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10.31.11Super Mom

Sorry for the long absence. I was going to wait until I had something to show for all the fabulous comments and suggestions given about knitting. I am totally doing it! Albeit not fantastically. I am about half way through my first scarf ha! I am totally with those you who said a hat was way to hard to start with. Knitting also takes a lot longer then I thought it would. I am slowly getting faster (is that an oxymoron?) but for now I have to concentrate and make sure I don’t drop a stitch. I made the HUGE mistake of leaving my project on the couch. When I came out in the morning Finn had pulled my needle out, I thought I was going to pass out. Luckily with a little help from my mom we were able to fix it and I didn’t have to start over. Lesson learned: to a four year old knitting needles are pretty cool swords ha! Once I am finished I will be sure to post a picture… as long as you don’t judge to harshly and point out the fact that it gradually got wider ha!

Knitting aside, for you moms out there, after you had your cutie did you feel like you needed to use your newly regained energy to be super mom? I don’t know what came over me the past week but I have felt like I needed to do all the things I had put off during the last few weeks of pregnancy, you know make up to my kids the days of “hanging out” and the McDonalds play place being the highlight of the week ha! I think I ran them a bit ragged though. In the span of three days we went to the Library, the Aquarium, Wheeler Farm, Airborne and Corn Bellys twice. The farm is fantastic this time of year and  I was really excited to walk around and get some much needed fresh air. Evie on the other hand wanted to go to “chickala” aka Chick Fillet and was pretty bugged that we made her go to the farm. But, once she got her bird feed she cheered right up!

Then she started being pretty silly and cracking Chris and I up with her belly laughs and dancing while chasing the geese.

Finn was pretty cold and decided to warm himself on a stump while we checked out the cows

That night we headed to Corn Belly’s with some of our great friends from law school days. It was FREEZING cold and crazy busy. The kids had a blast despite the frigid temps. The highlight to me was meeting to very sweet readers and being able to joke with them about the insanity of coming to something like Corn Belly’s at night with kids. The next day we headed back and had even MORE fun. The sun was out and it was just the right temp. I was able to sit and let Chloe, who had been a bit of jaundice, sit in the sun while the boys scooped up fun prizes like vampire teeth :)

Their Daddy had fun going on some of the slides with them

I had fun making the kids pose with all the totally cliche photography props they had all over the place.

We were all relaxing while the kids bounced off all their energy in the plethora of bounce houses when they announced over the loud speaker that the pig races were about to start. Well, there was no way we were going to miss that, so the whole group headed over.

Apparently Evie has already decided she is too cool to be seen with her family because she sat in the row ahead of us most of the time.

Lola watched from the comfort of her half barrel wagon, while Luke reminded us just how cold and hungry he was.

They started the races by selecting a mom from the audience to come up, then she found out she had to kiss a pig. Sawyer couldn’t bare to watch.

After the races (which were a blur and lasted all of two seconds) some of us headed over to the cow train, and some of use once again curled up and tried to get warmth from the sun.

Sawyer was bummed that his cow was a girl, Ruby on the other hand was pleased as punch :)

After participating in several other activities that week, by the time the weekend rolled around I decided that being Super Mom was highly over rated and that I needed to go into hibernation. This coincided with Chloe finally catching the HORRIBLE cold I have had since the day before she was born and thus a weekend of bunkering down and resting, with the exception of a few photo shoots, ensued. I hope your fall weeks have been filled with fun family activities as well!

I am REALLY excited for a give a way that is coming up this week and coincides with my FINALLY releasing the Plum Harvest dress pattern:

Lets just say the give a way won’t be too shabby??? Okay I bet a million people have used THAT one ha! But if you are in need of a stunning dress for the holidays but don’t want to spend the mola then you have got to come back and enter the giveaway!!!

10.20.11Pure and Utter Frustration…

Last night I tried to teach myself how to knit.


It did not go well. I have been DYING to learn to knit but have yet to have a resource aka fast enough internet to allow me to watch youtube OR a person who knows how in the vicinity willing to teach me. Well, I thought before I started bugging friends to try and be patient with my EXTREMELY slow learning curve that I would try the youtube route. After about 6 times I got the casting on bit, and actually enjoyed the repetitiveness of it. But then came the first row…. I knitted and re-knitted this so many times that the yarn went from “super chunky” to only “sort of chunky” ha! By the time the movie I had put on was over I had nothing to show for it. By this time Chloe was way past done being a good girl and letting her daddy hold her. I know I should be patient and keep at it but when you end up with nothing after two hours of your time it can be a bit frustrating. I think my pride was also a bit wounded, due to the fact that every knitter I ever talked to always said “oh it is so easy, once you get the hang of it you will speed through things”.  So, I guess what I am saying is, for you knitters out there is there a awesome book I could reference or a stellar youtube video I am not seeing? Is there a good place to learn the terminology? The pattern I downloaded for this little hat:

image source:

says it is for a beginner, but then does not walk you through anything, it just lists the number of knits, purls etc and then talks about weaving in ends and stitching on things with yarn needles. I thought it would be a bit more introductory. I have no idea how to “weave” in ends or stitch things on with a yarn needle. Maybe I should look in the children’s section of the library next time because I honestly feel like I need to be talked to like a child when it comes to this ha!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

In other frustrating news after a three hour photo shoot with Chloe I only got one or two photos that are worth using. Ughhhhhhhh. My cutie just did NOT want to stay asleep. Chris kept reminding me that we only needed one for  her anouncement :) I was just in shock. I have done a lot of newborn shoots and never had the problems I had with Chloe, but then again that is usually how it is right? Your own children are the ones who give you the crazy run for your money? Anywhooo, I think we are going to use this one for her announcement:

I, of course, wish she had a bit of a happier look, but on the bright side, she isn’t crying :)

I was bummed I only got to use a few of her adorable accessories.

