{personal} Sneaking to the ‘Burg

We snuck off to Williamsburg this weekend to have some much needed catch up time with some very dear friends, check on the house one last time and stuff in some photography :) It was lovely. While going through the pics I took, this one struck me for  some reason. It isn’t anything particularly great but sadly enough I don’t have to many of all four kiddos together. I don’t know why but I suddenly thought “oh my goodness, they are all four mine!” So little, so close in age no wonder people sometimes look at us like we are a sideshow ha! Has that ever happened? You see a picture and you think, woah wait, that is what it looks like from the outside? Sure glad I am on the inside of this bunch ’cause they are my favorite group of crazies!

Hope your weekend was lovely! I will be sharing my final Christmas Card inspiration board tomorrow, and per a reader request it will be inspired by Paris!



PS. This little lady was a HUGE Daddies girl this weekend. I am not going to lie it was heaven ha!


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    These are the cutest pictures! I love how the kids are together in the first picture and the second picture with your little one sucking her thumb is precious. Her little shirt dress is too cute! Did you make it for her? It really is too darling :)

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    Yep, know that feeling… years ago when we had just 3 I was tending a neighbors 2 kids and we stopped quickly at the local drugstore… with 5 kids in tow, the gal at the check out was asking me if they were “all” mine… and I told her only part of the time… feeling pretty good about myself until… my daughter walked thru one of those alarm doors!!! LoL… I turned red, and daughter turned white… After that, we only went shopping when I had dropped off the oldest to Kindergarten! Oh, did I not say that they were all 5 and under?

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    Gayle Skophammer says

    First -I apologize for being a tad simple minded –
    I am doing your LADIES APRON (I love it) and I am having a hard time putting the pattern pieces D, E and F in their proper places.
    Could you please help me?

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    Laura Sutherland says

    I love this picture of your kids! No you can’t see their faces, but the relationship between them is so apparent and strong. Thats what you get for having kids so close together, they actually like each other, gasp! (well mostly, when no one is watching).

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