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11.30.12{personal} NY NY

This up coming Friday I am going to start back up my Foreign Service Friday posts and talk about our move/pack out experience and getting ready for the flights etc. So for now I am going to skip over that and go right to our brief stint in NYC

Christopher needed to do some work in New York before we came here to Paris. Since it was on the way we ALL got to come with him, wahooo! Three days in NYC and we don’t have to pay for it? Yes please. Then I remembered that at this point a large chunk of this amazing city was still with out power. Ohhhhhh nooooo! Thankfully it was coming back quickly and by the time we got there except for some sad damage to nature at Battery Park you couldn’t tell they had been in a state of emergency only days prior. We were lucky enough to stay at the Marriott directly on Time Square.

view from one of our rooms

The kids really needed to get out after a long day of delayed flights, long taxi rides etc. So we dropped our things and headed out to see the square

Samantha our “au pair” will be in lots of pictures and I am sure in lots of funny stories as well as she is a riot and always up for adventures

(thank goodness or I don’t think she would be very happy with her job ha!)

The kiddos thought it was pretty awesome, especially the mounted police.

The Hershey “factory” was right down the street and I didn’t realize until that moment that almost all our favorite candies are made by Hershey

Me: Peppermint Pattie   Sawyer: Plain Hershey bar   Finn: Reeses   Evie: Anything she can get her grubby hands on… so I guess she doesn’t really count ha!

The boys really wanted this GIANT hershey bank, because, you know, we have ample room in our suitcases for a ginormous plastic syrup bank.

While Daddy had to work we got to explore all the fun toy stores NYC has to offer. The kids especially loved the huge Toys R Us lego section.

We of course rode the ferris wheel. Apparently Sawyer was feeling proper as he devoured his sour candy during the ride.

It had been my plan to do a photo session with my kiddos on the Brooklyn Bridge. Something I had been wanting to do for a long time. The weather the previous weekend had been gorgeous and I was so excited. Then the storm hit and well, I knew with how cold it was it would end up being a disasters with tears in front and behind the camera ha! So that evening when we met up with one of our college friends Jed and he took us to Battery Park to see the statue of Liberty  I knew I would go a bit picture crazy. Evie of course decided Jed was her new best friend :)

The kids enjoyed running around for a bit even though it was soooooo cold.

I really wanted to get a shot of all the kiddos but finn had zonked out in the stroller and I just couldn’t bring myself to wake him up.

Plus Evie refused to take off Chloe’s hat so… yeah I just let them run.

Sawyer has gotten to a magical age. I absolutely adore it. Well behaved (most of the time) yet still fun and immaginative. He finally gets the concept that if I actually look at mom and smile then it will be over super fast ha!

Chloe on the other hand is a mad women. She runs every where and is extremely opinionated. I love my little fire ball.

When Finn finally came to I tried to grab a quick one with everyone. I love his half asleep grin and Sawyers pretending to be the Statue of Liberty

The view is beautiful from Battery even with all the storm damage.

The sunset was gorgeous but finally we just got to cold and headed back to our friend’s house to catch up and get warm.
That evening Chris let me pick which play we went to see. Well, if you know me or know my photography, you know I have a huge thing for Page boy hats and vests so of course it had to be Newsies

It was incredible! I really regret not bringing the boys. This would have been a fun introduction to big production theater. But being able to see a play together was wonderful!

Since our flight didn’t leave until 8:30 pm the next day, we had an easy morning then we took the kiddos to the Natural History Museum while Samantha took in the musical Once.

Chloe loved being able to walk around with everyone and I loved hearing gasp after gasp from the boys and Evie.

For dinner we went to Shake Shack for the first time. YUM! I didn’t know they had these in DC and it is probably a good thing I didn’t because I would have been having a shake a night ha!

I don’t know if it was the wisest selection before a seven hour flight but luckily my nervous flying tummy was okay.

All in all it was a pretty amazing three days in NYC and a great way to say good bye to the states.



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All pictures in this post shot with a canon 5d mark 11 and 50 1.4 or my iphone

{personal} Happy Halloween… at least it’s before December?

