Anthropologie Scarf (Repost)

This project is so easy you will just die. I swear, sooooo easy. I have been waiting for this scarf to become available.

I love it, but really wanted to have it for Rome. I thought I might be able to make something that looks as good so I gave it a go and honestly, I love it! (My fabric is totally grey but because I did pics at 10pm at night with awesome lamp light it looks green).
I will also teach how to make the little fabric covered balls to sew on but do not have the correct beads to do it, so, it will be a walk through without pics, I hope thats okay.

What you need:


(Ignore the flower that is just there for aesthetics… I really think it adds something to the picture don’t you? HA! Totally being sarcastic)

A long strip of fabric (Mine was 10 inches wide and 2 yards long)

Sewing Machine
Beads with LARGE threading holes (you can find these at craft stores, I used to have a bunch but used them all up making fabric necklaces for christmas last year)
Needle and thread
Jersey flowers (There are lots of tutorials for these floating around the crafty blog world)
Take your long strip of fabric and hem up the edge using a gathering stitch.
Repeat on the other side. Now sew a gathering stitch straight down the middle.
Finish off the ends of the scarf. Take your jersey flowers and attach them in a location you like.
(I made Evie a khaki green one and loved how this little grey flower turned out for it)
I attached three flowers about 1/4 from the bottom.
If you would like to have fabric balls like the one I wanted to copy here is how you do it:
Using some scraps of fabric create long enough and wide enough strips to go around the bead, folding over the ends so that they are not raw. You are going to paint your beads with glue. Then take the strip of fabric and wrap it around making sure the ends are folded. Using a knitting needle, pen, seam ripper etc you are going to shove the side seams into the hole in the bead on either side. The holes in my beads were tiny but I swear I gave it a valiant effort but look at the size of the holes on the beads I have:
Once this is done you can do a top coat of glue, or modge podge to seal it if you think it might come out. Once done you can sew it onto your scarf wherever you like!
See I told you!! SOOOOOO easy. It honestly looks just like the one my friend has from Anthropologie that I drool over and she paid 40 bucks for hers. Mine? 1.80! Woo hoo!
My hubby took that pic at around 10pm after I had finished a LONG day of showing Mercy visitors around the island (for the 8 day in a row) and I was so tired. He was cute and tried to cheer me up by spouting out Zoolander lines. Him growling like a tiger did crack me up
When I where it for real I think I will have the flowers rest a little higher up… anyway. Hope you have a fun easy time making it!


  1. 1


    I just have to say that I seriously LOVE your scarf knock off! I think it’s actually a lot cuter than the one which inspired this! I wanted to let you know that I will be sharing a link to this tutorial in a post I will have up tomorrow about scarves! Thank you for sharing this tutorial! Be sure to come by and check out the post!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. 3

    Shirley says

    I found this thru a link on Cheap Crafty Mama and think your scarf turned out gorgeous! I am curious as to what kind of fabric you used? I am new to sewing with anything other than flannel, denim, or knit.

  3. 4

    Denise says

    I too am wondering what kind of fabric you used. I sew a fair amount and know I need a light weight fabric, but yours looks gorgeous and I would love to know what you used. Thanks!

  4. 5

    Ashley says

    I’ve been looking for tutorials on making fabric flowers for the scarf, but i haven’t seen any quite like yours…I really like the open rose sort of look it has! I want to find somewhere that has a how-to for your type of flower…

  5. 6

    Cheryl says

    Love it! I made the scarf and used the recommended 2 yards and set my tension at 7 and a a long 5 stitch. It was not long enough to double wrap like in the picture. The gatering looked the same to me but not nearly enough wrap to it. Curious how long your final product was. Thanks I hope to make a few of these for Christmas gifts,


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