Lucky Penny Dress (JCrew kids knockoff)

Today I am bringing home the Lucky Penny tutorial. I had been wanting to make this dress FOREVER and a St. Patrick’s day themed shoot was just the kick in the bum I needed. Evie actually has this JCrew dress in a mauve color. She wore it in our family pictures last winter. But she has […]

Week According to Instagram

Screen shot 2012-04-24 at 11.12.16 PM

We have had an unbelievably busy week in the Crawford household. Lots of ups and a few downs 😉 Read to the end to find out why there has been a sudden halt in tutorials UP: Enjoying an FHE treat at Georgetown’s Baked and Wired The kids LOVED how huge the cupcakes were and the […]

spring swap!


Hi friends!  Elizabeth here.  Kelly and I are so excited to share this new project we can all participate in together! Have you participated in an online swap before? I signed up for a Christmas/Holiday handmade ornament swap a few years ago and it was a blast!  I liked it so much, I did it […]

“I immediately regret my decision”

Earlier this week the power was out at our home for eight loooooooong hours. The complex did a great job of trying to ease the stress of the situation by offering free hot dogs and hamburgers, soda, pop corn, a bounce house (which I am still wondering where the power for THAT was coming from), […]

Felt Bon Bons


The other night Chris and I were lucky enough to attend a dinner with Alum from his college. (We went HERE and it was yummy!) We arrived 20 minutes early (something that never happens) so we got to wander through one of my fav places to wander, the Container Store. Chris had never been. I […]

Dashing Diarmuld No Sew Felt Bow Ties


Last fall I sat in church next to one of my good friends and a little boy went running past trying to find his momma. He was wearing the cutest felt bowtie. We both gushed over it and I promised her we would totally make our boys ones because (as always) “we can totally make […]

Felt Week


I don’t think it is ANY secret that I am a big ‘ole fan of felt. Over the next week I am going to have some of my favorite felt tutorials You may say to yourself, “Kelly, all the good felt tutorials have already been done!” You might be right. But I promise if nothing […]

Video killed the blogger star

I am an extremely visual learner. For a long time I tried to teach myself several things by reading books, photography tips and tricks, photoshop and knitting etc. I failed miserably at all of them. Then I attended a photography workshop. My photography jumped a mile in three days. Then I took a photoshop workshop, […]

Jakes Boathouse


How was your weekend? We had planned on having family in town but unfortunately at the last moment plans changed. I still wanted to take the kiddos to some of the things we had planned and missing the first weekend of kayaking on the Potomac was not an option. We got a later start then […]

Under Pressure

I have been reading a lot of articles lately about the pressure on moms to be perfect. Then the past few days there has been this hail storm in the media with Hillary Rosen misstepping by saying Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life. This is not a political blog and I totally […]