Retro Laundromat Shoot


Amid all the craziness that has been the past two weeks I HAD HAD HAD to do something that I wanted to do. I was sewing and taking pictures none stop but I had this idea in the back of my head and just couldn’t push it away. It all started when with returning a […]

Bubble Necklace winner


Thanks to everyone who participated! The winner of the bubble necklace is commenter number 27 per Taylor Jones: “Done and Done! Thanks for the opportunity!” ¬†Congrats Taylor! I will email you with the details! Now, becuase no post should have no pictures I thought I could sneak in a few of my favorites from […]

The Orchard


I often find myself in a dilemma with my photography clients. They see the pictures on my blog or website and want “that” but then when it comes time to pick a location or talk about a theme they suddenly hedge their bets and go with the safe average family pictures. I often worry that […]

Bubble Necklace giveaway {CLOSED}


Thanks so much for the sweet words about Evie’s party. Just as a quick side note my sweater is from JCrew and I am pretty sure it is on final sale right now (bummer for me, good for you ha!) The bubble necklace I was wearing is also available from JCrew HERE, for a whopping […]

Evie’s Pony Party


We celebrated Evie’s birthday this week! She really wanted a pony party. I decided to bring pony’s in subtly and play up her love of the color purple more. It was a challenge to get our small apt. with standard State Dept furniture looking cute but I tried my darndest. I totally forgot to take […]

It’s Been A Long Time & Vintage Romper Pics


So, how’ve you been? I hope you all have had a fantastic past two weeks. Ours is full of crazy adventures aka, five days with out power due to a horrendous storm, a whirlwind trip to Williamsburg to spend some much needed time with family and then my solid week of sewing an insane amount […]

Chalk Board Jam Jar Sippies


On memorial day we had a yummy BBQ in the afternoon pre-memorial day craziness (people were sprawled all over the BBQ’s in the evening). I wanted to make some cute jam jar drink holders like I had seen somewhere (etsy, martha, who knows really). I decided to mini-fy them since I didn’t want the kiddo’s […]