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07.28.12Retro Laundromat Shoot

Amid all the craziness that has been the past two weeks I HAD HAD HAD to do something that I wanted to do. I was sewing and taking pictures none stop but I had this idea in the back of my head and just couldn’t push it away. It all started when with returning a red box. We went to one down the street from our house across the main street into what Chris and I lovingly refer to as the “ghetto” Falls Church. I hopped out, inserted the disc, and while waiting for it to tell me I was done glanced over at the completely run down, oh so hideous laundromat that was in front of me. “Oh-my-gosh!” I ran back into the car looked at Chris and said “wouldn’t that be the coolest place for a photo shoot?” Ever so slight eye roll followed by chuckled “Sure!” Me: “I could have a couple and they could be doing laundry together and then push each other around in the carts and throw towels? It would be so cute!” Chris:” It would be even cuter if you did it with kids.” Oh my goodness does this man knows me! After hunting down some wardrobe items, a vintage laundrey bucket and having the most wonderful little models EVER (Finn and his gorgeous friend Emma) I am totally in LOVE with this photo shoot and the images that came from it. I hope you also enjoy!

























07.26.12Bubble Necklace winner

Thanks to everyone who participated! The winner of the bubble necklace is commenter number 27 per

Taylor Jones: “Done and Done! Thanks for the opportunity!”  Congrats Taylor! I will email you with the details!

Now, becuase no post should have no pictures I thought I could sneak in a few of my favorites from a few sessions lately, you know just some eye candy.


Lots of cute kiddos lately! I also forced Sawyer to take a picture for me since I never got around to taking his 6 year pictures (no worries we are having our very own family session next week before we leave and I will get some then :))
I can’t believe how big he is getting! First grade in a few weeks? Ahhhh! How do you stop time exactly?
PS floor and back drop from Lemon Drop Stop
PPS. Pull back of my tiny apt. set up as a studio thanks to instagram:

07.24.12The Orchard

I often find myself in a dilemma with my photography clients. They see the pictures on my blog or website and want “that” but then when it comes time to pick a location or talk about a theme they suddenly hedge their bets and go with the safe average family pictures. I often worry that while they get a lovely set of pictures they are disappointed that they don’t look like “that”. I was thinking about this today as I walked through the most gorgeous orchard with two of my very best girl friends. It was a breathtaking back ground and I found myself wishing I could get a family out here. One that would be all over doing running, jumping and climbing shots. I guess what I am saying is if you are thinking about your christmas card photos already (um, yes I am) push the limit. Let your photographer plan something spectacular and go with it. As soon as I mention driving 45 minutes to get to a fabulous background I can see the air taken out of most families sails. But honestly you are going to get out of it what you are willing to put into it. For now I will have to be content with the candids I got to take today. I wish I could say the kids loved it. I joked with my lovely friend Dasha on the drive home that as I got everything ready to come peach picking I had these blissful thoughts of our children running through the orchard together, their giggles being carried to our ears over the wind, us moms sitting on our blankets soaking in the views and chatting about this or that. After hours of playing hide and seek and eating juicey peaches we would have to tear the away and would drive home with them exhausted and sleeping from a fantastic afternoon. We died laughing as we talked about our “hopes” for the afternoon and the stark reality. After ten minutes it was not giggles that met our ears but a chorus of whines “its hot”, “carry me”, “I want to go home” on and on and on. What is fun about being a photographer though is you can play tricks and make the most short lived trip to an orchard look a lot more fun then it was ha! Well, except for the shot of Evie at the end. That is pretty much how she felt right there on her face.

(My fav from the day, if Dasha was holding Kaitlyn instead of Chloe it would be perfect ha!)

It was a bitter sweet day. Dasha and her lovely girls leave for Bulgaria tomorrow. You would think it would get easier saying good bye to amazing friends. I know it is coming. From the second I make friends I know I will have to say good bye to them eventually. But it doesn’t. It never gets easier. Thank heavens for blogs, instagram and facebook or I don’t know what I would do. So here is to meeting in Croatia my lovely friend! We will miss you!



07.23.12Bubble Necklace giveaway {CLOSED}

Thanks so much for the sweet words about Evie’s party. Just as a quick side note my sweater is from JCrew and I am pretty sure it is on final sale right now (bummer for me, good for you ha!) The bubble necklace I was wearing is also available from JCrew HERE, for a whopping $150.00. OR you could enter the giveaway here today from GroopDealz for a free one!

I kind of dig number 7 myself. That pink is awesome! I seriously wish I had known about this deal before I purchased mine. I have both a turquoise and yellow and wear them pretty much everyday. Chloe is absolutely crazy about them ha! All you need to do to enter is like GroopDealz on Facebook HERE and join the fun HERE. Even if you don’t win you can certainly pick one up for what, 1/70th the cost of JCrew? Once you have liked and joined leave a comment letting me know and you will be entered! This giveaway will end Wednesday July 25th.

Good luck!



07.21.12Evie’s Pony Party

We celebrated Evie’s birthday this week! She really wanted a pony party. I decided to bring pony’s in subtly and play up her love of the color purple more. It was a challenge to get our small apt. with standard State Dept furniture looking cute but I tried my darndest. I totally forgot to take a pic of the lights with my normal camera. Finn kept saying it looked like Christmas ha!

Unfortunately even after a nap Evie was in a super grumpy mood and it took a lot of coaxing to get her to enjoy everything. We started out slow in an effort to ease her into a party mood with some pony page coloring

Then we moved on to pin the tail on the inflatable donkey. It was pretty hilarious looking but the cuties liked that they could do it over and over.

When they became bored with that we moved on to my kids favorite party game which we learned from our friends from Australia, Pass the Parcel

Sawyer in particular loves this game even though I warned him that every layer held a girly surprise

Then it was snack and cake time!

The kids totally dug the PB&J.

I should have done more strawberry milk. It was a bigger hit then I thought it would be. After none of the kids drank the “green” milk from St. Patties day I was leery of all colored milk ha!

The cake is pretty funny. I was originally going for something like THIS but I put the wrong tip in the icing bag and started icing. While I did this Evie  started falling apart begging for a drink while Chloe simultaneously starting sobbing while holding onto my leg at which point the thought of scraping it off and starting over was to much so I just went with it.

Evie was a little afraid of the sparkler candles

and instead of blowing them out just let them burn out.

  If they didn’t like cake they could have ice cream with sprinkles. I was surprised how many cuties chose this.

Evie was pretty excited to open her gifts. She especially loved her new umbrella

When it was time to go the attendees got to take home a little pony jar of treats

And little box’s with a mini my little pony inside

It was a good thing it was a shorter party because Evie really took a turn for the worse shortly after it ended. So it was an early bed time for the birthday girl! Thanks to Elizabeth for taking some of the shots. It is odd seeing myself ha!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!