Plum Harvest Tutorial


Do you need an Easter Dress but don’t want to fork out the sweet mola? Well good things come to those who wait! This pattern has been a loooooooonnnnnggggg time coming. Like, since last August long time. Wow. There are no words for how much of a slacker I have been when it comes to this dress!

But that is why Sew For Me Month is so wonderful! If I hadn’t teamed up with Kirsten and Jordan for the Sew For Me series I really wonder if this pattern would have ever been made. So here it is, finally, the Plum Harvest Dress.

I can’t get over how stinkin cute my little sister is. That was part of the problem with making this pattern, she is TINY. I had to pretty much completely remake the pattern for us normal sized people ha! In the end this pattern actually runs at about a size 10. I had to take it in a bit to fit me correctly so PLEASE keep that in mind when you make it. Tape all the pattern pieces together, cut them out and at least hold the pattern up to you for sizing. Don’t be afraid to trim off a good amount on the pattern on the “fold” side. There are also darts that will help you tailor the fit to you. I would like to say this dress is easy, but I have to be honest, it has funky sleeves and can be a bit tricky what with the SUPER long zipper. But if you are done making yourself run of the mill average sewer dresses and ready for a bit of a challenge then this one is for you! I would highly suggest making one out of cheaper fabric before you go cutting up that fabric your grandmother handed down to you (I would feel AWFUL if you did that and it didn’t turn out). Alright, now that I have officially terrified you ha!

Materials List

3 yards fabric (I like poplin, heavier cottons etc)

Optional silky lining for your skirt (about a yard)

1 long zipper (depending on your height, it should come from your shoulders down to your bum)

All your other sewing bibs and bobs

The Plum Harvest Dress Pattern

Yes, I spelled circumference incorrectly on one of the steps, what can I say, it is late and photoshop really ought to have spell check ha!

After you have taped together your pattern pieces make sure you cut them out and hold them up for a rough estimate. Again, you may need to cut a 1 to 2 inch strip off the “fold” on the front bodice and off the straight edge of the back bodice. 

You will need a “facing” for your dress that there is not a pattern piece for. This is just a long strip of fabric about 2 inches wide. You will determine the length later. There is also not a skirt pattern piece. This is because it is simply a rectangle made fitted at the top with darts. So lets cut that first. Measure your waist at the widest part ( I know super flattering right ha!) now measure down from right around your belly button to just above your knee. You now have your two measurements. Cut the skirt as wide as your first and as long as your second. I personally cut on the fold and then cut right down the center so I have two side seams. I know, this totally goes against the grain but in this case I think it makes the dress lay nicer and helps me line everything up by having the side seams. But you certainly don’t have to! In any event create your skirt by either sewing up the two side seams or the one back seam depending on how you cut it. If you are doing the one back seam do not sew all the way up. Make sure to leave an opening for your zipper, long enough that you can slip the skirt up on you. If you are sewing with the two side seams:

Once you have your skirt in a place where you can try it on, slide it on and mark where you need to make darts to bring it in. I had two in the front and two in the back. If you would like a lining (which I LOVE having) repeat this process with the lining fabric. Hem both lining and skirt. Once done slide the main skirt over the lining and baste stitch around the top so that you can now treat it as one piece and lay to the side for a moment.

You will need to cut a slit in your waistband ruffle in the same location as the slit you created for your zipper. Just make sure the sides are lined up correctly

Lay skirt aside

Now all you have to do is put in your zipper!!
That wasn’t all that bad was it?
I will try and get a picture of myself wearing mine at the Tulip Garden tomorrow :)
Hope you whip yourself up an easter dress!


  1. 2

    Rochelle says

    Holy cow! You are amazing and so so generous for creating a pattern and tutorial for us to use! Thank you so much! What hard work, seriously, I am impressed. Thank you.

  2. 3


    Well done, Kelly1 I was actually looking for this dress on your blog and I was sure you have published this pattern before. I am sooo donig this next week. Already have the perfect fabric! Thanks!

  3. 4


    This is completely AMAZING Kelly! I am so blown away, and so thrilled with the pattern size! Yeah, as a size 8 – this will be really simple to size down. SO DOING THE HAPPY DANCE RIGHT NOW! In the words of Charlie Sheen – You are a b&*%$ rock star from Mars! WOO HOO!

  4. 5


    I LOVE peplums, but being tall, they never hit me in the right place. You know, I have sewn masses of fully clothed waldorf dolls, and lots of outfits and costumes for my kids, but I am TOO CHICKEN to sew anything for myself! I’m always afraid of spending big money on great fabric, messing it up, and then I’d get stuck wearing an ugly dress because I don’t have the heart to pitch it, lol.

  5. 6


    This is the most adorable dress – if only a) I was a better seamstress and b) I wasn’t pregnant! Will definitely be saving this for the future. I see a LBD and holiday dresses in my future! Thank you!

  6. 7


    Gorgeous! I wouldn’t know how to size it down, sadly. :(
    Can you tell me where you took the awesome photos of your sister? Is that in Utah by chance?

  7. 8


    Peplums are coming back huh? Who’d have thought… no really, I just got rid of an 80s pattern for a dress with peplums because I was like that’s hideous. Andnow I come here and you actually make it look cute…..

  8. 9

    Hayley P says

    I would just like to say thank you! I love most all of the clothes you put on your blog, and I think it’s so incredibly nice and generous of you to offer so much for free! Thanks again, I can’t wait to try and sew this up.

  9. 13


    Too funny… I glanced at the pic of the girl in the dress and figured it was you; until I read the part where you said something about how cute your sister is. You girls sure do look a lot alike!
    Cute dress.. so sweet of you to share!

  10. 14


    What a beautiful dress!! Thank you for sharing the pattern and how to. I may work up enough courage to set in my first zipper. :)

  11. 15

    Erin L. says

    I can’t wait to make this dress! I have a fantastic dark green damask brocade fabric that I have been waiting to use on the right project and this is definitely it!

    Thanks so much for the pattern, with my bargain fabric, I’ll be saving ~$80 over this version: (which is insanely similar, although I think I like your version more! :) )

  12. 16

    laura says

    I tried to get the pattern but it says that I do not have access to see the folder. Do you know why that could be? Thanks :)


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