Tiny Curtsy Skirt

(I spell curtsy like five different ways in this post ha! According to Wikipedia it can be spelled Curtsy, Courtsey or Curtsey)

I have been wanting to whip Chloe up a skirt out of this scrap of fabric I had for a while. It is one of my favorite fabrics from Heather Bailey (whom I love). I only had a little bit but I knew I wanted it lined as well. I knew I only had about ten minutes of free time in which to make it. If you are new to sewing you will love this because of how easy it is. If you are an advanced sewer you will adore it because you can literally do it start to finish in about ten minutes and I bet you have everything you need already in your stash

What you will need:

A fat quarter (I used less) of fabric

Same amount of plain cotton

A strip of small elastic

Sewing machine etc.

Taddah! Now your little doll is all ready to curtsy!

Isn’t Chloe getting so big! She is such a sweet heart.
She still spits up an ocean about every other minute and I have never done so much laundry in my life, but she is sooooo happy none of us really mind :) I can’t believe in a few weeks she will be five months! WOAH!!! Hope you can grab some scraps and whip up some skirts for a cute you know.


  1. 2

    Rebecca says

    i love love LOVE your site! I’m not good at sewing but I’m a DIY fan! I love the fabric you use and your photography too! Thank you for sharing!


  2. 3

    Ali says

    Love this! I may just whip one up for my little 5 monther! How do you stick that hairbow onto your Chloe’s head?!? My babe has about as much hair as yours does…no way is a clip staying in…


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