{personal} Big Apple Circus


Tonight we went as a family (and friends) to the Big Apple Circus. I actually have never been to the circus myself so I was just as (maybe more) excited as the kids! It did not disappoint, well, except for Finn who announced “The Circus ALWAYS has elephants” just before walking in. This particular circus […]

{photography} Build Your Own Backdrop


While I am a natural light photographer 75% of the time when I do use my studio set up I want to make sure I have fun backdrops. You may be asking what this has to do with you. You might not be a photographer. BUT if you have ever wanted to take “progression” photos […]

{personal} Exploring Space


Today Chris and I only had class in the morning yay! The kiddos also had early day so we decided we didn’t want to waste a free afternoon so we blew off the girls naps and headed down town to the air and space museum. Finn had come with Chris before on one of their […]

The tête-á-tête is over


Today I only had French class in the afternoon This was perfect since I needed to get ready for a newborn shoot I had that evening. Evie was a great helper while I moved furniture, arranged back drops etc while Chloe was a champ and napped. She was even good enough to be my little […]

A Picture, A Paragraph


This weekend we traveled to Charlottesville for a bit of family time. We met my little sister and brother in law at Monticello and then went apple picking (aka mormon mardi gras, anyone see SNL?) at my favorite orchard EVER. As we hiked up the side of the mountains above Charlottesville I thought about how […]

Masks and Swings


Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about going to a Masquerade. I think this is partly due to my dad taking me to see Phantom of the Opera before I was double digits and LOVING the masquerade portion. I mean who doesn’t want to get over the top gussied up and have […]

Craziness in the world


 I thought I would just pop in to check in. With all that has been happening currently at Embassy’s around the world I just thought I should mention how absolutely stunned Christopher and I are at the events in Libya. Chris has a close friend at the mission in Libya and there were some tense […]

One of THOSE days


Have you ever had one of those days when you keep thinking to yourself “Really? Like, seriously?” I don’t even know who I am asking that to but things just keep happening that make me think I just need to go back to bed and start over. Saturday was one of those days. It started […]

Down in the Bayou..


Okay so actually I was in Shreveport which is no where near the bayou, but I can pretend ha! I had such a great time working with and learning from Hunter Leone. It was a private mentoring session so I was floored at how much work he put into the shoot. The preparation and creation […]