{photography} Goldilocks and the 3 teddy bears

I have had this particular photo shoot tumbling around in my head for the longest time. I would lie in bed thinking about each and every detail. Finally I was down to the wire with the move to Paris and beating the cold. I was so excited to make the jam jar “chandelier” and find all the items for the table. I knew Miss Mallory (one of my little muses) would be perfect. She is bar none one of the most photogenic little girls I know. She was pretty shocked that I busted up a little vintage rocking chair I had used in previous shoots, but it was all for the cause ha!  To say it turned out like I had imagined is an understatement. I was literally giddy about it. I don’t really know why I have waited to share these images… I am kinda worried that I will now see Goldilocks shoots all over the place. But why make art and photography if you don’t share it? I hope you love it as much as I do.

Photography and Styling: Kelly Crawford

Model: Mallory A.

Dress: H&M UNICEF holiday line

Hair and make up: Reese Anderson

Table Items: Thrifted & Anthropologie

Table chairs: Borrowed from a lovely friend

There you have it. My version of Goldilocks. A daydream come true :)



  1. 3

    Cherylyn says

    I love love love that one of her holding the 3 bears as she stands and is peeking around for someone and the one of her with her arms around the tree trunk. Adorable!

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