Giant Felt Flower Tutorial


One of the things I love about hairpieces is you can make them anywhere…. well, anywhere they sell felt. You should have seen me trying to describe “felt” to the fabric guys in Timor, that was hilarious. But in most places it is cheap and readily available as is a glue gun (I got a cute toile printed one yesterday). I made this flower right before we left Utah.

Um, no I did not crochet that awesome hat! A lady that works for with mom made all us girls matching hats, mine is a dusty blue seen HERE and Chloe’s is a deep purple. I thought they needed a little something something to finish them off so I went to work making a giant felt flower. I turned it into a clip so then I can use it however I like πŸ˜‰ It was pretty easy, though cutting out the petals can give you a hand cramp :) Evie was a fan and kept holding it to her head after I finished and asking if it was for her hair or Chloe’s.

I think that would engulf little Chloe’s noggin so for now it is all Evie’s ha! If you would like to make one follow right along!

What you need:

felt squares


glue gun


headband or clippy your choice

The pattern for the petal can be found HERE if you would rather just print that out, or you can easily make your own :) How many you cut out depends on how large you want your flower to be. I used up half a square of felt of each color. Just cut out a bunch ha!

Now all you need to do is continue your circles overlapping each with the one before it. I then hid where they all came together with some jewels. You can then glue gun it to your fastener of choice :)

There you have it! So before you head off, I have a quick question. Is it just me or do you find it hard to be crafty when your house is a bomb? It is the stereotype that creative people are often sloppy and thrive in cluttered spaces. While it may be true that when I am in the midst of a project my workspace may be a mess but I can never seem to start a project if I am surrounded by a mess. I set out to do this post this morning but it took pretty much the entire morning to get our home in order to the point where I felt I could let the creative juices flow. Is that just me? Am I neurotic? Sometimes I think it is because I was so spoiled in Timor with a full time housekeeper so I got used to everything being in its place all the time. I was just wondering :)




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    I dont get anything done all day long on the diy front because I constantly go from room to room cleaning up after three little ones. In my mind I can’t work on crafts until the house is spotless. Hence my million long project list, half already probably started. Part time housekeeper or cook would be great! And i can’t go to sleep at night until I check my google reader on my phone, I really am a mental case, but it helps me dream about more projects to add to the list! Oh great, hats and flowers, lol! Your awesome! :)

  2. 2

    Shawna Lambert says

    I feel the same way, so I spend most of my day cleaning and thinking that I will get to do something on my sewing or scrapbooking list the next day..seems to never happen! I love this flower, thank you for sharing!

  3. 3


    I love your blog and have used a couple of your tutorials for my first little girl due in March. For some reason today your whole post isn’t showing up in my reader, only the title. Please oh please don’t change your settings. My internet is so slow (I am an expat living in the middle of nowhere Guatemala) that I will never be able to open up your blog each time to reach all of your posts. If you didn’t change your settings and it is just my dumb reader, disregard this comment, lol! Thanks for all your great tutorials and beautiful photos! You are very talented.

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    oh, i’m SOOO the same! i can’t even make supper if the kitchen is cluttered! once the house is spotless i start getting all sorts of creative ideas. for example, if my sewing room had been cleaned last night (haven’t done the post-christmas clean yet!) then i would totally be crocheting up a hat and making a flower for it RIGHT NOW. pinning this tutorial– it looks great!

  5. 5

    Kristie says

    Nope, I totally agree. I can’t even think of sewing until the house is somewhat clean. It makes life easier when I come back to the real world after my creating to have only a few things to clean up, instead of the entire house.

  6. 6

    Jennifer Arnoldi says

    Kelly, I love this whole look! Where do you buy your felt? I feel like my local JoAnn’s or other stores don’t carry a very nice color selection. I really love your color scheme here!

  7. 7

    Esther S. says

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I made a different flower that you taught earlier for a niece (two) and she LOVED it. I am so excited to try this one since I know how to make that hat, too. Wa-hoo.

    Also, I agree with you that I am a lot more crafty when the house is clean. Yes, I get a bunch of stuff out to actually make the craft but if the house is messy, I feel like I should be cleaning it, not working on a craft. (Same goes with the kitchen – before I bake or cook, I make sure all dishes are put away, all surfaces are clean.)

  8. 9


    I’m the same way…I feel way too distracted with lots of “stuff” laying around to be able to focus on a project. My mind keeps thinking of all the things I need to do and it bugs me so much that I can’t concentrate!
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. 10

    Jesica says

    it just so happens that I have a TON of felt lying around, woo hoo!!! I will be tackling this flower tomorrow, thanks Kelly! I am also the same way, if there is clutter of ANY kind around, I get grumpy and no creative juices can flow. I can’t even work on my schooling if there is too much stuff on my desk – makes me crazy!

