{photography) The Girls With The Black Ribbon


I will get back to my christmas outfit inspirations shortly but I have had this post planned for a while and wanted to make sure I got it up, hurricane Sandy or not Growing up there were a few short stories that I was completely fascinated with. Scary stories, or at least scary to me […]

{personal} Sneaking to the ‘Burg


We snuck off to Williamsburg this weekend to have some much needed catch up time with some very dear friends, check on the house one last time and stuff in some photography It was lovely. While going through the pics I took, this one struck me for  some reason. It isn’t anything particularly great but […]

Happy Happy Birthday!


We have had a few birthdays around here! I am going to go a bit backwards and celebrate chloe’s first. Oh my gosh. Has it seriously been a year? Was our family seriously living in the Marriott hotel a year ago? Wow, time literally flies. The night serendipitously landed on the same night as our […]

{photography} Let the Christmas card saga begin


This last week while sitting in French class I was thinking about how much I love stop motion photography. My thoughts then moved to our christmas card and how much I did not want to do the same ole same ole Christmas card. I thought how cool it would be to do a stop motion […]

{personal} Day Of Service


This last weekend our church participated in a day of service along with several other churches and charitable organizations. Our goal was to stuff the cupboards of some shelters with food and collect lots of warm clothing and other essentials. It was an amazing experience and I am so impressed with the organization and execution. […]

{personal} Picture Day


Today was picture day at the boys school. This is always an interesting day for me. Since I so often take the boys pictures I kinda groan when I get the paper in their folder. Plus these prices they charge parents are outrageous! BUT come on, you can’t NOT get a school picture, and if […]

{personal} The Art of Video Games


This past month the American Art Museum held a fantastic exhibit called “The Art of Video Games” with a name like that how could we NOT take the kids? We had so much fun! First off the museum itself is gorgeous. The atrium is positively breath taking. In the atrium they had every type of […]