The Toe the Line Dress Knock Off

PATTERN Wow. I cannot believe it has been soooo long since I have posted. What can I say though one packed up house, several good bye parties, one 2 hour flight, one 5 hour flight and one 13 hour flight later we are at our hotel in CA! We have found the secret to righting […]

My Go To Lens

I swear I am alive…barely ha! I swear there is a tutorial for how to make the Toe The Line Knock off dress coming. It has been a CRAZY week trying to organize shipments to three different locations, selling and giving tons of never used items away, AND doing a photoshoot every single night of […]

Sewing Remix: Flapper Baby Romper

PATTERN I have actually been sitting on this project for WEEKS and it has been KILLING me! I am so excited to share it today and be part of Jessica from Me Sew Crazy‘s amazing Sewing Remix series! Me Sew Crazy is one of my fav sewing blogs and one of the few I check very regularly […]

Scrap Your Stash: BHLDN Knock Off

I am really excited to be part of Susan’s at “Living with Punks” scrap your stash series! Everyone knows a huge part of my sewing is using what you have and saving every piece so this was right up my alley! My actual problem was narrowing down what scrap project I wanted to make! (There […]

Wild Thing

Evie has never had a haircut. Yeah. She will be two next month and we have never cut her hair. When we moved here to Timor she was only 4 months old.The only trip we have taken off the island to a place that had a salon was in Italy and at that point she […]