Evie’s Fall Wardrobe and Oliver & S

Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 10.02.35 PM

I have been DYING to start this series but ‘lil munchkin in the belly has been crazy lately, not to mention the 3 other monkeys bouncing around the place This fall I decided to make as much of Evie’s wardrobe as possible. Sewing cold weather clothes is always a bit more of a challenge but […]

Before and After


This weekend I worked on a large tutorial. One that I am pretty darn excited about. One that was so big it put me into labor… yeah. I had to take a little trip to the hospital Sunday. Luckily after lots of water, rest and a LONG uninterrupted nap the contractions stopped and I was […]

Dreamy Teepee Tutorial


I love love love over the top dramatic things… um, well except for when my two year old goes that way, although sometimes that can be funny. But, when it comes to photo shoots and said two year old’s room the more over the top the better. I have been wanting one of the ruffle […]

The Workshop and the Ruffle Tent


Well, I am back and so full of photography ideas and theory I feel like I am going to bust! The workshop completely stood up to all my high hopes. Which is saying something because my expectations were HIGH. Nichole Van was an amazing teacher. The workshop materials were staggeringly thorough, yet gorgeous at the […]

All Scrubbed Clean

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 10.42.14 PM

I promise I have a heap of tutorials waiting for me to organize them but this week I am finally fulfilling one of my “photographic dreams”. Tomorrow I am headed to a three day photography workshop with Nichole Van. Three days soaking up fantastic photography tips, tricks etc. Ekkkk! I was getting all my equipment […]

Shabby Princess Crown


This weekend I was positively giddy about trying to make Evie some new princess crowns. I bought all the necessary items and stayed up super late getting everything ready. Have you ever had a project that you are so excited for go totally awry? This one did. While the crowns turned out alright they weren’t […]

Plum Harvest Dress: Shabby Apple Knock Off


My younger sister (the chica who’s wedding we just had) is lucky enough to have her new sister in laws wedding to enjoy this week. Her colors are purple and yellow. Bink (what I call my ‘lil sister because she has always been so tiny) ordered this dress from Shabby Apple: While we loved the […]

Was that a cool breeze I felt?


I keep telling everyone that I am DYING for fall. Everyone responds “once it is here you will wish it was summer again”. I doubt any of those I speak to have spent the last 20 months sweltering. Timor is hot and humid. Then I arrived to a hot and dry Utah. I am so […]

New Shabby Apple Line- What do you think?

I have been working late hours on a tutorial that I am pretty excited about. It is HUGE, and I mean literally. When I was expressing my frustration on working on something so large in such a little space my sister actual suggested I block out time in the racquetball court at our local rec. […]

New post!!

The Sugar On Top child’s chef hat tutorial and pattern are now posted on Sewing In No Mans Land. Hop on over and check it out. While you are at it switch your subscription. Believe me I know it is a pain but I will not be posting updates on here much longer