Dashing Diarmuld No Sew Felt Bow Ties

Last fall I sat in church next to one of my good friends and a little boy went running past trying to find his momma. He was wearing the cutest felt bowtie. We both gushed over it and I promised her we would totally make our boys ones because (as always) “we can totally make that”. It’s not the can we but will I ever actually do it ha! More then six months later I went on a bowtie making marathon! Once I made one and saw how cute it was that was the end of it. I had to have one in every color. Then I had to take Finn, who was on spring break, and his buddies Jack and Thomas to the farm:

But before we go any further I have to explain the name for this post. Being Irish I LOVE Irish names.

Chris and I went with extremely American names for our kiddos (no qualms with this, love them all!) but I thought we would slip in a Cillian (Kill-ian) in there somewhere or maybe a Diarmuld (deer-mid).

I just love the meaning behind them. Diarmuld means “No Enemies” and was the name of early kings, legendary heroes & saints, pretty cool eh?

But Irish names come with the complete inability of almost anyone off the Emerald Isle being able to pronounce them. I remember laughing so hard (probably due to jet lag) hearing Chris’s wonderful sisters and mom trying to pronounce some of the city and street names on a trip to Ireland with me. There are just sooooooo many vowels :) But  I wanted to slip it in somewhere so here it is!

I will be offering “collections” of bow ties in the Etsy shop HERE.

Once they are sold out I will only be taking custom orders.

Anyway, I digress. Since I saw this bow tie originally on another child I am SURE there is another tutorial out there but this is how I make my particular felt or fabric remnant bow tie.

What you will need:

Long strip of Felt of your choice (Mine comes from a local shop in Sandy UT my sister literally is my supplier via paypal and the mail ha! Thanks Felicity!)

thin rectangle of same felt or coordinating felt (for the plaid bow tie I used twine and wrapped it around several times then glue in place)

Good places to look for quality felt in great colors; Heather Bailey Felt, Purl SOHONew York Felt

Hot Glue Gun and glue

Alligator clips of your choice


Jack was the cutest little model. When I would stop taking pictures of him and switch to Finn or Thomas as soon as I had taken a few he would say “My turn!”

Needless to say I would like to adopt him ha!

Thomas was a pretty good sport as well.

He had his bowtie clutched in his fist when we left home and then all the way to the farm. He wouldn’t let go until I asked him if I could put it on him. I think he is a fan

Finn was his usual “oh is my mom saying something to me?” self. Doin’ his own thing and hopefully I caught a smile now and again!

Unfortunatly chloe screamed (I mean SCREAMED) the entire time we were there. She was soooooooo exhausted. We had more than one older person stop us and tell us “why she was screaming”. Yes thank you very much, I suppose her head could be cold (um no she was sweating from screaming).

This is what happens when you become friends with me. Your kiddos get dragged to farms and asked to pose while you walk around with a baby screaming in a car seat and a little Evie who insists on shoveling fists full of dirt in her mouth

I am pretty sure that although Emily and her hubby had already decided they were good with two kiddos that day CEMENTED that decision ha!

I hope you break out the supplies I am betting you have on hand and make yourself some bowties! If you don’t feel like ordering cute felt, alligator clips and finding your glue gun hop on over to the Etsy Store and buy some. They come in cute wrapping I swear :)




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      admin says

      I sure wish! It is from Target :) It is Gwen Steffani’s line. I believe it is still available online 😉 It is even cuter in person ha!

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    Love these! I have four boys and my third doesn’t like the longer ties (or maybe he doesn’t notice the bow ties) who knows but I’ve been trying to accumulate more of them since he actually leaves them on at church and they don’t get lost in nursery! I can totally make more of these and I have left over felt from the baseball banners–woo hooo! Thanks! Four ties should be easy peasy lemon squeezie! :) Enjoying your blog (just found it today and it’s awesome!)

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    If her only choices were the carseat or the Bjorn, no wonder she was screaming :) There are so many better carriers out there than a Bjorn. Since you sew, why wouldn’t you make yourself a stretch pouch, ring sling, mei tai or wrap? Or even your own SSC? Better position than a Bjorn, more comfortable for you, and one of a kind! Sewing baby carriers was how I got started sewing. Took me several days to sew my first fleece pouch—ONE seam! LOL. Now they’re an easy, almost instant project. You could make awesome carriers!

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      She actually LOVES her bjorn. I have made myself several other carries but didn’t think I needed to mention an entire long list of the options she has which do include slings, several wraps an ergo and a baby hawk. Believe you me this girls got options :) She was just in NO mood to be out and about. Thankfully it only lasted 15 mins and as soon as we were driving she was out. It is funny that you mention this because I was going to share a tutorial for a carrier but thought there are so many other good ones out there mine would just be white noise :)

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    (It doesn’t say if comments take a while to be published, so I don’t know if my laptop swallowed my comment or not!).

    If her only choices were the carseat or that Bjorn, no wonder she was screaming! Since you can sew, why wouldn’t you make a one of a kind, much more comfortable, carrier? Pouch, ring sling, mei tai, wrap or soft structured carrier. They all have better baby positioning than a Bjorn, and are easier for you too. Some are VERY simple to sew; it’s how I started sewing, so I’m sure you could whip something up pretty quickly. Babywearing is an AWESOME way to combine sewing and parenting, esp. when you have more than one kid :)


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