Camera Strap 2: Blinged In

I knew I wanted a fun funky camera strap for when I would photograph parties and friend get togethers. I immediately thought gold sequins but then when I headed to the store and looked a them they were just so…. sequiny ha! I wanted them to be more “dull” and less “look at me I am wearing a sequin camera strap!!” That is when inspiration struck and I created the “Blinged In” camera strap.

The sequins are much more matte and hardly reflective on the strap. Just what I was going for!

This is soooo easy and might be my favorite as it is cute but understated. Once you have made your Basic Camera Strap all you need to do is cut a length of sequin (found in the trimmings section). I purchased a yard as I knew I would use the extra for a project later in the week. It will be stretchy, thats totally okay. You will also need 1/4 a yard of Wonder Web and a hot iron. Cut the wonder web and place on your blank camera strap. When it is at this stage:

Lay your strip of sequins on top of the wonder web. Now grab and hand towel that you have run under the faucet and rung out. Lay this on top of the sequins. Press your hot iron onto the top portion of the strap. Leave for a few seconds (8-10) then slowly lift and press further down on the strap again leaving for 8-10 seconds. Continue until all your sequins are attached to the strap. They will be slightly melted together. But don’t leave your iron on them for too long or they will TOTALLY melt together and we don’t want that :) Now continue on with the rest of the Basic Camera strap steps until you have your finished product




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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your straps!! I have my own blog, refurbishedteacher, which is a mommy blog. I have recently been starting to book small photography jobs on the side and feature a few of my photos. ( I am working on a flickr batch right now). I would love to share your strap with my readers! Would you be interested in sharing a strap for me to review and or raffle away? Or a merchandise swap? ( I sell wet bags on etsy- follow my etsy link on my blog). Let me know! All the best..


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