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10.31.12{photography) The Girls With The Black Ribbon

I will get back to my christmas outfit inspirations shortly but I have had this post planned for a while and wanted to make sure I got it up, hurricane Sandy or not :)

Growing up there were a few short stories that I was completely fascinated with. Scary stories, or at least scary to me at the young age. They were never overly gory and never really involved villains. It was more psychological. Watcher in the Woods and another that I have been trying to find for years where all I can really remember is it involved a doll and a corner of a garden (prize to anyone who knows what I am talking about). As I got older and began my love of literature it stayed with me and showed up in my really enjoying short stories like The Yellow Wallpaper and The Lottery (which I swear to you is the inspiration behind the Hunger Games). The Girl With The Velvet Ribbon is hands down in my top ten childhood creepy story favorites. When I originally discussed doing a shoot with this theme with my hubby I wanted to have a young married couple as the main characters but then I thought it would be cool to do a progression shoot, one session when the two “lovers” are young and one when they are older. Unfortunately with schedules, hurricanes and general craziness I could only fit in the younger session. So here is Sawyer with one of his lovely friends from Timor, Carmen, as the girl with the black ribbon. They announced they would be good for me for ten minutes and I kid you not we made it on the dot ha! And since it is a quick read and many of you may not know it here is the tale: 



10.22.12{personal} Sneaking to the ‘Burg

We snuck off to Williamsburg this weekend to have some much needed catch up time with some very dear friends, check on the house one last time and stuff in some photography :) It was lovely. While going through the pics I took, this one struck me for  some reason. It isn’t anything particularly great but sadly enough I don’t have to many of all four kiddos together. I don’t know why but I suddenly thought “oh my goodness, they are all four mine!” So little, so close in age no wonder people sometimes look at us like we are a sideshow ha! Has that ever happened? You see a picture and you think, woah wait, that is what it looks like from the outside? Sure glad I am on the inside of this bunch ’cause they are my favorite group of crazies!

Hope your weekend was lovely! I will be sharing my final Christmas Card inspiration board tomorrow, and per a reader request it will be inspired by Paris!



PS. This little lady was a HUGE Daddies girl this weekend. I am not going to lie it was heaven ha!

10.12.12Happy Happy Birthday!

We have had a few birthdays around here! I am going to go a bit backwards and celebrate chloe’s first. Oh my gosh. Has it seriously been a year? Was our family seriously living in the Marriott hotel a year ago? Wow, time literally flies.

The night serendipitously landed on the same night as our Chick-Fil-A’s Daddy Daughter Date night so Daddy got to take both girls to dinner.

Evie loved the cow (though it doesn’t show in this pic ha!) Chloe was terrified!

A few days previously we had talked about starting to introduce Chloe to milk now that she is one. We already thought she might lean towards intolerance because of the experiences we have previously had with ice cream :) Daddy had a brief lapse in judgement though and let her drink an entire little milk chug of chocolate milk at dinner.

It was as he told me this that Chloe proceeded to barf up the entire bottle of milk she had drank all over Chris and our kitchen. Yeah…. so no cake for Chloe that night ha! We decided to give her a day to let her poor tummy recover before having cake.

Then we went with a light white cake with raspberry filling instead of my usual choice: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

I think she totally dug it!

I think it is fair to say that Chloe is EVERYONE in our families favorite right now. Her siblings all adore her and fight over her attention. She is as firey as her older sister, which I absolutely adore. As I am sure most fourth children are, she is tough and holds her own. She gives darling snuggles and kisses already. I am pretty excited to watch her grow and explore in Paris!



PS We have like 3/4 of that cake left so if you have a hankering come on over ha!

10.08.12{photography} Let the Christmas card saga begin

This last week while sitting in French class I was thinking about how much I love stop motion photography. My thoughts then moved to our christmas card and how much I did not want to do the same ole same ole Christmas card. I thought how cool it would be to do a stop motion christmas card. Then I reigned in my idea and thought “I would love to do a chalk scene and have our family lay on it”. I have seen this with little kids all over the place but never with an entire family (not that it isn’t out there, I just haven’t seen it). After class I shot a text to Elizabeth that started with “stay with me”. Then I described what I wanted to do. I asked if she would take the pics for me and if she wanted to do her family at the same time. It makes all the effort more more worth it when you get two for the price of one. We both decided not to buy any new outfits and just shop in our closet. We both already had chalk and E had a great driveway to use. We decided to go with a city scape drawn in chalk and stars and a moon E cut out of poster paper. I pretty much love the end product for the Moon family:

Then we decided to do a floating in the sky version:

Unfortunately our kiddos were in NO mood to be laying on the ground. Chloe refused to lay anywhere and is sobbing in pretty much every frame ha! I am hoping we will try it again before I have to mock up my christmas cards!



10.05.12{personal} Day Of Service

This last weekend our church participated in a day of service along with several other churches and charitable organizations. Our goal was to stuff the cupboards of some shelters with food and collect lots of warm clothing and other essentials. It was an amazing experience and I am so impressed with the organization and execution. I was asked to take some pictures of our little part. It was so heart warming seeing even the smallest members of our congregation packing little lunches for those in need. It brings to mind “be the change you want to see”. What better way to create a beautiful loving world then starting our children serving others as young as possible 😉

These are “my” girls. Until recently I was their sunday school teacher. I just love them to pieces. Such smart amazing young ladies!

Don’t you just love that burst of energy you get after spending a day thinking about everyone but yourself! Pretty sure I went home and used my energy to clean our home top to bottom ha!

Hope you are having a lovely week! That looooong weekend is so close!