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11.29.11My Sad First Attempt

This weekend my family threw together some extended family pictures. Since I was the photographer we broke out the trusty tripod and I read up on my cameras timer. Then my sweet hubby when and purchased a tiny little remote that works with “most” DSLR’s…. to bad mine is not one of them ha! It actually turned out pretty great with me metering everything and then running back into the shot 😉 I also decided this was the perfect opportunity to try out a “video session”.

I have been dying to splice together video I take at a shoot with pictures I take at a shoot and put it to music. I think this is the next “big thing” for photographers. Well, I couldn’t very well be IN the video and take it (I have the tiniest little video camera so no tripod) so my little sister was kind enough to attempt to execute the bagillion of things I threw at her and in the end we decided it would be best if she just stood and video taped with out worrying about zooming in or attempting shallower depths of field. In the future I want some of the kids exploring and just Chris and I, and obviously some close ups of charlotte. But the kiddos had been so good during the extended family session that by the time momma decided to do this I was pretty lucky they would even dance in the freezin cold and eventually they were all crying to go home and get warm so we didn’t get enough video for the whole song, bummers. So this is a pretty darn rough version of what I am going for but hey I had to try it out on my family before I waste anyone else’s time ha! And since we already did out family pictures with Nichole Van I wasn’t all that concerned about how it turned out. I am dreaming of doing it with a fun family who doesn’t have a newborn to worry about but kids young enough to be silly. I am basically sharing it so that ya’ll can watch the progression that I HOPE happens with this new genre. I am going to try my first full fledged session next week! If nothing else the cutting down of the christmas tree should be cute right ha! After you watch let me know if you think this is going to catch on in the photography world or just be a ten second fad. I am thinking about saving up for a better video camera (my tiny pocket sized one just won’t cut it!)




11.27.11Gifts For Guys: Tie/ Belt/ Hat Rack

I am so excited to be guest posting here at KOJO‘s Design today for their gifts for guys series !! These ladies are amazing (and have been so patient as I worked through some LAME computer and timing issues). Of course I turned to my husband to ask for some suggestions on what to make. We originally kicked around the idea of an IPAD cover but I wanted to do a tutorial that would appeal to non-sewers as well. We started unpacking during this time and I had no where to put his hats, ties and belts. I didn’t  like the idea of shoving them in a drawer and then suddenly “lightbulb” (think gru on Despicable Me).

If you are looking for a quick, cheap gift for your guy hop on over and check it out! For those of you who have asked about the templates I use on the blog they are from Oh Snap Boutique. I would say that 99% of the templates I use are from there. And right now they are having a 99% off sale!!!!

I hope your Thanksgivings were filled to the brim with food, family and fun!

Cheers! Kelly

11.20.11California Girls… and boys

We are finally home from our amazing trip to Southern California. I don’t know if I have mentioned that I grew up in Orange County so it was fabulous to be “home” for a little while. While driving down I had plenty of time to think up hordes of tutorials I could do and now I am just chompin at the bit to get to it. This week I will be sharing my Gifts for Guys over at Kojo Designs and finally sharing the plum harvest pattern and tutorial so you can whip yourself up a new dress for the holidays! But I thought I would share some pics from our trip to Santa Monica

where I had every intention of getting lots of pictures of Chloe… but it was to cold for my liking and I only unsnuggled her for a moment to catch a kiddo shot.

Which was pretty hilarious, between Chris and I trying to make sure Sawyer didn’t drop our new darling head first into the sand and metering for the setting sun etc. I can’t believe I got one with anyone looking. I figure Finn is looking, but not smiling, Evie is smiling but not looking and Sawyer is looking terrified as he holds Chloe, who is wailing because she is out of her cocoon of warmth… perfect! :)

I have also discovered on this trip that Sawyer has reached the stage where he has forgotten how to smile. In every picture he has an almost pained look on his face, I guess it is going to only be candid caught in the action smiles from here on out for him :)

Evie on the other hand has started to LOVE getting her picture taken as long as I immediately show her the picture so she can gasp and say “ohhhhh Tute!!!” (oh cute). She was her usual out going hilarious self on this trip and kept chris and I laughing the entire time. The highlight for Sawyer and Finn was being selected to complete Jedi training at Disneyland… but thats another story :)


11.11.11Honing Your Mad Skills

After attending Nicole Van’s photography workshop and working on getting proper exposure etc. I thought it was time I start working on my photoshop skills. Now the examples I am going to show you are a bit extreme. Well, at least the pictures are extremely “punchy”, which is not for everyone. And if you are a follower of the blog you know my pictures are generally softer and have more of a honey/ vintage feel. I like to have the option though to punch it up if I want to :) So here are a few examples:

This is Dani. Isn’t she gorgeous? She reminds me of one of my close friends back in VA (you know who you are gorgeous girl!) This is the only picture I used an action on. After getting it to where I loved it I inserted a texture file, then I removed the texture from her skin and hair. This gave the pic its toning. I am slowly learning how to use textures to their full potential.

Of course this is Evie. I actually love the STOC on this one but I thought why not punch it up a bit? I think I went a bit farther then I usually would. If I were to print this photo I would reign it in a bit.

This little guy is Milo. He was a big ‘ole ball of energy. He was so excited for the photo shoot and his parents had prep’d him so well he totally knew my name! I LOVE how the pictures of him turned out and I think he loved bouncing around in it!

This is Riley, Dani’s adorable red headed daughter. She was all smiles for us. Aren’t those purple shoes amazing? I went a little berserk on her eyes and on the version I gave her parents I reigned it in a bit.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what you can do if you work hard and hone your skills. I still have a long way to go but I am getting there. Of course it helps to start out with a properly exposed picture, which I am still working on. AND amazingly good looking clients of course!

We are heading to Disneyland today for a week! Woo hooo let the craziness ensue! I will try to post but no promises. I will probably be in a amusement park food coma when I get home each night ha!



11.10.11Refashionista! Old Wool Coat Refashion

I am so excited to be over at I am Momma Hear Me Roar participating in Cheri’s Refashionista event! Hop on over and find out how turn an old wool coat into a super cute pea coat for Evie:

I have been so excited for this post! I started out with my Granny’s red wool coat and completely took it apart then used the Oliver & S School Days Jacket pattern to remake it for Evie.

Remember, there will be a fun prize for those who comment on the Oliver & S posts when I complete the series! Evie is pretty excited about all her new clothes:

Okay so maybe she is getting a tiny bit impatient with her momma and all these photo shoots :)

Hope you come see how to make an old wool coat new again for your munchkin over at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar!