Sugar On Top: Childs Chef’s Hat Pattern


I am sooooo in love with this little pattern you have no idea! It is so simple and the results can be redicuously cute! I am literally searching for a reason to make more. I am thrilled to introduce the Sugar On Top chefs hat pattern:

This pattern is only two pieces and comes together incredibly fast. Even better? If you fold the pattern just a tiny bit (which I did so far on most of mine) you only have to have a fat quarter for the main part and 1/4 of a yard for the band! That makes these super cheap to make as well. I always love finding things I can do out of a fat quarter. There are always adorable designer “orphans” at the quilters store that are drastically discounted.  Once you have picked your fabric then you can think about fun embellishments. For the hat in the tutorial I went with a simple jumbo zig zag but for the pink one featured above I recreated the same bunch of felt flowers from Evie’s Butterfly dress headband (a tutorial can be found HERE).

It was great because I already had everything I needed.

Because it has a velcro inclosure it can fit a large variety of kiddos heads. My cute niece who modeled for me joked about how big everyone in her families heads are, but it wasn’t a problem.  For those who are ready for a super quick sewing project lets get goin!

What you will need:

Sugar On Top Chef’s hat pattern.

1/2 a yard, or a fat quarter (if you fold the pattern a tiny bit down the center) of main fabric

1.4 yard corresponding fun fabric for the band

small section of sew on velcro

Any embellishments you may like

Once you have printed out your pattern and taped all the pages together go a ahead and cut out your fabric. When I want to use a fat quarter I fold over the main pattern piece down the center just enough until the pattern will fit on the quarter. This will not really effect the size of your hat at all, mainly just the “fluffiness”.

1. Take your main fabric piece

2. Hem as tiny a hem as you can while still letting it look good on the small arch.

3. Take your hat band up to the ironing board. Iron over all the raw edges so you have nice finished edges on all parts.

4. Take your two strips of velcro and pin them on corresponding parts. Remember they need to be on opposite sides of the band, at the edges. Topstitch them in place. This is a good time to stitch on any embellishment you want to go all the way around the band. Be sure to only topstitch it on the front side though otherwise your pocket will be closed and that is no good.

5. Sew a gathering stitch all the way around the outside circular edge of the main fabric piece. Gather it up until it is the same size as the band. Once it is slide it in between the two sections of band and top stitch all the way around. When you get to the end topstitch down the small end caps that you ironed over. (Slide in any tags you may have before you top stitch)

I had to go back over the zig zag to make it secure enough to my liking. If you are going to put a really heavy embellishment I might suggest ironing on some interfacing to the band before you sew, just to give it some extra strength. Or you could use a canvas or upholstery strength fabric. Thats it!! Close up your velcro enclosure, fluff and wear!

I am dying to make more of these and kinda wish I had more of an excuse to wear them :) The pattern only needs to be enlarged a tiny bit (105%) to fit adults due to the adjustable enclosure. I am planning on making a bunch as holiday presents. They are just one of those projects that are super fast and easy with fantastic results. I LOVE projects like that! Hope you have some stylish chefs in your kitchen soon!




  1. 1

    laurel says

    oh, too fun!

    i am making a strawberry shortcake costume for halloween, so this might just be my jumping off spot for the hat!

  2. 4


    LOVE These!! I’m thinking I need to convince one of the kiddos to have a chef/baking birthday party of some sort so I can make a bunch of these as the favors! Looks easy enough that a rookie like me can crank ’em out! Thanks.

  3. 8

    Angela says

    If you ever have the urge to make a lot of these, I have a second grade class of 25 kids (age 7-8) that cook once a week. We have science kits, but I want them to experience the world of cooking/ baking/crafting, so I have worked it into our schedule to do one of these things once a week. I plan to try and make some over spring break, but I doubt I will get 25 done. Let me know if you ever get that BIG of an urge.

  4. 11

    Lindsey says

    I found your tutorial on Pinterest and just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I loved it! My daughter wants to be a cupcake chef (??) for Halloween and I was looking for a chef’s hat to top it off. Your pattern turned out perfectly! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with all of us :)

  5. 12

    Tamera says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I just made a chef’s hat for out little friend who loves to cook with her Mom. Of course now my little chefs’ all want one too :)

  6. 13

    Jayne Griffith says

    Where do I find the pattern for this hat? I have searched Craftsy to no avail.
    Thank you,


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