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01.31.12All That Jazz Dress For PR&P

Hi friends! I am over at Project Run and Play today sharing my creation for Party/ Special occasion week, the All That Jazz Dress.

I told you I used that ruffle skirt for a zillion things! Totally worth the time it takes to make. Hop on over to Project Run& Play to get the rest of the tutorial to make the All That Jazz dress

Such a little lady right?

Unless she is doing this:



01.29.12Back in the ‘Burg

Today we drove down to Williamsburg to finally see the house we built while we were in TImor. It was a pretty huge undertaking building a house while across the globe with slow internet and a 16 hour time difference ha! We were both rather nervous about actually seeing all the colors we had picked out etc. We figured it couldn’t be that bad since we had found renters almost immediately and they seemed to enjoy it :) On the way down we tried to explain to the cuties that this was our house, but we don’t live in it, other people are living in it right now. Yeah, we probably should have just left it alone. Sawyer was then whimpering about wanting to live in Williamsburg again, which sort of broke my heart. The house ended up being fantastic! much larger then we had anticipated with an amazing amount of natural light. I kept commenting on the light over and over until our property manager jokingly asked “Kelly, have you been living in a cave?” Ha! I explained that as a photographer I can’t ever have to much natural light :) I was actually in tears when we left (happy tears) full of ideas of what I would do if we were actually living in our home. I was of course a bit sad that for the foreseeable future those plans would be put on hold. But then I cheered myself up by thinking of the furniture I could fill it with from the Paris flea markets right? Then we did possibly the fastest photoshoot I have ever done in a little corner of Colonial Williamsburg that we used to take Sawyer and Finn to when they were little to walk around. The shoot is for my Tutorial as a guest for Project Run and Play next week, where I will also be a guest judge. I thought I could share a tiny sneak peak though:

(This is what happens when you bring it down to F 1.2 with your 85 MM, get your focus aimed, and the toddler moves ha!)

What is that on her head you ask? Oh nothing, just THE coolest vintage hat I have ever seen! My friend Hillary let me borrow it for the shoot. I also brought along some fun props to go with it.

ohhhh I can’t wait to share some more!



01.26.12Modge Podged Ikea Stool

I have never been a big nodge podger (haa that term makes me giggle), in fact this is my first ever project. I had been thinking about it for a looooong time but new I had to wait until we got settled in DC for our 6 months before I tried it. I wanted to Modge Podge an Ikea stool:

If you live near an Ikea and have a child you probably have this stool. If not you should, because it is AWESOME! I love how high it is. Even Evie can wash her own hands and brush her own teeth with this bad boy and we have the adult height counters! It says on the box not to paint it, though I have no idea why, hence the modge podge. I am probably not the first person to do or think of this, but I thought I would share it anyway, as I have never seen it before. It is actually a super quick project. to turn this:

                                                                                                                                                                     into this:

All you need is some fun scrapbooking paper, an exacto knife, a pen, some scissors and a whole lot of modge podge ha!

I simply traced the visible edges of the stool onto the scrapbook paper, but it out then modge podged it on. Where I would have little over hangs or extra I would use the exacto knife to remove it. Now some things to learn from my mistakes:

1. Do not go looking at scrapbook paper with three kids four and under. While I think this stool is cool this is not exactly my favorite paper but the kids were so crazy I literally grabbed the first “book” of paper I happened upon. There is much cuter paper out there I just didn’t have the patience (or ability to completely ignore my kids as they redistributed all of the martha stewart glitter containers). Although, I do really love the top hats and herringbone

2. Attach all the paper before you assemble and use a hole punch to create holes for the screws. The papers I attached after assembly do not look NEARLY as good as the pre assembled ones. This is a big regreat.

3. Cut all your strips a little thinner then each particular side of wood and a little shorter. This will help it adhere MUCH better.

Aside from that it really was a piece of cake! Just don’t assume now that your cuties have a super awesome really high stool that they won’t climb….

Oh how I love those little piggies!



Valentines Shoot

I have made a rather large decision that effects my photography world. I am going to start taking on less regular portraiture (still a few each month) and focus on what I really love, conceptual shoots. I spend the majority of my nights lying in bed thinking thinking thinking about all the different over the top photoshoots I want to do, circus shoot, fairytale shoots, film noir inspired shoots……. the list goes on and on. These shoots involve scouring local thrift and antique stores for props, hauling them to a thoughtfully selected location, styling clothes etc. This may sound exhausting to some but it makes me completely energized. I have my first session in the works (a valentines shoot) and I am so crazy excited for the shoot and it still won’t be for another week. Today, while trolling a vintage shop down the street I found a little treasure I know I will use in the future, vintage Dagwood and Blondie paper dolls:

I almost walked right past them as they were tucked away with some vintage post cards

I am already swimming with ideas of shots I will get with them. Can you believe Blondie’s wardrobe?

I love that I didn’t even have to cut any of them out all the work was done for me :)

I seriously love this green skirt…. maybe I should try and make one?

I am really excited about this new step. It is one I have been wanting to take for a while but was nervous as I know it means fewer clients etc. (As I mentioned before I will still be available for more mainstream portraiture) If you have fun ideas for a shoot or are in the area and are up for an over the top fun shoot please feel free to contact me! I am off to play with my paper dolls, then hide them in a place Evie cannot reach :)



PS. Speaking of which, this last weekend I shot a wedding where the bride wanted all things glitter as her colors so I made these for them to hold

01.25.12Arise And Shine Forth

I haven’t been able to mention this before because we were waiting for the launch of the new website but this December I was very lucky to be included in an incredible shoot involving Nichole Van photography and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, of which I am a member. The church is in the midst of revamping some of their Youth programs and one area is the launch of a new theme “Shine Forth”. They asked Nicole Van to organize a photo shoot to be displayed on the website and as posters available for download etc. I was floored when Nichole called and asked if I wanted to jump on board. I went ahead and created the banners used in the shoot and then headed out with Nichole, her incredibly sweet husband, several representatives from the church and a group of models on a freeeeeeeezing cold day to capture what I believe are some amazing photos.

Once again I was blown away by Nichole’s talent. I wish I could share more of these incredible pictures with you but they are not my property, and I don’t want to step on any toes. You can see more and watch the corresponding video, posters etc. HERE. What a blessing it was to be part of this process. I hope you take a moment to watch the video which shares such a poignant message.