{personal} la magie de Noël

The magic of Christmas. It is amazing. And with four children it is truly a gift watching their reactions to the holiday splendor here in Paris. Our first weekend here our lovely neighbors invited us to go explore the Christmas fair on the Champs Elysees. I was pretty excited about this but simultaneously nervous for our first bus ride with all our kiddos. I had heard that in general French children are seen but NOT heard and have impeccable manners. Now the first time (yes there have been several) a child ran into my foot with their scooter WHILE shopping in a store, I realized this was not necessarily a correct stereotype. Even still I had been on the very silent metro and remained tense the entire bus ride waiting for someone to yell at me. Thankfully the cuties were very good with one exception, seeing the Eiffle Tower for the first time. This evoked shrieks of delight and lots of seat changing to prolong the view. We lucked out and caught it in the last ten minutes of the hour when it Sparkles. To be honest I was as giddy as the kids and totally forgot we were on public transportation as I gasped and ohhhd and ahhhd right along with them.

We hoped off the bus right by Chris’s work (the US Embassy) and were met with this amazing view

We then proceeded to stroll down the Champs Elysees looking at the array of booths and “restaurants”.

We stopped to grab some dinner at a booth that had a giant replica of the Eiffle Tower across from it where you could place your food while eating instead of trying to hold onto it and eat in a huge crowd.  The kids are still trying to get used to the bone chilling cold of Paris and I kept finding them huddled on the ground

Evie had fought me on wearing tights and refused to wear a hat. I thought “well this will be a good lesson, she will be freazing cold and then when I whip out her hat she will thank me and tell me what a wonderfully wise mother I am.” Neither of those things happened. Apparently she inherited her daddies warm bloodedness. (Note the GIANT hole in what was a brand new pair of tights, its tough to watch where you are walking in a huge crowd).

 After perusing the menu I ordered a crepe with Nutella, a personal favorite. I made sure to use only French when speaking with the ladies, who after I ordered, told me in perfect English that they were proud of me for doing so ha!

We wanted to kiddos to have some semblance of dinner though so we ordered them hot dogs. These ended up being about a foot and a half long and on a baguette instead of a bun, we didn’t hear any complaints ha!

Afterwards Finn begged for a waffle with whip cream

Thinking there was no way he would eat it all and I would get his left overs I gave in :)

I underestimated his waffle eating abilities. Though, he did share a bite

Sawyer, who absolutely abhors being cold, holed himself up in the suddenly vacant stroller to chow down his giant hot dog and wouldn’t get out of his warm spot even with the temptation of desert.

After filling up we decided to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Just FYI the ferris wheel only accepts cash but they have ATM’s (who charge a hefty 3 euro fee) right next door.

Since both families had double strollers and lots of bags I volunteered to stay with Chloe and guard everything. To be honest I still haven’t gotten over the terror of the California Adventure ferris wheel and I didn’t want to test and see if I was still terrified on this particular monstrosity. Plus Chloe and I had fun people watching and waving to the fam

This is also when Chloe sampled her first cigarette butt. Bleh. Afterwards we were ready to head home with some pretty tuckered out kiddos.

It was a perfect way to spend our first weekend night, seeing so many iconic Parisian sites AND getting into the holiday spirit.



{all pictures shot with my canon 5d Mark 11 and 50 1.8 or my iphone}

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  1. 1

    Billie says

    I think I am going to have to stop reading the blog for a while after I leave…it will b too hard seeing all of this. Enjoy it all!!!

  2. 2


    Perhaps it is just the sparkly memories of growing up in Germany but Christmas seems more magical over there. They sure know how to do it right. Parisseems similar. Your posts make me very nostalgic. Thanks for sharing!

  3. 5


    This is my first Xmas in Paris. I’m kind of overwhelmed- they love it here and get into it. I’m starting to really get into all the candies and pastries that are whipped up just for Xmas too. Candied chestnuts…where have you been all my life?

  4. 6

    Clair Jordan says

    I’ll take one of those giant hotdogs on a baguette please. (Minus the hotdog LOL)

    Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun already!

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