Color My Summer: The Baby in Red

Of course we have to continue Evie’s wardrobe (there are just a few more items ha!). I have been waiting and waiting to do this project for Color My Summer over at Kojo Designs! I have to say this has absolutely been one of my favorite series to be a part of. Stopping by every day instantly brightens my day, literally, my screen gets so bright ha! I adore Kristen and Jordan, their emails never fail to make me laugh out loud. They were so much fun to “compete” with on Project Run and Play and oh my goodness were their designs fantastic. When they emailed and asked me to take part in Color My Summer I was thrilled! Somehow I got super lucky and snagged the color Red. When I went to Jakarta there was a tiered ruffled dress that I was dying to recreate and this was the perfect excuse to come up with the Baby in Red top.
I am thrilled with how it turned out and how easy it was to make! I thought it would be a perfect little top to share on the summery and color filled Kojo Designs.
Since I was so close to the finale I wanted to make sure I did a super cool photo shoot. I built a little A Frame Tent and we headed to the rocky beach to fake a little girlie camp out
I loved the contrast of Evie’s sea of ruffles and the grey sky. She was even good about wearing the little headband I made out of twill tape and little felt flowers. The back has a tiny strip of elastic so it is super comfy.
The top has a single button closer so it is easy on easy off.
I am absolutely making more of these in fun bright colors and have even thought about making one in rainbow color, how cute would that be? Now grab your munchkin and your measuring tape and lets get to work!

What you will need

1/2 yards cotton fabric
Tiny piece of Elastic
Sewing Machine
Measuring tape
The first thing you will need to do is measure your cutie. First measure around their “bust” for a lack of better word. Measure right up under their armpits all the way around. When you get your number make sure to add at least 2 inches for seams and wiggly room. This is going to be how wide your main rectangle is going to be and how long you need to make your ‘neckline band’ piece. Now measure where the center of their collar bone down to where you want the top to hit. Again add some for hemming etc. This is going to be how long your main rectangle is going to be. Now the last measurement you need is for your straps. measuring from the top of the front of your munchkins arm puts across the shoulder and back to the top of the armpits in the back. Now that you have all your measurements lets cut some fabric! You will need a main rectangle. Cut this using the two main measurements you took. I made mine flare out just a bit at the bottom since Evie has a fun little pot belly. Next lets cut the neck band. This should be long enough to go all the way around the main rectangle. How wide it is depends on how chunky you want the band to be. I cut mine so it was 4 inches wide.  Next use your measurement for your straps and cut two straps as long as your measurement and again as wide as you would like them to be. Again mine were 4 inches. With the fabric that remains you are going to cut ALOT of long strips of fabric. Mine were as long as I could make them and 3 inches wide. I ended up using 8 strips. I serged one raw edge of all of the strips. 

At this point I got my straps and neck band ready. I ironed over both long edges of the strips then folded them over again length wise and iron them. Topstitch the straps closed but leave the neck band open.
(I serged the ends of the straps but you don’t have to) Now set these aside, we’ll come back to them :)
Now comes a bit of monotony. You are going to hem and ruffle all those loooooonnnng strips of fabric.
If you serged one side then hem the other. Once hemmed stitch a gathering stitch the length of the strip on the opposite side of the hem. Repeat this for all of your ruffle strips.
Now take your main rectangle and hem the bottom. I wanted to make sure I topstitched my ruffles on nice and straight so I took a ruler and some fabric chalk and drew nice straight guide lines. This is totally optional but I think it helps :)
Pin your first ruffle on the right side of your fabric just on top of the hem you sewed earlier.
Topstitch it in place. Now repeat this process with all your ruffles with the top of the one you sewed previously being covered by the bottom of the next. Repeat until you have all your ruffles to the top.
Once you are done grab the neckband piece you ironed earlier. Slide the top of your tiered ruffles up in between the two ironed edges of your neckband. Pin in place and then topstitch
Now grab your two straps that you created earlier and pin them in place.
Your all done!!!! Now YOU:
go make a cute little ruffle top! Thanks Kristen and Jordan for including me in Color My Summer I have absolutely LOVED all the posts!


  1. 1

    Jessica at Me Sew Crazy says

    Oh my, I am so in love with this it is unreal!!! The photo shoot is amazing, your daughter is gorgeous, and that shirt…gasp!

    I agree 100% with you about the color my summer series, it has been by far one of my favorites! Every time there is a new post I get so excited for what pop of color I will see next! Love your contribution!

  2. 3

    babycawley says

    It is ridiculous how cute your little Girl is! I am so in love with your blog I just want to lock myself in my sewing room and not leave until I have created everything. However doesn't really work with a 2 yr. Old! Yesterday we made the "eat me alive" top…and I love it…I can not wait to make this!! Thanks so much for all the awesome tutorials!

  3. 6

    sarah says

    my sister in law sent my little 2 year old a similar top for her birthday from H&M in Poland. its made of something soft and synthetic and the ruffles are alternating layers of the body fabric along with a very sweet soft tulle. the back between the shoulders has elastic (kind of like flat front pants) and i just love it. ive wanted to make another but just wasnt sure how it would look in a cotton- now i know! great job. and thanks for figuring out the step by step for me! :)

  4. 11

    Shauna@shwinandshwin says

    I was actually speechless… This is the cutest top I have ever seen absolutely perfect! The photo shoot is beyond words! She is going to love looking back on all of these fun shoots she got to be in when she gets older :) You are amazing!