  10. 11

    Monika says

    You are not alone, as you already might have discovered by the previous posters. I am the exact same way too. Thankfully I get around it by going into my sewing room and closing the door behind me, but even then there are times where the thought of the mess I left behind is haunting me and I can’t really enjoy my crafty work and it is hindering my creative juices to flow to their full potential until I have cleaned up the main house. Isn’t that crazy?

    By the way I love the crochet hat, do you think you friend would share her pattern, that hat would look so adorable on my three girls. Thanks!


    • 12


      01 Aug 01, 2010 13:52 I also have one rose bush. When we moved in, there were three, but I am down to one. It is hanging on with all its sngetrth. I love the way you pictured this one. Just lovely.

  11. 14

    Mystena says

    I love the flowers, I can’t wait to make some for my little 3 yr old. Thank you so much.

    I am the same way when it comes to starting a project, gotta have the house clean. This is probably why I don’t get much done, with a 3 and 7 yr old the house is alwaus a mess.

    I would to have the pattern of the hat from your friend if she doesn’t mind sharing!

  12. 15


    I’m totally the same. I can make a pretty big mess when I’m working on a project, but I need to start with a clean space! Totally love your blog! Thanks for the amazing ideas!

  13. 16

    Julie says

    I absolutely adore this! And everything else you have done! I immediately broke out my felt and started cutting and gluing. Now I have two super cute felt flowers for my girls with many more to come! I just hope they will keep them in their hair πŸ˜‰

  14. 17

    Melissa says

    Hello. I’m wondering if the lady who made the hats would share where to get the pattern. It is lovely and I’d like to make one. Thanks.

    • 18

      admin says

      I can totally email her and ask. I know I originally purchased her a pattern from an Etsy store. But she crochets not knits so she kinda made her own from that. I can’t promise she will but it is certainly worth a try!

  15. 19

    Melissa says

    Thanks! That would be awesome. Even if she remembers where the original came from I could get that. I crochet as well and was going to play around with it, but thought I’d see if there was a pattern first. Thanks for checking.

  16. 20


    Case and Point: I was surprised with a baby girl and therefore spent my whole pregnancy making things like onesies with ties on them instead of hair bows and flowers. I have been telling myself I’ll make the bows/flowers as soon as I get my house in order. I just can’t focus unless I’m in an organized space! After some finishing touches this past weekend I think I can finally start making some cute hair accessories for my baby girl!

  17. 21

    Susan M Jensen says

    I just started the internet in December 2011 so I will never go without mistakes. Senior so DBL. Whamy! Your little girl with Hat is so Pretty a real camera kid. Love flowers. I donate 85% of my crafts. Thanks I’ll ad this to a lot. Im learning childrens toys, some clothing, quilts. FUN! it is.

  18. 22

    Cindy says

    Recently since i am recovering from knee surgery, I have kept my dining room table full with my sewing paraphernalia. It has been wonderful to just pick up he next day where I left off the day before.
    I too would love the crochet pattern for the hat!

  19. 24

    Anna says

    Love love love this! I was also wondering if it was possible to get the crochet hat pattern? I’ve tried searching on etsy but haven’t been able to find one nearly as nice, i’m a beginner so nutting it out on my own could end up being disasterous :)lol many thanks.

  20. 28

    Karen says

    Thank you for sharing this flower! Just redecorated my 3 year old’s bedroom with a flower theme and wanted some textile flowers to stick on the wall with sticky velcro. They will help her to count to 20 +. Going to start tomorrow am before little hands wake up and want to help…

  21. 30

    Caoilfionn says

    Lovely quick and simple flower tutorial – thanks for sharing – looks fab.
    and NOOOOO can never let the creative juices flow when the clutter and housework overload takes hold!

  22. 32

    Julie says

    Hi..your pattern hat flower is so gorgeous…I just love making handband,hats or any can knitting hats, scarves. I made that hat pattern…and people just like it. I went to see my doctor family and the secretary saw my hat..she said that my hat was so nice especially the big flowers. When I told her that I did it myself….she want one for her daughter. Big thank you to share your pattern !!! . I like when people appreciate the work that we do…to create it’s a passion.

  23. 33

    Jessica Nordell says

    Super cute! Can’t wait to try! Would love to get the pattern for the hat? Do you know if that’s possible??


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