{personal} First Day In France

We were lucky enough to score a non-stop over night flight from NYC to Paris, meaning we left at 9:30 pm EST and landed at 11:00 am Paris time. I will have a whole post on the flight itself and what I have found works phenomenally on long haul flights and what was an epic fail later. For now it is on to our first real day in Paris. The kiddos had done pretty well the day we arrived. They stayed awake the whole day (which is more then I can say for myself) and ended up going to bed right around 10pm, which considering it was 4:00 pm to their bodies was pretty great. The embassy provides us with a “welcome kit” so the beds are made with sheets and a blanket so you don’t have to go out and buy anything right that minute, instead we could just fall into bed at night. Chris had to literally shake me awake the next morning at 10am. It was then my turn to go wake up the kiddos. Sawyer was the hardest to wake up. He fought it tooth and nail. Eventually I got my camera and started snapping away at him which I knew would get him up if nothing else just to stop me ha!

Once they were up and about Samantha and I took them for a walk in the woods by our house to try out their new Merida, I mean, Hawkeye bow and arrows

I knew it was going to be one of the last warm days and I wanted to get some pictures of Evie for a Christmas idea I had. For the first time in a long time she was out of control uncooperative.

This was the main face she gave me. Then she decided she wouldn’t even look at me.

Then it was gushing tears, so while the boys stayed and played in the woods with Samantha I took the girls home for some MUCH needed naps :) In the end it took a solid week for the cuties to right themselves. Sawyer definitely continued to take it the hardest with one afternoon of straight crying. His poor little body was so off kilter he had no control over his emotions. We had unpacked his old Thomas trains and I told him a story about him loosing his favorite train and being so devastated. About twenty minutes later Evie came into the kitchen to inform me that Sawyer was crying. When I went to find out what was going on he was sitting there with the replacement train we had bought him (aka the exact same train) sobbing that he wanted his old Thomas Paint train. Uh oh. I calmed him down and gave him a good long snuggle. I went back to finish making dinner only to hear him crying again on the couch ten minutes later. When I once again snuggled with him and asked if there was something else bothering him or if he was homesick etc. he just looked at me and said “I don’t know why I am crying and I am so tired.” Poor guy! A few days later he was bouncing around the house and I expressed to him how happy I was that he was having fun. He looked at me and said “yeah, I am so glad I am not jet lagged anymore”. Amen my little friend!! It is funny because when we moved to East Timor it was a 16 hour time difference so you would think it would have been harder, but I really think this six hour difference has been a bear. In the past we have literally gone straight from the airport to Disneyland (both in Hong Kong and then in CA when we came back to the states). This gave us a huge pump of adrenaline to power through the day then colapse at the correct time. While we do have annual passes to Disneyland Paris we decided to wait for a few days for that fun, but that is another story for the next post :)



PS I have had a few emails asking about the kids clothes so when they are not wearing their random pajamas (as seen above) I thought I would mention at the bottom where they are from :)

Sawyers: Navy toggle coat, ZARA. Orange Pants, H&M

Finn: Beige Coat, GAP hand me down from Sawyer, Hat this season GAP baby (yeah he has a little head)

Evie: Dress, JCrew. Sweater, GAP. Scarf, ZARA. Shoes, H&M

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