Spring Break Life Saver


{There will be a foreign service Friday post today, it’s just, lets say, delayed ha!} Are you all ready for Spring break? I ask sadly as I look outside at the rain and hear three shrieking kids running right past a sleeping Chloe’s bedroom. Sawyer’s started today and goes for ten days. Which would be […]

Plum Harvest Tutorial


PATTERN Do you need an Easter Dress but don’t want to fork out the sweet mola? Well good things come to those who wait! This pattern has been a loooooooonnnnnggggg time coming. Like, since last August long time. Wow. There are no words for how much of a slacker I have been when it comes […]

Pick Your Battles


Evie is a clothes hoarse. What? You aren’t surprised? The funny thing about her is she changes at least five times a day. We start out the day in a cute matching outfit, hair tied up, both shoes matching etc. It is all down hill from there, until at 7:30pm she looks like this: Yeah……. […]

Taking Notes Revisited


PATTERN There are only two more Sew For Me posts! I have LOVED this series and working with the wonderful girls over at KOJO Designs! Today I am going to revisit one of my most popular tutorials. The Taking Notes Skirt. For some reason when I switched over to the new blog it didn’t bring ALL […]

MIka Rose Giveaway Winner

Screen shot 2012-03-27 at 7.29.58 PM

Alright…. so this was supposed to go up Friday. What can I say? I am a slacker ha! The winner of the Mika Rose giftcard is….. Joy T: I would love to own one of those dresses or skirts! Congrats Joy!! Cheers! Kelly



Yesterday Elizabeth and I headed to the big thrift store Unique. We really have to start taking pictures of some of the outrageous items we find. I got lucky and scored some fun items. I didn’t really think about putting them together until I got home. Then at 10:45 as I was organizing the kiddos […]

taste the RAINBOW

Today’s post is my version of a beautiful Valentine’s Day idea from Such Pretty Things. I found large pieces of crepe paper at A.C. Moore, a craft chain around here in Northern Virginia.  It’s harder to find than the streamer kind, but you can do it! Loooove the rainbow of colors.  The colors make me […]

St. Patties Day Treasure Hunt


One of the biggest hits of our St. Patties Party was the games, the treasure hunt in particular. Elizabeth did a fabulous job creating this “not quite reading yet” friendly treasure hunt. I promise if you do this at your next party the kids will go crazy! The kids totally ate it up! The kids […]

10 Minute Maxi

There is a fun fast tutorial over on sewinginnomansland.com today! The 10 minute Maxi! Hope to see you over there!

Ten Minute Maxi: Water Color Wonder


I have recieived an inumerable comments and emails about the blog cutting off. I am so sorry about this. It seems to only happen to those who view the blog on explorer… Our techs have been trying to figure out why this happens. I PROMISE we have seriously been trying to figure this out. I […]