03.17.12Retro Baby Turban Tutorial

Yah! Thank you so much for all your comments :) Just FYI Evie’s ruffle vest in the last post is from JCrew kids and her shoes are from Joyfolie

Retro Baby Turban

Turn both bands right side out but only sew ONE of the bands at this point


There you have it! I told you it was super easy!! Now i just need to find some cute jersey print. Our local store only has solids. It only took some smarties for this shoot ha! We obviously don’t believe in the five second rule in this family :)



22 thoughts on “Retro Baby Turban Tutorial

  1. Sylvie

    I didn’t know J.Crew sold kids clothes! Where have I been?!! Oh. Dear. Good thing the tax return is coming soon!! 😉 Thanks for the tute! So easy. I’m going to raid my closet for a T-shirt I’m willing to part with!

  2. Lenora Ziobro

    I think they would be really cute with a fabric flower on the front where they are hooked together.Maybe a crocheted rose would work also.They are adorable either way,just a suggestion!God Bless!
    Lenora Ziobro

  3. Dakota

    YAAAAAAYYY I saw EXACT REPLICAS at forever21 today and my daughter tried each and every one on. Soooo coming home and finding this IS LOVELY. :)

  4. S.

    Oh my – first visit to your site and I could probably look at the intro the entire evening. So gorgeous! Thanks for the post – will try that next week!

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  6. josheli

    Those are so adorable! Making one, no, making a lot of them for the two year old up to the 21 year old grand kids! Would make one for my self if my hair was thicker!

  7. Sara Harris

    Love this and I kinda want to make one for myself!! How much longer do I need to cut the fabric to make it for an adult??

    Thanks for such a cute tutorial!

    1. admin Post author

      Sara I would only add an inch or so. The material is so stretchy I can totally wear Evie’s on me head ha!

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