{personal} catch up, not the kind you put on a hotdog

Friends, so, it has been a month. Yeah, thats awful. But I swear I have a really really good excuse. We did it. We moved to Paris. I am not going to lie it takes all your attention, energy, focus, well just plain all of you to get a family of six moved transatlantically. But here we are in our new home, with internet and my computer finally set up and I am so excited to catch up, because while I haven’t been posting I have never stopped taking pictures. Which reminds me, if you want to know WAYYYYY more about what we do each day I am a crazy instagrammer, I mean literally I bet I annoy my friends. And though my husband doesn’t understand why in the world I love it, I do. So please if you want to see more follow me on instagram, I am of course at sewinginnomansland. For now I hope you don’t mind if I do a little catch up this weekend. I am thinking at least four posts…. though we are going to Belgium tomorrow so I won’t promise to much ha! But I know I will be sharing our NYC trip later tonight. That place is magic!

Hope you are having an absolutely lovely holiday season thus far. I am kinda thinking about doing another 12 days of Christmas where I have a project everyday. The first year went along with the song (that was hard and ended up having some random items), 12 skirts of christmas I thought was awesome. Any suggestions for this year? I could be lazy and do my favorite holiday places here in Paris but I would totally be up for doing a bunch of tutorials if lightening strikes :)




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    Marie-Luce says

    Welcome to Paris, Kelly! I hope you and your family like it here and that you settle in ok in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures you’re inspired to take over here!

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