Super Mom


Sorry for the long absence. I was going to wait until I had something to show for all the fabulous comments and suggestions given about knitting. I am totally doing it! Albeit not fantastically. I am about half way through my first scarf ha! I am totally with those you who said a hat was […]

Pure and Utter Frustration…


Last night I tried to teach myself how to knit. source: It did not go well. I have been DYING to learn to knit but have yet to have a resource aka fast enough internet to allow me to watch youtube OR a person who knows how in the vicinity willing to teach me. […]

Then there were four


It has been more then a week now and I thought it high time I jump on and share the news! She came a few days early, but the Crawfords are now all evened up!! Chloe Jane Crawford smashed all our previous records. She is BY far my longest labor, clocking in at just over […]

Let It Snow Outfit


What can I say? The closer I get to having this baby (3 days and counting till due date) the less I want to do anything but sit… or stand… or walk around, just try and be comfortable. Thank heavens my hubby is back in the states. Him missing the birth was a constant worry. […]