{personal} A Visit to Deyrolle

I had read about an amazing store in Paris filled to the brim with amazing taxedermied animals. It was quiet some time ago that I read it and had honestly totally forgotten about it until the other day when I saw one of their amazing posters hanging in a book store window. After a bit of research for store hours etc. (stores have odd hours here and if you plan on going ANYWHERE check before you go to make sure they are open, nothing is more frustrating then making the effort only to be presented with a locked door and dim windows) Samantha and I loaded up the girls and headed to Deyrolle. Two metros later and a brief walk we almost passed it!

When ever it is myself and the girls that means there is a double stroller involved (a whole separate post on metro-ing it with a double coming soon). While the shop ladies were absolutely sweet and were even moving a display so I could place the stroller indoors Samantha and I decided it might just be better to take it in turns. So Chloe got to hang out and have a snack outside. No worries she had her snow suit on so I think she was a pretty happy camper.

The entrance floor is filled with gardening books, tools and calendars. I am pretty sure Anthropologie must buy some items from this shop because some looked so familiar. Evie and I walked slowly up the winding stair case to the second floor where all the animals were displayed. I of course was gasping right and left. I wanted to take a million pictures. But before I could even get the settings right on my camera a women was barreling across the store speaking to me in rapid French. There were no pictures allowed, no exceptions. WHAT!?!?! So this is the one picture I got of Evie getting a little too friendly with a zebra

I am so sad that they don’t allow pictures because it was completely decked out in holiday gorgeousness! The pictures below are from one of my favorite Blogs Hip Paris and taken by Julien Haisherr where I originally read about Deyrolle. While they are not of the amazing holiday set up it at least gives you a taste of the grandeur.

I believe these pictures were taken shortly after the reopening after the entire building went ablaze loosing the entire collection. It has been two years or so since then and it is back full force. You just have to sort of not think about the fact that these are all gorgeous animals that used to graze and fly etc. If you have children and are coming to Paris this is a MUST. Evie was in absolute heaven. She went back through again when it was Samantha’s turn. While they went back through I enjoyed the window display

And the amazing architecture that seems to always surround me these days

After we had our fill of stuffed animals Samantha suggested we visit a cafe that her friend had recommended to her. 

It is a tiny little place that I would never have dared to go in with the girls by myself but I am soooo glad we did.

This place ooooozed charm. I tried not to be to obnoxious in the tiny space but had to take a few pictures.

We both ordered a yummy dessert and Evie enjoy a gigantic chaud chocolate. Samantha captured this shot which may be my favorite “attitude” picture of Evie ever:

The hot chocolate here is to die for. Well, as long as you like chocolate because it is literally melted chocolate, yum.

We decided to leave the stroller outside since it was seriously a TINY little cafe. I wasn’t that concerned because unless you own the same stroller as me there is no way you are figuring out how to take the break off. I became suddenly concerned though when I glanced out the window to see two workers pouring down hot tar where we had parked the stroller. Ahhhhh! I jumped up and was relieved to see they had obviously lifted the stroller and placed it slightly down the side walk. With the stroller safe my thoughts now turned to how in the world we were going to get out of there. The lunch rush had hit and there were way to many people stuffed into the little cafe then was comfortable, but no one could get in or out. Of course this is when Chloe decided she was tired and wanted nothing but the stroller and her blanket. THANKFULLY as soon as I paid and gathered together our things I looked out to see billowing steam rising as the workers threw buckets of cold water instantly hardening the tar. Samantha and I gingerly stepped onto the fresh bit of side walk half convinced we were going to sink right in. We made it safely to the stroller and turned back to see the steam engulfing the cafe.
I am excited to take the boys back to Deyrolle and am pretty positive a second trip to Mamie Gateaux will be in store as well. If you are going to be in Paris and would like to visit it is located at:

66 Rue du Cherche-Midi  75006 Paris, France

It is closed Mondays

PS Deyrolle is free to the public as it is a store
PPS Evie’s dress and Cardi are from H&M, Chloe’s deliciously warm snow suit from GAP


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    Has anyone ever suggested that a good child carrier might be a better option than the double stroller in the city? I think you might find it quite useful to have Chloe on your back and then, if you needed a stroller for Evie, you could just bring a small single. Might be easier on the metro, as well. I know many like the ergo or the beco carrier. Or a good quality mei tai would be another option.

    • 2

      admin says

      Em, I actually have an Ergo, bjorn and wrap. It is just far to cold to have Chloe on my back right now. I have her snuggled in her snow suit and a stroller bundle and she still gets to cold. Come spring you better believe she will have a prime seat on my back :) Additionally right now I like having my diaper bag with my camera, wallet etc tucked nicely under their stroller seats.

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    Wow! That taxidermy shop looks amazing, but I think I would get pretty sad if I ever visited it. I wouldn’t be able to keep the image of happily grazing and flying animals out of my head! That being said though, you’d never get another chance to be that close to a tiger! Seems like Paris is shaping up to be a wonderful experience for your family! You’re so lucky to have this opportunity!

  3. 4


    I am hoping that you will make a link somewhere on your site for all of these wonderful places to visit in Paris. It is so much fun to read these posts.

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    Rach C says

    Nice zebras!
    I live in the ardèche and our regional speciality this time of year is anything to do with chestnuts. On a café visit of you can, make sure you order a gâteaux à la crème des marrons or moulleaux marrons- they are delicious!

  5. 6

    ira lee says

    wow!!! what an awesome adventure to live! everything does look so cool and fancy there! i’d love to visit someplace like that!

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