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06.29.12Spring Swap The Parcels

By now I am reeeeeeealllllly hoping everyone has sent and received their spring swap items. I was lucky enough to receive some emails with pictures of packages people sent. It looks like there were a lot of good packages going all across the world!

Did ya’ll like this? Should we maybe do a fall one? Then I will be in Paris and someone will get an AWESOME care package ha!

Thank you to everyone who participated!



06.28.12Who Doesn’t Need A Swim Cap?

We heard of this great little place to go shelling on the Chesapeake bay called Flag Pond Park. Of course with my lil’ sis and her hubby here I was feeling adventurous so we planned a trip. Unfortunately Chloe came down with something super yucky. For three days straight she had a fever of 103. It kept spiking but the doctors kept pacifying us telling us it was a virus and while she had a very sore throat she didn’t have strep. She was suuuuuper snuggly and mainly just wanted to chill. The kids were getting restless though so we thought we could head to the beach since we were experiencing (momentarily) blissfully cool temps. For about two hours I held her and walked along the shore while the kids mauled Claire and Paul. During one of her brief awake periods I HAD to snap some pics in her new swimming get up.

I adore this little munchkin more then I can express. I honestly have been savoring every moment with her, drinking it up, snuggling like crazy. She is absolutely the favorite of her siblings. Sawyer is constantly telling me she is the cutest Crawford. Finn spends his days proposing to her and Evie can make her laugh like no one else. What a blessing she is!



PS Chloe’s eyes are completely un-enhanced. She has the most amazing eyes. We are often stopped by strangers who comment on it. The dark ring and bright blue center really are stunning and I sure hope she keeps them. Evie had blue eyes up until about 9 months and then they turned their lovely Hazel. They totally suit her personality just like I think these dazzling blue suit Chloe. Anyway just thought I would mention it in case you thought I got a little heavy handed with the dodge tool ha!

06.27.12Indigo-go romper: Color My Summer

I am over at KOJO Designs today sharing my “Color My Summer” Creation!

The “Color My Summer” series is one of my favorites. Kirsten and Jordan team up with Delia from Delia Creates for such a fun series. It always pushes me into creating something fun and new. Plus I LOVE all the inspiration I get from other contributors.

If you haven’t already you really need to check it out over at KOJO Designs and Delia Creates.

Hop on over to see how to make the Indigo-go romper



What we have been up to lately… according to the Pad or Pod :) 

Lastly one of my favorite pictures ever. Even if Finn is in jammies, I look a wreck, and we are standing in an old grave yard, I still luuuuuv it!

As a quick update, I followed the oft suggested by readers emeals and it has revolutionized our dinners (an my happiness about them ha!). Chloe is crawling and had her first big fall, yuk. Sawyer and Finn have had to say some really hard goodbyes lately. I think it is the number one worst thing about this job. It is fine when you are the one to leave but stinks when you are left. My sister and her awesome hubby are in town. The kids are in heaven. Especially Evie who would marry paul in a heart beat. The kids keep getting myself and my lil sister confused. It’s hilarious.

Hope all is well in your  neck of the woods!



06.21.12A Decade

Chris and I recently celebrated our ten year anniversary. TEN YEARS! This seemed crazy to me. But then when you look at all we have accomplished in ten years it feels like it should be closer to 20 ha! Of course we had to pull out the stops for this celebration and Chris did an amazing job planning it. A big thank you to my lovely friend Kerstin for minding all FOUR of the cuties for two days so we could enjoy ourselves! She deserves a medal, but instead she chose for me to redecorate her house, pretty sure that is a win win for me! Anyway, Chris and I are HUGE DC fans. We love this city like crazy. We decided to stay downtown and do some of the things we have been dying to do but the logistics of having four cuties in toe just hasn’t allowed us. The first of witch was taking a segway tour around DC.

Awwwwww yeah! We rolled in style around the nations Capitol and were the envy of every highshcool tour group

It was awesome! Thankfully we were super lucky and had a nice mild day. After a three hour tour we headed back to check into the hotel and get ready for dinner. Chris and I are devoted Marriotters and the JW in Downtown DC is pretty amazing.

We then headed to dinner where I ate myself sick.

Since we were celebrating they had the table all decorated and brought us some wine… which we exchanged for some “bubbly water” as Finn calls it. Chris and I are HUGE fans, though I understand most americans are not 😉

After gorging myself we headed to Georgetown to walk around… sans kids!!

It was so lovely to walk around and window shop… with like 25,000 other people ha!

The next morning we went to my favorite DC restaurant for Brunch

The first time we came here was right before we left for Timor and I had been dying to come back. It did not disappoint! I couldn’t decide so I ordered the carrot cake pancakes AND the oatmeal. Literally BIG mistake. Their portion sizes are gigantic! Ohhhhhh but it was good!

Perchance you ever go you have got to order their beignets! They are amazing!

After a long late breakfast we headed home to relieve Kerstin. I am so grateful for my amazingly kind, patient husband. I don’t know how I lucked out but I am thankful for every moment I have spent with him!



PS If you are ever in DC Memorial weekend it is “Rolling Thunder” when thousands of motorcyclist come into town. Quiet the site, wish the kids had seen it!