  5. 18

    Kandice McDermott Photography says

    WOW! This is definitely on my "I have to make this as soon as humanly possible" list! And I'm thinking both of my girls will get one…and maybe even me! So super cute and I LOVE the bright red! Thanks for sharing!

  6. 20

    fern says

    That is an adorably fantastic top! I can't wait to make some for my nieces! And yes to the rainbow one, how fun!

  7. 21

    Rachel says

    I love this top and the little tent is adorable, I love that you put lace on it.

    I have a pattern for a very similar dress, but yours is much simpler, no hand sewing involved.

  8. 22

    Natalie at Our Old Southern House says

    i love love love this. i will be making this ASAP with some wonderful robert kaufman chambray i have lots of it. thank you for posting this tutorial!

  9. 24

    Em says

    First, I love the top and wish I had a little girl to make it for right now. I am bookmarking for the future. Second, your daughter is too stinking cute. And third, your photographs are so beautiful.

  10. 25

    JenniB says

    AMAZING! Oh, how I wish I had a little girl! I'd be excited to see some of the items you've made yourself and the boys as well!

  11. 26

    Jens and Patricia says

    I am pretty much in love with this top! I can't wait to make it for my little girl. This may be a weird question but I also LOVE those pants! Where did you get them?

    Great Job! :)

  12. 27

    Susan Woods says

    Kelly, how DO you find the time to do all of this with three wee ones and being pregnant? And I really need you to stop making my "Must Make For Emeline" list so long. I have shoes to make! So gorgeous, as always.

  13. 28

    dana says

    Oh this is absolutely adorable Kelly. And gorgeous photos. That red just pops right out. Love it all!

  14. 31

    Nichole @ says

    Oh man…I love all your little girl patterns..but this one is over the top! LOVE it!

  15. 32

    Caren says

    Super cute! How in the world do you get her to sit still enough to braid her hair? Bribery? Duct tape?

  16. 35

    XoxoPetite says

    Loooove this top! Amazzze! I also love the jeans, please share where you got them, thanks!!! :)

  17. 40

    holly k says

    Sew cute!!! I think I need to make one of these for my niece or someone!!! Maybe even for me! :) Thanks for sharing…looks like a great tutorial that I will be happy to try out soon!

  18. 41

    Kelly says

    Friends! Thank you so much for all the comments! I am sooooo glad you love it as much as I do. I thought wow, something so simple and it turned out fab! Evie's jeans are, as usual, from Zara kids. If you are able to purchase a pair (if you live in Europe or the middle east) their sizes run very large. These are 12-18 months and Evie will be 2 next month and they just now fit her perfect.

  19. 45

    Spencer and Jessica Drew says

    I love this tutorial!!!! Do you know what measurements to do the rectangle for a 3 month old? I'm 4 days over due now and want to keep myself busy. I just don't know how big to make it. Please let me know!

  20. 49

    heddomarie says

    so.. was it suppose to be 1 1/2 yards of fabric? because there is no way I was going to make one of these with only a 1/2 yard. :( I hope they have more of the same fabric when I go back!

  21. 53

    Rita says

    I LOVE your blog!!! Very good work!!! This pictures of Evie are so adorable!!! Love the red top and the location!!!
    Would just love to see more boys projects… because I have only boys 😉

    Your newest follower/fan

    • 54


      Wow I had NO IDEA crepe paper came in any form other than the narrow rolls! After I poestd my comments, I googled crepe paper and found the sheets. Got them in the mail yesterday and I’m about to try the project. Yey!!!

  22. 55

    Ashley says

    I love this! Did one for my two daughter and they turned out awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  23. 57

    Katie says

    I also wanted to ask about the amount of fabric. It said 1/2 yard, which I suspected might be wrong, so I bought 1 yard to be safe, and now I’m thinking that was wrong too. Very frustrated right now! Could you please tell us how much fabric we need, and also about how long you made the ruffle fabric? Did you double the width of the rectangle? Thanks!

  24. 58

    Kristen says

    I am almost finished making this shirt, and it is turning out all wrong. My straps ended up being 1 inch wide and the rectangle is too small to fit around my daughter. I did the measurements right and I used every inch of the 1/2 yard. Can you please let us know if 1/2 yard is correct?

    • 59

      Kelly says

      I love this and made it, but 1/2 yd was too narrow. As a result, it’s tight on my daughter. Any ideas on how to add a sliver of a panel?

  25. 61

    Julia says

    In yeah the 1/2 a yard is wrong. I’m doing it for a 3 to 6 month and used 7/8 of a yard. Ands that’s by doing the strips at 2″ wide (much more petite for an infant).

  26. 62

    brenda says

    too cute all of your children are quite handsome as well as pretty. But look at Mom and Daddy. is it any wonder.
    to win the ensemble from sassy would be something to pass on to my hard working daughter for a very much deserved date night with her very disable husband.

  27. 65

    vinita says

    Okay, this has to be the cutest outfit I have ever seen! I LOVE IT! (and I will have to make one soon!)

  28. 66


    I am working on this using red,white,blue fabrics for the 4th of July… wondering how far apart did you make your chalk lines to attach ruffles….. and wondering if instead of hemming the bottom of the ruffle strips, could I make the strips wider and fold in half, then top stitch the bottom edge? or do you think that would be too thick? ( novice at sewing)


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