Basic Camera Strap & First Embellishment

Thanks everyone for being patient with my moving over old tutorials. I wish I could move over all your sweet comments as well. But at least now they are all in one place :)

I am so excited about this week! While I have enjoyed having a camera “cover” for a while I really wanted an actual strap. I decided it was high time I make myself one! Once I did I only regretted not doing it earlier!

First you need how to make the basic camera strap. All the camera straps this week are made with this method. I will link back to this tutorial as the base for each of the straps. Today I will also show the first strap of the week:

What is great about making your own is you can change it to fit your personal preferences. Do you like a wide super comfy strap? Or a thinner unassuming strap? You can make it however you want! I will give my measurements for a jumping off point and you can go from there!

What You Need

**You also need two yards webbing in color of your choice**

You can find the vinyl “remnant” or sample pieces in the section of your fabric store where the LARGE rolls of vinyl are on bolts. They will have cut up rectangles (in very random sizes) in a clear plastic pouch below the large roll. You will need four squares. I attempted to pay a quarter for mine telling the guy that I was taking a lot in various colors and that I would in fact use them for a project but he insisted they were free and he wouldn’t even know how to charge me. I mainly used white and turquoise but I did grab a few black and champagne color just in case :) You can find the fusible padding with the bolts of stabilizers and wonder web. Ours is located right next to the cut table. You only need a small strip unless you plan on making several. For my base fabric I just used a white cotton. You can use whatever your heart desires! Once you have your strips cut you need to attach the fusible padding to ONE of the wrong sides of your plain fabric strips following the instructions on the fusible padding. Once it is attached lay the two strips right sides together. Sew up both sides. Do not worry about sewing the ends. Once done turn right sides out and press. I like to then topstitch up both sides but I suppose this is optional (but it looks a lot better if you do ha!)

It is at this point that if you are attaching an embellishment that will run the length of your strap, you should attach it. I simply topstitched mine along the inside edge.

For the next step grab your vinyl remnant and some scissors. Again these bottom tabs can be adjusted to your preferance. Turns out I like mine a little larger. But you simply need to cut yours to match your straps width. For mine I cut a rectangle that was 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. Then to make your tab you:

Repeat this until you have four tabs of the same size and shape. I actually wouldn’t say fro the “middle of the side” as I mentioned above. I would say about 60% of the way down ha! You may need to stack them and trim them. No biggie :)

I like to attach my long webbing BEFORE I attach the tab to the camera. I purchased my white thin webbing in the trims section of Joann’s. I used a 40% coupon and just bought the entire reel since I knew I would be using it. I stitched a reinforcement zig zag stitch down the middle. You do not have to do this. I don’t really know why I felt the need to. Maybe I am just nervous about my camera hanging from something I made ha! I used my original Canon camera webbing as a guide on how long to cut the new webbing. Once that is done you are ready to attach them to the tabs.

Now you can slide the main strap in between the two tab pieces and finish top stitching around. Make sure you get a nice “chunk” of the main strap in there and sew over it several times. You do NOT want your strap breaking and your camera crashing to the ground.

I actually modge podged the ends of my webbing in the end and this worked perfectly! I let it sit over night and it was nice and rock hard the next morning. Making it MUCH easier to thread through you camera. As far as hardware goes. I used the links etc that came with my canon strap. You can however purchase the thread loops in the same section where you purchase notions for making Bra’s. I don’t know how sturdy they are but the look pretty similar :) I also have found sets on

Thanks to my wonderful friend Dasha for letting me drag her out for pictures! Your the best!




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    I love this camera strap, you did a beautiful job!!!! I think the only part I am a little confused about is when one picture goes from white “vinyl” to turquoise “vinyl” … did you use both white and turquoise? And to me, vinyl is like a shiny table mat type material, is that the same as this? And my last question, what is the purpose of the vinyl?? Just extra reinforcement? Thank you sooo much for any help, your pictures are making me want to make dozens of these!!



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