Slim Pickins


Today was one of the last Strawberry pickin days of the season. I have been late to the game with this one. I LOVE picking strawberry’s. When we were living in the ‘Burg we would go to our favorite place several times to enjoy the ferry ride and the ice cream! This time things just […]

What’s in the Bag {Updated}


A loooooong time ago a did a post about what was in my camera bag. I still often receive emails about what camera/ lenses I use, so here it is my now overflowing camera bag  ha! All products are linked to examples of product. I by no means say you should by these ones just […]

The Big Apple


This weekend a friend of ours will be getting married in the Manhattan Temple. We are thrilled to be invited. While the hubby attends the actual ceremony I will be roaming around the city with the kiddos. Yup, four kiddos, one mommy. I figure it is good practice for what life will be like in […]

Lego Head T’s


All the moms out there with boys from the age of 4 on up you will want to do this next little project I promise! Well, that is if you have kiddos OBSESSED with lego’s like my boys are. They literally spend hours every day creating with them. They trade off between Ninjago and Star […]

Foreign Service Friday: Crazy Cairo


One of the main draws for Chris and I to the Foreign Service life was the chance to introduce our children to as many world cultures as possible. When Chris let me choose where we would go on a little getaway just by ourselves I immediately narrowed it down to Istanbul and Cairo. I have […]

My New Studio Set Up


Yesterday I got my new floor drop and and back drop and wanted to try it out on my own before I did an actual session. So even though chloe was crazy tired I thought she wouldn’t mind doing a few test shots…. um, she did mind, ALOT apparently. At first we had her sideways, […]



These past few weeks have gone like lightening. With an average of three sessions a week, TONS of school activities and lots of little trips planned I have been glad we got any sort of photo documenting of what our family has been up to ha! The craziness all started with Mormon prom. Elizabeth has […]

Evie and My Holga


This weekend the boys were off on an adventure (more on THAT later) so it was just me and the girlies! We had such a nice quiet weekend. Saturday morning I finally received some fabric I have been waiting for so I sat down and whipped up the Emmaline Maxi dress from our lovely sponsor […]


Screen shot 2012-05-20 at 8.43.27 PM

Okay so I literally just bought a new sewing machine about two months ago. Of course then singer comes out with this: How totally cool is this? Of course it is already sold out on Amazon. And who knows if it sews as wonderfully as it looks. The commericial for it is like a high […]

Junk Food Junkie

via pintrest Growing up my mom used to call me a junk food junkie. I LOVE horrible food. Not so much deep fried or anything like that. I can take or leave french fries and crisps, and I would rather not eat candy then eat the sugary stuff aka sweet tarts, nerds etc. My junk […]