Ice Skating at the Grand Palais

I hope you had a lovely holiday filled with fun surprises and lots of time with loved ones! We unfortunately came down (the entire household in turn) with the stomach flu the day before Christmas Eve. Ughh. Such bad timing. Looking on the bright side though it only lasted 24 hours and forced me to have a nice quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which was actually much needed. We were able to fit in some fun festivities before the bug hit including what I think was the highlight, ice skating at the Grand Palais. If you have seen the grand palais you know how absolutely incredible this “building” is. We thought for sure it was some crazy kings palace at one point (hence the name) but it was built to host exhibitions etc. and never housed any royalty. I tried to find a picture online that does it justice but I really couldn’t, it is that HUGE and beautiful. This gives you a bit of an idea though:


I am very lucky to have a wonderful embassy play group each week and one of our members organized this family outing and I am so very glad she did. I don’t know if I would have done it on my own and let me tell you it was a HUGE hit with the kiddos. Going in a group is always fabulous because I feel like I have five times the sets of eyes, ears and hands ha!

Of course it was a bit pricey but your ticket included your skates and entry into the other Palais exhibits for a whole day.

Once we figured out what our European sizes were we were able to get everyone proper skates. Though we did find out later there was a smaller pair that probably would have worked better for Evie, and of course they were super cute with two little metal blades instead of one. Now we know for next year! We made our way slowly over to the “kids area” only to be turned back. You HAVE to have mittens to ice skate at the Grand Palais. “Luckily” there was a mitten vending machine right behind us. So, we  all got some new mittens!

Since Finn had been before he was a little more sure of himself then the rest. Sawyer took it nice and slow while Evie basically clung to us for dear life.

The only picture we caught of me was pretty much mid-fall as two boys drg me in either direction ha!

I have never seen these little skating helpers before but I think they are genius! There just was not near enough to go around unfortunately.

As Sawyer became more confident Evie got even more punch drunk ha!

Then she decided she was totally done and plopped herself down and started eating snow, so we knew we were done

We headed over to our friends house for hot chocolate and yummy treats. Then we dashed the kids home before we headed out to take a tour of the Christmas lights in Paris!!
Even though it rained most of the time, we sat up top in the open air saying countless times how thankful we were to be in this amazing city.
It was truly magical day


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