I think I will try it again when she is a few months old. For now we sure are loving having her as part of our family!

Now if I could just learn how to knit her some hats ha!!!



10.15.11Then there were four

It has been more then a week now and I thought it high time I jump on and share the news! She came a few days early, but the Crawfords are now all evened up!!

Chloe Jane Crawford smashed all our previous records.

She is BY far my longest labor, clocking in at just over 12 hours. She is our chunkiest munchkin at 8 lbs even and the longest at 20  inches.

I also stayed in the hospital longer then I ever have. Usually I am chompin’ at the bit to go home before 24 hours is up but this time it took a full three days for me to feel ready to walk out those doors and back to reality.

The other Crawford kiddos were pretty darn excited to welcome her home, although Sawyer can’t seem to remember her name (He literally said to Chris one day “I can’t remember the babies name. I know it’s not Alfred” to which we laughed hysterically and asked why in the world did he start the “narrowing” process with Alfred?) Finn is rather indifferent and has simply said “I think I am going to love this new baby”. Evie loves “holding that” but has also informed us that the “baby is Mommas, not Evie’s”. I am on the mend and slowly settling into a routine and can’t wait for Chloe’s newborn photo shoot, woo hoo!



10.07.11Let It Snow Outfit

What can I say? The closer I get to having this baby (3 days and counting till due date) the less I want to do anything but sit… or stand… or walk around, just try and be comfortable. Thank heavens my hubby is back in the states. Him missing the birth was a constant worry. The kiddos have of course LOVED having daddy home. It means lots of rough and tumble time, being thrown super high in the pool and help playing the Wii ha! Chris and I both absolutely love fall and were thrilled that we would get lots of time to enjoy it together. I had been waiting to do a photoshoot of one of Evie’s fall outfits until he came back and we could go for a drive up into the canyons and get some gorgeous colors in the shot. Mother nature had a different idea though and instead of beautiful changing leaves we got:

Yup, lots and lots of snow. But more on that later. First let me tell you about one of my favorite stores on Etsy, The Measure, or for the design website click HERE. I love love love everything this store has to offer. Her designs are breathtaking and the materials she selects are always PERFECT. Add in the fact that they are documented by one of my fav photographers Stephanie Bellini and well you have a match made in heaven! The outfit Evie is wearing was my favorite from this seasons collection. I thought I would try my hand at making my own and see how I could get it to look.

Now, this was meant to be a fall outfit… but apparently we don’t get a fall here in UT this year, Boo. So, I gave in and thought “oh well, let it snow then”. The original apron is made from gorgeous twill. I couldn’t find an exact match but really liked this linen blend. Very washable, which is a plus, but also very wrinkly. 30 mins of sitting in the car and you have a pretty wrinkled dress:
 The original also used vintage lace for the cut outs. I didn’t have time to hunt down vintage doiley’s (as much as I WISH I could) so I bought some at Michaels and some at

Hobby Lobby in a jam jar decorating set.

I love how the apron turned out. Especially the simplicity of using button holes to feed the shoulder straps through.

Now, MANY of the outfits from The Measure are paired with a gorgeous ruffled underskirt. I think this really adds some fantastic extra omf!! However I didn’t want to take the time to sew three rows of ruffles (you pay for what you get people the original underskirt is much fluffier and stands out a lot better) so instead I took some left over ruffle fabric and made a simple elastic waist skirt and attached the ruffled material along the bottom edge.

For how easy it was it works great, but I think I will fiddle with it in the future.

I also made two of my nieces the exact same outfit and am REALLY excited to photograph some “big” girls in them. Evie just does NOT like getting her picture taken as of late. To bribe her I brought her favorite candy right now, mallow pumpkins and got so desperate to have her stand in one place I made a little trail.

But then for most of the pictures she had her mouth stuffed full of mallow pumpkin ha!

I am not sharing a pattern for this particular outfit. The Measure is a mommy run Etsy store and this little number is a complete knock off of her design. I just wouldn’t feel right putting a pattern out there to follow when it wasn’t my idea at all. I hope you understand. I really wanted to share the outfit though because of how much I love it and to offer some inspiration :) As a side note Evie’s hat is from GAP, Shoes are from Costco and shirt is from Down East Outfitters kids.

Don’t worry, we didn’t keep her out in the cold to terribly long. Her brothers made sure we hoped back in the warm car quickly, but not before building a tiny snowman!

This little guy while cute makes me so sad.

I had waited two years through blistering heat to enjoy fall… now I have to morn it 😉 On to warmer clothes eh? Maybe like the Oliver and S schools days jacket?

That just might be next!