{personal} Happy Halloween… at least it’s before December?

I love halloween. Mainly because it means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming but also because it isn’t freezing yet (well it was this year but in my day dreams), all the yummy smelling candles come out along with my sweaters and boots. Don’t get me started on my love of Fall clothing. This year we took the kid’s to the store really early to pick out their costumes. Finn wanted a monster party for his birthday (more on that soon hopefully) so everyone needed a costume. Finn had been emphatic about being a vampire up until we walked into the store. Then suddenly it changed to this Ninja snake thing. I am always wary about these sudden changes because they rarely stick. Usually we leave the store and buyers remorse immediately settles in and they beg to take it back. Since we have a no return policy on anything the kids purchase with their mola this can end badly. Sawyer seeing that Finn had abandoned the cool costume snatched it up. He did end up changing his mind before the actual halloween but with the no return policy he had to pick from one we had and actually seemed pretty happy to be optimus prime. Evie was happy as pie to be snow white as she had some pretty sweet heels to go with it. Chloe got to choose from a few Whinnie the Pooh costumes and was Roo one night and Tigger the next. Neither of which she really loved but man did I love both of them.

 We had a blast at our church’s trunk or treat. The members of our congregation go all out, I am talking fog machines, lights, sounds, bouncy house, cake walk etc. The kids loved it. Unfortunalty right before we left we could not find Evie’s costume anywhere. I seriously TORE the place apart looking. Luckily in a box with random baby blankets (Kristen I think they belong to you ha!) there was a cheerleader costume. It was too small but Evie was so excited. We stuck a little white shirt under and headed out, still with the snow white shoes so it was okay.

When Chloe saw all the lights and fog etc. she forgot how much she hated her costume and had some fun.

She especially liked her friend Andrews costume. I almost died when I saw it

He is already a darling boy, then you put him in a costume like that? Oh my goodness.

Evie was thrilled to find her best friend dressed up as one of her favorite princesses “Punzel”

While neither of my boys would go for a home made costume this year, I got to live vicariously through my incredibly creative friend Emily, who created all three of her boys costumes. Her middle son Jonah is Finn’s best friend. These two just get each other and I love how tender he is. I couldn’t help but give him a squeeze when I saw him dressed up as a skunk.

On the actual day of halloween the kids hit the jack pot living in our State Dept. housing. The front desk printed everyone a list of the apt. that were handing out candy. Imagine trick or treating on steroids, a door every ten feet, neighbors giving fistfuls of candy. Thank heavens shortly after our lovely friends the Moon’s came over and we were able to sort the good stuff (*cough chocolate *cough) from the other stuff which then mysteriously disappeared.

All in all it was a lovely halloween and I am so glad we got to celebrate one of these wonderful holidays in the states surrounded by great friends!

Happy Halloween!

Cheers, Kelly


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