All That Jazz Dress For PR&P


Hi friends! I am over at Project Run and Play today sharing my creation for Party/ Special occasion week, the All That Jazz Dress. I told you I used that ruffle skirt for a zillion things! Totally worth the time it takes to make. Hop on over to Project Run& Play to get the rest […]

Back in the ‘Burg


Today we drove down to Williamsburg to finally see the house we built while we were in TImor. It was a pretty huge undertaking building a house while across the globe with slow internet and a 16 hour time difference ha! We were both rather nervous about actually seeing all the colors we had picked […]

Modge Podged Ikea Stool


I have never been a big nodge podger (haa that term makes me giggle), in fact this is my first ever project. I had been thinking about it for a looooong time but new I had to wait until we got settled in DC for our 6 months before I tried it. I wanted to […]

Valentines Shoot


I have made a rather large decision that effects my photography world. I am going to start taking on less regular portraiture (still a few each month) and focus on what I really love, conceptual shoots. I spend the majority of my nights lying in bed thinking thinking thinking about all the different over the […]

Arise And Shine Forth

FSY_2012-195 copy

I haven’t been able to mention this before because we were waiting for the launch of the new website but this December I was very lucky to be included in an incredible shoot involving Nichole Van photography and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, of which I am a member. The church […]

U R My Sunshine Dress Pattern and Tutorial


PATTERN Firstly, thank you so much for all your fabulous suggestions. I took several of them and am already feeling a ton better. Which is a good thing since I had a wedding to shoot today… in the snow ha! I wonder how I have never heard of a Neti pot. Such a nice all […]

Nursing with a cold


I am so sorry not to post the tutorial today but I have been hit brutally with a cold. I kind of pride myself on muscling through and still doing a ton when I am sick but this one has me wiped out. I was just wondering if any of you have some good home […]

Sneak Peak


It has been far to long since I shared a digital pattern. Well I finally have one ready for you… but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow ha! But here is a sneak peak: Evie was SUCH a trooper for this photoshoot. All she demanded was a few minutes at the park after… then came […]


I am over at Me Sew Crazy today with my Re-sew-lution. I have been wanted to make Evie these little bloomers for-ev-er and thought this was the perfect opportunity. When my hubby saw them on the sewing table he said “Who are you making the penguin pants for?” Insert audible scoff from me. He thought […]

Why I Love Living In DC


There are so many reasons I love living in DC but the main one has to be the close proximity to a crazy amount of wonderful and free museums. I know most people would be intimidated to go to the Smithsonian’s with four children five and under, and maybe the tourists who witnessed Evie’s complete […]