{personal} NY NY

This up coming Friday I am going to start back up my Foreign Service Friday posts and talk about our move/pack out experience and getting ready for the flights etc. So for now I am going to skip over that and go right to our brief stint in NYC Christopher needed to do some work […]

{personal} Happy Halloween… at least it’s before December?


I love halloween. Mainly because it means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming but also because it isn’t freezing yet (well it was this year but in my day dreams), all the yummy smelling candles come out along with my sweaters and boots. Don’t get me started on my love of Fall clothing. This year we […]

{personal} catch up, not the kind you put on a hotdog


Friends, so, it has been a month. Yeah, thats awful. But I swear I have a really really good excuse. We did it. We moved to Paris. I am not going to lie it takes all your attention, energy, focus, well just plain all of you to get a family of six moved transatlantically. But […]