Photography Heaven

I don’t know if I have mentioned on the blog before but my baby sister is getting married this summer. When she got engaged I had a mini mid life crisis. She is ten years younger then me and there is no one in between us.I remember holding her as a tiny baby thinking about […]

Celebrating and the BIG project

I hope you all have had as lovely a Fourth of July as we did! We were able to swell with patriotism along side some of our old neighbors and the wonderful family we were staying with. and literally SHOVE yummy food into our mouths The twins in the Cul de Sac had motorized Vespas. […]

Reversible Summer Tunic

While things here are still a but crazy house wise (as in lots of bouncing around and a new found appreciation for packing super light ha!) I am glad I had been asked by the lovely ladies at I Candy Handmade to participate in their wicked adorable series of summer sundresses! If you haven’t checked out […]

The Wandering

Two posts in one day?!? That’s what happens when you have been out of the game. Don’t worry a tut is coming soon. I about keeled over when I walked into my favorite fabric store yesterday. The ladies actually asked me if I was okay as I stood there, hands on preggy belly, wide eyed […]

The Donation

*This is the first time in two weeks I have hoped onto the site or checked email. Traveling back to the states and getting settled with a family of five is no easy feat. I will be replying to emails as quickly as possible trying to catch up. Thank you for your patience in waiting […]