11.10.11Refashionista! Old Wool Coat Refashion

I am so excited to be over at I am Momma Hear Me Roar participating in Cheri’s Refashionista event! Hop on over and find out how turn an old wool coat into a super cute pea coat for Evie:

I have been so excited for this post! I started out with my Granny’s red wool coat and completely took it apart then used the Oliver & S School Days Jacket pattern to remake it for Evie.

Remember, there will be a fun prize for those who comment on the Oliver & S posts when I complete the series! Evie is pretty excited about all her new clothes:

Okay so maybe she is getting a tiny bit impatient with her momma and all these photo shoots :)

Hope you come see how to make an old wool coat new again for your munchkin over at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar!



91 thoughts on “Refashionista! Old Wool Coat Refashion

  1. lucija

    The coat is really something! And I especially like the lining! It goes so good with this red coat fabric. And Evie is more beautiful every day!

    BTW, did you start knniting? Is this hat Evie is waring yours? It looks super!
    (Sorry my bad english)

  2. Katie

    Visiting from I Am Momma… what a wonderful project! I have always balked at the high price of nice children’s coats and I love the way you used your Granny’s coat. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Julie

    Ha! I am currently working on making the Abbey jacket pattern from Shwin & Shwin in red fleece and the same lining fabric as you used. Great minds. 😉 I really wanted to buy the whole bolt!

    Super cute refashion!

  4. Kylie

    You are so brave – I have an old suit of my Dad’s to use for my little boy, but I’ve been too scared to cut it up!

  5. Kyla

    I love love love O+S patterns! I have a few and they are the most well written, easy to sew patterns. Great job on the coat, it looks so cute on her!

  6. Maggie

    This is beautiful! I love this pattern. I want to make my boys some coats out of laminated cotton and line them with fleece. What a great refashion!

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  8. Zenobia

    I was just looking at this coat today thinking it would look very cute on my little lady! I love the red, and it is even more special being a refashion from granny!

  9. Dora

    Wow, it turned really cute! I love refashioning projects. I only have boys, so it is hard to find something in my wardrobe that I can turn into something for them.

  10. Em

    I have had my eye on this pattern for some time. If it doesn’t land in my hands here, it will certainly land in my online shopping bag!

  11. Alicia G

    This coat is so precious, I’m just loving it!! And I adore that you refashioned your grannie’s old coat. What a sweet idea!

  12. Hayley P

    Love this cute little coat. I’m making one similar for my niece for Christmas, but a pattern should would make it alot easier!

  13. Liz

    I’ve been stalking this pattern for quite some time and was so glad when Oliver & S decided to offer it as an pdf download. Your version is simply adorable!

  14. Cse84663

    I love this coat I made mine in green wool and a plaid inside. So warm and comfy. So great to make use of old things.

  15. Chelsi Biehl

    I love making things for my girls out of bigger garment pieces. This is such a great idea and will keep her so warm. Great job!

  16. Alecia

    I love this jacket! Your so creative and fearless, I’m afraid if I attempted to do this I would be in it up to my eyes and it would take forever!!

  17. Lisa O

    I have been an admirer of your blog for a while, but this is the first time I am leaving a comment:) Love the refashioned coat for Evie, especially the contrasting lining for the hood. And to cut up your old coat for the refashion.. ahhh…. this is something I need to muster enough courage to do it.. Plus Oliver + S patterns are ever so classic.

  18. Nital

    I love this pattern! and love the way it turned out with the red wool. I just ordered a few Oliver & S patterns a while ago and was really disappointed this one was out of print.

  19. SabineC

    I think red is a really nice color for a girl’s coat – but what I love most about your version is the beautiful lining fabric! Great pairing!

  20. Angela

    Hello, it’s my first time commenting. I’ve just read your post on “I Am Momma” and being Irish, I love the picture of your grandparents and Mom, it looks like it was taken on the West coast, maybe Galway or Mayo!
    You did an incredible job on your daughters red coat.

  21. Natalia @PrepUtilityVehicle

    Hey, I was going to do this using a thrift coat and a pattern as well, then ran across this while looking for patterns! So cool. I was going to use an asymmetrical front pattern so I probably won’t be able to use the button placket like you did, or maybe even the pockets, unless I do some piecing and go for the patchy look. I was thinking of repurposing jeans also, having the waistband at the bottom, pockets and seams every which way. Just ideas for now. And using other thrift garments for lining. It was so helpful to see this post by accident; removes some of the scariness of the project! Thank you. :)


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