I love halloween. Mainly because it means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming but also because it isn’t freezing yet (well it was this year but in my day dreams), all the yummy smelling candles come out along with my sweaters and boots. Don’t get me started on my love of Fall clothing. This year we took the kid’s to the store really early to pick out their costumes. Finn wanted a monster party for his birthday (more on that soon hopefully) so everyone needed a costume. Finn had been emphatic about being a vampire up until we walked into the store. Then suddenly it changed to this Ninja snake thing. I am always wary about these sudden changes because they rarely stick. Usually we leave the store and buyers remorse immediately settles in and they beg to take it back. Since we have a no return policy on anything the kids purchase with their mola this can end badly. Sawyer seeing that Finn had abandoned the cool costume snatched it up. He did end up changing his mind before the actual halloween but with the no return policy he had to pick from one we had and actually seemed pretty happy to be optimus prime. Evie was happy as pie to be snow white as she had some pretty sweet heels to go with it. Chloe got to choose from a few Whinnie the Pooh costumes and was Roo one night and Tigger the next. Neither of which she really loved but man did I love both of them.

 We had a blast at our church’s trunk or treat. The members of our congregation go all out, I am talking fog machines, lights, sounds, bouncy house, cake walk etc. The kids loved it. Unfortunalty right before we left we could not find Evie’s costume anywhere. I seriously TORE the place apart looking. Luckily in a box with random baby blankets (Kristen I think they belong to you ha!) there was a cheerleader costume. It was too small but Evie was so excited. We stuck a little white shirt under and headed out, still with the snow white shoes so it was okay.

When Chloe saw all the lights and fog etc. she forgot how much she hated her costume and had some fun.

She especially liked her friend Andrews costume. I almost died when I saw it

He is already a darling boy, then you put him in a costume like that? Oh my goodness.

Evie was thrilled to find her best friend dressed up as one of her favorite princesses “Punzel”

While neither of my boys would go for a home made costume this year, I got to live vicariously through my incredibly creative friend Emily, who created all three of her boys costumes. Her middle son Jonah is Finn’s best friend. These two just get each other and I love how tender he is. I couldn’t help but give him a squeeze when I saw him dressed up as a skunk.

On the actual day of halloween the kids hit the jack pot living in our State Dept. housing. The front desk printed everyone a list of the apt. that were handing out candy. Imagine trick or treating on steroids, a door every ten feet, neighbors giving fistfuls of candy. Thank heavens shortly after our lovely friends the Moon’s came over and we were able to sort the good stuff (*cough chocolate *cough) from the other stuff which then mysteriously disappeared.

All in all it was a lovely halloween and I am so glad we got to celebrate one of these wonderful holidays in the states surrounded by great friends!

Happy Halloween!

Cheers, Kelly

{personal} catch up, not the kind you put on a hotdog

Friends, so, it has been a month. Yeah, thats awful. But I swear I have a really really good excuse. We did it. We moved to Paris. I am not going to lie it takes all your attention, energy, focus, well just plain all of you to get a family of six moved transatlantically. But here we are in our new home, with internet and my computer finally set up and I am so excited to catch up, because while I haven’t been posting I have never stopped taking pictures. Which reminds me, if you want to know WAYYYYY more about what we do each day I am a crazy instagrammer, I mean literally I bet I annoy my friends. And though my husband doesn’t understand why in the world I love it, I do. So please if you want to see more follow me on instagram, I am of course at sewinginnomansland. For now I hope you don’t mind if I do a little catch up this weekend. I am thinking at least four posts…. though we are going to Belgium tomorrow so I won’t promise to much ha! But I know I will be sharing our NYC trip later tonight. That place is magic!

Hope you are having an absolutely lovely holiday season thus far. I am kinda thinking about doing another 12 days of Christmas where I have a project everyday. The first year went along with the song (that was hard and ended up having some random items), 12 skirts of christmas I thought was awesome. Any suggestions for this year? I could be lazy and do my favorite holiday places here in Paris but I would totally be up for doing a bunch of tutorials if lightening strikes :)