Ten Minute Maxi: Water Color Wonder

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I have three tutorials I made for the Sew for Me Series, so these will wrap up the series! Be sure to hop over to KOJO Designs to see what those fabulous girls are doing! Hasn’t it been fun! So, here is my first of three!

I am obsessed with Maxi’s right now (as is most of the fashion world). My sister is visiting and we wanted to show her the Cherry Blossoms. I wanted something new to wear that was very “springy”. Felicity found some amazing fabric at Joann’s (the fabric seen below) and we headed home to see how fast I could whip out a Maxi dress, the answer is: 10 minutes!

I suggest grabbing some 1/2 inch elastic and wrapping it around your “high waist” at a comfortably snug size. Stitch on the elastic as you stitch the shirt to the skirt pulling the elastic taught (not super taught just enough that it will bounce back). I think this really helps but isn’t 100 necessary.

Now go out and enjoy some Spring!!!




    • 4

      TLK says

      I just bought the exact same fabric from Joanne’s! I found this tutorial looking for a maxi dress pattern to make out of it.

    • 6

      admin says

      Thanks Emily! We got it at Joann’s in the “silky” section. They are currently on sale as well. Woo hoo!

  1. 10

    Tünde says

    I love the style of your photos, this chalkboard and instructions written with chalk is fantastic! Great dress, too, but not my stlye 😉

    Greetings from Budapest, Hungary

  2. 12

    Kira says

    Amazing! I am now in love with this fabric and so will go hunt some down so I can make one of my own!!!!

  3. 13

    Laura says

    I love your blog. But I wish you didn’t have political ads. I feel like I’ll have to stop visiting your wonderful site if I keep getting whacked on the head by those Republican ads about Wisconsin.


    • 14

      admin says

      I am sorry about that. I actually do not control what adds come up on the blog. Google adsense does. According to google it is tied to what you happen to search most so it is individualized and they hope you will be more likely to click on it. Obviously in your case it is doing the opposite. Unfortunately this is the only method I make a little money off the blog since I do not charge for patterns unlike most sites. Sure hope we don’t loose you as a reader but not much I can do about the ads.

  4. 16


    This is so cute! I love maxis as well, and they’re so easy to make if you’ve got the fabric on hand! I wish I had a Joann’s or other fabric store closer to where I live, but alas, trips to buy fabric are few and far between :(. Your fabric is fab, though. Great Job!

  5. 17

    CC says

    The dress is amazing! I noticed that all of my adsenses are from movie sites, so I think that is what Google thinks I want to look at. I would guess there are a lot of Republicans in Wisconsin who are buying adsense.

  6. 18

    Laura says

    Thanks so much for explaining the ads! Since I now know you’re not controlling it, it will make it easy for me to ignore. Thanks!


  7. 21

    Lusynda says

    Made this today in about 15 minutes and can’t wait to wear it on Sunday for Easter with the family! Posted a pic to my Crafty Stuffs board!

  8. 23

    Abbey says

    what kind of shirt did you use? was it 100% cotton? I’m just trying to figure what the best shirt to use would be.

  9. 24

    Kristen says

    is your cute fabric 60″ wide? I am holding up some fabric that is 45″ and thinking my bum might be a little bigger than yours…

  10. 27

    Melissa says

    Oh this is FAB!!! Gorgeous & SO simple!!!! Omgdness!! Love live love it! I just found you off Pintrest, & I’m so glad I did!!!

  11. 28

    Lillie Jackson says

    I tried EVERY way in the world to find this fabric, I am in love with it! Couldn’t find it anywhere on Jo-anns. ):

  12. 30


    Yay I just made one of these – exciting!! I did cheat by turning it sideways and using the selvage as the bottom hem (no-sew hem – win!!) and attached it lower on a t-shirt, and it looks gorgeous. THanks for another fabulous tutorial! Love your work x

  13. 32

    Sarah says

    I too love the fabric and have found it at Joann’s. It’s on sale for $7.79 a yard! But call ahead and have them hold it for you, I went twice and both times they couldn’t find it.

  14. 33

    Kiar Shaw says

    Just wanted to let you know that you have started a revolution! Lol! I made this (with a black tank top, super cute) and then had to go back to the fabric store, and get some more fabric to send to my sister, who was dying over how gorgeous it is!
    The lady behind me at JoAnn’s was commenting on how pretty it was, and when I returned the next day to get more,and got very nervous when I couldn’t find it, the cutter was all, “oh yeah, that fabric is in the back. Some lady asked for us to hold it, she needed to find that Pin on Pinterest to know how much yardage she needs!” And when I was getting my sister’s cut, the lady behind me was gushing about how pretty the fabric was, and asking me what I was making with it.
    Hope you don’t mind all of us having copy cat dresses!!

  15. 34

    Krystal says

    I love this fabric!!! I found your post on pinterest and ran straight to the fabric store to find something like it never imagining I would find this but I did!! ya me!! mine is coming out a bit different just cuz I like to be original but I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 36

    Susan says

    I found fabric that looks like that on Joann’s web site. It is definitely something I want to make. So many maxis I have seen are sleeveless and I Need to cover my upper arms.

  17. 38

    Humairah says

    Ive got so many two yard pieces perfect for this! These are gonna boost my summer wardrobe up, just need to go t-shirt shopping! <3<3<3<3


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