Want to Come to Paris With Us? *Closed until next year :)*


Thank you so much everyone who was interested. We have closed the application accepting and are moving on to interviewing those people we think would best suit our family. We received a crazy amount of extremely qualified applicants and were thrilled at the response! If you are interested but couldn’t come this year we will […]

Tiny Curtsy Skirt


(I spell curtsy like five different ways in this post ha! According to Wikipedia it can be spelled Curtsy, Courtsey or Curtsey) I have been wanting to whip Chloe up a skirt out of this scrap of fabric I had for a while. It is one of my favorite fabrics from Heather Bailey (whom I […]

Foreign Service Friday…lets try this again

I have REALLY been wanting to post about life in the Foreign Service every Friday. It is a huge part of our lives (ha obviously) that I don’t talk about very much any more on the blog. Additionally I want this to be on the blog in case there are other people who are thinking […]

Quality AND Quantity


Each afternoon Evie and Chloe and I pick Finn up from school. We drive home, unload out of the car and before we even reach our building door I am carrying everyones backpacks, teddys, blankets, lego clone guys legs which have fallen off and Chloe in her car seat. Evie demands we take the elevator […]

New Post on the dot com

Just wanted you to know there are lots of fun new posts over on sewinginnomansland.com! If you are still following here you should definitely click on over HERE and see all the fun!

Spring Cleaning (blog style)


I hope you have had a wonderful Presidents weekend! We have been lucky enough to have my sister Felicity in town visiting! Our kids absolutely adore her and haven’t really given her a moments peace since she has arrived! The first night Sawyer informed her that the bed in our guest room was quiet large […]

Fitzgerald In Lace


PATTERN 7-8 Pattern 2t-3t Ohhhh I have been dying to share this tutorial with you but wanted to wait until Valentines day! Here, on two of my favorite little models, is the Fitzgerald in Lace dress. I stayed up many nights thinking about this shoot and this dress. It was one of those dresses that […]

La Petite Peach

LPP peach 2

The Fitzegerald in Lace dress is coming today, I promise. But I had to mention that the Baby in Red tutorial is being shared over at La Petite Peach today! If you haven’t been to La Petite Peach you should jump over there right now! I promise you will love it! I really need to […]