{personal} French Carousels

What is it with France and carousels? Honestly I don’t know. When I researched it I came up with zilch. At first I thought maybe they invented them. Which still might be true but the first carousel for children (not for actual testing of riding prowess with gold hoops etc) was located in Conney Island. Whatever the reason, almost every neighborhood has its own carousel and I could not be happier about that! Long day of sight seeing? No problem let the cuties go for a whirl every few hours. After several rides my kids are always begging for more. Our local carousel is one of the cutest I have seen (not that I am partial) while it seems almost brand new all the items to ride on a styled vintagely. The first time I saw it all I could think was “photo shoot photo shoot photo shoot”. Of course I didn’t get a good shot of the entire carousel but Samantha was nice enough to catch this crazy one of Evie and I:

Later we headed back with some of our lovely neighbors and their children to stroll through the Christmas festival that had been put up. (meanwhile I found our face paint from Timor and Evie demanded to be a butterfly) First the kids loaded up on the Christmas train. Sawyer was so sweet and sat next to one of our little neighbor girls who didn’t want to ride by herself. I tell you, who ever scoops him up later in life is going to be a lucky person indeed. Evie sat next to her new best friend and giggled pretty much non-stop.

After a few go rounds we headed over to the carousel.  All four boys went straight for the submarine

They stayed holed up in that all three rides.

Chloe on the other hand tried a few different ones. I think she liked the plane the best.

Usually Evie refuses to actually ride anything and demands instead to sit on whatever “bench” is available. It always seemed so out of character for her normally rather wild and adventurous personality but I never really minded. This time she upgraded to the trolley car.

Then things got really wild and she and Maddie went for the motorcycle.

After three rides we had to cut the kids off. Unfortunately the carousels are not “cheap” especially when you have four kids. We wandered through the Christmas booths for a while.

I of course bought a crepe. This time I was adventurous and got a salted Carmel instead of nutella. YUM! Though I only got a small bite as Finn soon discovered that he loooooved salted carmel too.

I hope where ever you are you are soaking up some holiday magic yourself! And if you ever come to Paris be sure to hop on a carousel!!




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    Bryson totally does the same thing as Evie. Every time we do a carousel he sits on the bench. It totally blows me away every time because he’s always moving that I figured he’d want the horses that go up and down.

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    Laura says

    I am loving these Paris posts! I can’t believe you do all this with four children. I can barely leave my house with one kid, let alone snap a picture! Can’t wait to see what else France has in store for you!

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    That is an insanely cute carousel! Love it!! So fun that there are so many there. I don’t remember seeing any when I was in Paris but that was before kids so my eyes probably skipped right past them!

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