should be a TINY little band.
Now we are going to repeat this process on the back piece
Take your shoulder pieces and and stitch the ironed over edge so that you have a finished band. Then:
This should all be on the wrong side of the shirt….
Repeat this process on the back, again on the wrong side.
Grab your two shoulder ruffle pieces
All you need to do now is hem the bottom! If you would like to add embellishment on the shoulders or bottom of the shirt obviously feel free, it looks super cute!
Now on to the pants. I used some pictures for this part of the tutorial from the black pair and white pair of shorts I made, so please excuse the color change 😉 If you haven’t already cut your pant legs, then hem.
I totally forgot to take a picture of this part but it is so easy. If you have elastic thread shirr one line right above your hem. This will gather up the bottom. If you do not have elastic thread, take a very thin elastic and stretch it from one side of the pant leg all the way across to the other. You don’t want to over stretch it just enough that it will bounce back after sewing. Attach the end of the elastic to the end of the wrong side of the pant leg just above the hem by doing a back and forth stitch. Now attach the thin elastic by puling it as you sew, stretching it just so. Then back and forth at the end. The black pants were the first I made and I made the mistake of adding the thin elastic after sewing up the side seam. It is much better to do it now, believe me :)
Now we are going finish the top! Gather all the way around the top of the pants.
Now we are going to attach the front and back bands. When ironing the front band you want the long raw edges and short raw edges so that the entire thing is finished. First grab your “back” band though:
(ignore the drawstring)
You are all done!!!
Unless you want to make a fun matching headband ha! Hope you hope over to No Mans Land to see some other fun patterns! Thanks so much Kathleen I am honored beyond belief!


  1. 3

    Laree says

    Quick question about your patterns: why do you load every page as a separate file? Why not just have one larger pdf with all 14 pages? Or even two or three pdfs with 3-4 pages each.

    I'm really not complaining – you're providing a wonderful service here, with all these great free patterns. But having just downloaded all 14 pages separate, it is a bit frustrating to make sure I got every page, instead of the same one twice (which I did, more than once!)

    I'm sure there's a great reason you upload things this way. I just wondered if you'd ever considered doing it differently.

  2. 4

    Shauna@shwinandshwin says

    So cute and comfy looking! I am making one for sure! And the pictures are just as gorgeous as ever, I will never understand how you get her to pose so well, I myself have a runner…

  3. 5

    Jessica at Me Sew Crazy says

    So cute and comfy looking, I love it!! Great favorite :). Your pictures are always so gorgeous too, makes me want to go to Bali…like today

  4. 7

    Amy Louise Stokke says

    Oh my goodness, so cute! I didn't realize you're near Bali. My husband and I will be spending 2 weeks there coming up later this month. I can't WAIT to fabric shop, and this is so inspiring!

  5. 9

    Ashley says

    Just found your blog via grosgrain, absolutely love it! I'm now a new follower. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  6. 18

    Natalee and Randy says

    Oh yes. I'm loving the headband too! Will you please make a tutorial? Pretty please?

  7. 19

    JNR says

    Has anyone made this? I am having a hard time lining up the pattern. Do the four pieces that are 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d – all fit together to create the back piece??? Help please :)

  8. 20

    crochetlynne says

    Your tutorials are gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing them! I don't have a Serger, just a regular sewing machine. How big should I make the seams?

  9. 21

    Alecia says

    Hi, Love the pattern. Is there anyway to download without uploading something of your own? or paying? This screen keeps coming up when I hit download or print. Any suggestions?

  10. 22

    anna says

    thanks for sharing and I love this outfit! i love how it turned out and your instructions were easiness for a newbie/beginner like me! thank you Kelly!

  11. 23

    Yvonne says

    I really would like to make this outfit for 3 of my grand-daughters; I like the extra room in the pants but, do I have to join Scribd to be able to download it?

  12. 24


    This is such a gorgeous outfit and beautiful photos! I am kicking myself for not finding this during warm weather. I am anxious to make it for spring/summer!! :)

  13. 26

    Amber says

    Hi! I’m wanting to buy this pattern but am wondering if the harem pants are included??? Or is the pattern just for the dress??? I’m desperate for both :) thank you!!!

    • 27

      admin says

      Amber, It sure does! They are SOOOO easy you will die! Just remember they are little. But you could use a copier to enlarge!
      Happy sewing!

  14. 28

    sarah says

    just downloaded this adorable pattern. I have only done very simple sewing projects.
    maybe I’m not advanced enough, but is there or can you provide a tutorial on how I put the printed pattern together…. :O/
    I’m a little confused.

  15. 29


    I am feeling a little frustrated because I bought the pattern, had it printed at a print place and then cut everything out. When I started to tutorial I realized that my pieces do not look like your pieces. Can you please provide more specific instructions on how the pattern works, are we supposed to combine pieces before cutting them out and if so which ones to which. I love this outfit and I am super excited to see it on my little girl.! Thank you for sharing

  16. 30



    I’m in the same boat as the last couple of commenters. I purchased the pattern and printed out the pieces and realized that the larger pieces don’t really fit together properly. I’m relatively new to sewing and not really comfortable winging it, so I was wondering if you could give some advice on how to make them work with the pattern.



  17. 31

    Els coolen says

    Hi Kelly, what a super cute outfit, can’t wait till my daughter turns 18 months so I can make her one!
    Where do you buy your fabric? I live in Yogyakarta for 4-5 months a year and would love to take up my sewing habit here as well, but hard to find cottons in Yog.


  18. 32

    Carrie says

    I bought the pattern on Craftsy, and like other commenters found that the pieces don’t line up and that the pattern has other problems as well (asymmetrical armholes, for example). Sent an email to the address listed on the Craftsy pattern and never heard back. I redrafted some of the pieces but now find that some parts of the instructions also don’t make sense. For one, why do I see twill tape in the last photo for the pants but there is no mention of twill tape in the written instructions? I’m an intermediate to advanced sewer, and can get it done without the instructions, but having paid money for the ease of not having to think things through, I’m pretty irritated. I would have spent less time just using the design to draft my own pattern from scratch.

  19. 33

    tanya says

    Hi, I love this outfit, but when I follow the link for the pattern I cannot find it anywhere….is it still available?

  20. 34


    Hi is the pattern really not available anymore?! It´s so stinking cute I´d LOVE to make it for my daughter. But when I follow the link to craftsy it says “not available anymore” :-(

    • 36

      admin says

      I am so sorry Shannai! We are currently having it professionally graded :( We will let you know when it is back!

  21. 37

    Amanda says

    Hi, I have 2 girls under 2 and would love to try and make this but can’t seem to find the pattern, is it still available?


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