Camera Strap Round Up

I hope ya’ll enjoyed Camera Strap week. Though by the lack of comments I am thinking not ha! Just so all the links are in one place here are all the straps made and links to the tutorials. These are all made with the Basic Camera Strap as a base.

In Bloom  Bow Peep   Blinged In  Frosted wristlet   Gilded Strap


I hope there are lots of cute straps being whipped up out there. I was going to do a surprise giveaway and choose one reader who left a comment to let them select their favorite strap and I would send it to them. But seen as there didn’t seem to be any overwhelming interest in the straps I am thinking it is back to the drawing board ha!





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    I enjoyed them all. I didn’t comment but I will definitely use this tutorial at some point to make a strap. Although, I’ll probably have to make it a little more manly since my husband and I share the camera. :) Keep it up! You do great work!

  2. 3

    Connie says

    I’d love to get the wrist strap for a dear photographer friend of mine. She doesn’t like the neck straps, but always uses a wrist one. And the frosted, sparkly look is just her style. Thanks for putting so much work into your posts! :-)

  3. 4


    are you kidding – I love these!! I am for sure going to make myself one – I never thought to make the whole strap, but the covers are always so cumbersome, I love knowing I can do without a cover. I love that first one and the bling one the most, but they’re all cute – great job!!

  4. 9

    Emily says

    I think the models are quite lovely. Is Dasha holding the camera, or is it floating on air? If a camera strap can do that, sign me up!
    I love the colors of the first one, and the beauty of the lace one.
    Kelly, you are awesome!

  5. 10

    Leah B. says

    I really liked the series. I came back every day to see what the next version would be. I will totally make my own strap thanks so much for the series. Sorry I am never good at leaving comments.

  6. 11

    Fawn says

    I am so sorry I did not leave a comment. I have been loving your straps. In fact, my mother-in-laws birthday is this weekend and I am off to the store today to get supplies. THank you!

  7. 12


    i think everyone is in summer mode ~ kids are home from school for the summer & we’re busy with the kids…
    i like the sequin & lace camera straps :)

  8. 15

    Sarah says

    I enjoyed your tuts! I have multiple friends, as well as myself, who have SLR cameras….guess what people will be getting for birthdays! :)

  9. 17


    I hopped on over from Ucreate when I saw your lovely camera straps. I am in need of one as I have the original Canon strap that came with my camera a few years back. I could use a fresh, pretty one so I am going to give this a go. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work!

  10. 18

    Brianna says

    I think the straps are great! I like the diferent choices, it gives me ideas to personalize my own. I think the only thing that would stop me from making my own strap would be the worry that my stitching would break one day and send my precious camera flying. But hopefully I’ll get over that. (And I LOVE the watermarks on the photos)

  11. 20


    Your camera straps are fantastic! I have been scheming to make one for my sister, or maybe revise them into lanyards! Don’t give up:)

  12. 21


    I love your camera straps. I was always excited when I saw a new tutorial pop up. They are gorgeous and as soon as I have a camera of my own (my dad probably won’t enjoy a sequined camera strap) I will make them all. Really I couldn’t decide which one is the best.
    Greetings from Germany

  13. 23

    Rocio says


    To my defense I was on vacation (Riviera Maya!) and I’m now catching up on your blog! I love all the camera straps especially the “Blinged In” and “Frosted Wrislet”! I also like the “Bow Peep” and will probably try it with a smaller bow. I love your tuts and pics…and those lil muchkins of course!!!

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