{photography) The Girls With The Black Ribbon

I will get back to my christmas outfit inspirations shortly but I have had this post planned for a while and wanted to make sure I got it up, hurricane Sandy or not :)

Growing up there were a few short stories that I was completely fascinated with. Scary stories, or at least scary to me at the young age. They were never overly gory and never really involved villains. It was more psychological. Watcher in the Woods and another that I have been trying to find for years where all I can really remember is it involved a doll and a corner of a garden (prize to anyone who knows what I am talking about). As I got older and began my love of literature it stayed with me and showed up in my really enjoying short stories like The Yellow Wallpaper and The Lottery (which I swear to you is the inspiration behind the Hunger Games). The Girl With The Velvet Ribbon is hands down in my top ten childhood creepy story favorites. When I originally discussed doing a shoot with this theme with my hubby I wanted to have a young married couple as the main characters but then I thought it would be cool to do a progression shoot, one session when the two “lovers” are young and one when they are older. Unfortunately with schedules, hurricanes and general craziness I could only fit in the younger session. So here is Sawyer with one of his lovely friends from Timor, Carmen, as the girl with the black ribbon. They announced they would be good for me for ten minutes and I kid you not we made it on the dot ha! And since it is a quick read and many of you may not know it here is the tale: 




  1. 1


    What a delightfully creepy story! The kind that would have given me nightmares as a kid. I can see why you love it so much :)
    It’s too bad you didn’t get to do your older couple shot but the kids look great in these photos anyway :)

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    Emily Gean says

    I love scary short stories! This photo shoot is to die die for! They are perfect, the pictures and the kids. Kelly, you are such an artist.

  3. 3

    Sheraanne says

    I totally agree about the Lottery and the Hunger Games … that was my first thought when I read the books!

  4. 4

    ira lee says

    i remember being HORRIFIED at ‘the lottery’ while i was in 7th grade! i had forgotton about that story until now! i wish i could remember the name of the book that totally creeped me out when i was in about 5th grade. about a girl who outgrew her dollhouse and stopped playing with them. one day she woke up IN the dollhouse and it was torture!!! it was right when i was getting kinda tired of barbies and dolls, so it made it extra creepy. i think its the nostalgia of being young and having a full imaginiation that makes these stories such a distinct part of childhood! love this photo shoot and the story!!!

  5. 6


    I swear I remember reading the book about the doll and the garden, I wish I could remember what it was called! There was another where a ghost girl (and a doll?) was trying to lure this girl into a lake to drown her and I remember it being seductively creepy…

    Anyway, lovely shoot!!

  6. 8


    My kids and I were talking last weekend about scary stories and that is the one that came to mind from my childhood! I thought it was so creepy as a kid! I love your photo shoot! It is beautiful and a little eerie! Your posts are always so visually inspiring!

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