12 Skirts of Christmas// Me!


Today is the last day of 12 Skirts of Christmas! Hasn’t it been fun? So many great skirts! I didn’t want to ask anyone to share on Christmas Eve because honestly who is on their computer on Christmas Eve? Just didn’t feel right. But I also wanted to follow the schedule so today it is […]

12 Skirts of Christmas // Ruffles and Stuff


Today I am positively giddy to have Disney from Ruffles and Stuff! Alright, I have been going back and forth about whether or not I should say this but I am just going to go ahead and do it. Disney is my absolutely favorite blogger. There I said it. Don’t get me wrong I love […]

12 Skirts Of Christmas// Sewing Rabbit


Today is the seventh day of 12 skirts of Christmas. Today we have Jessica from The Sewing Rabbit, or you may know her as Me Sew Crazy or the genius creator of Sew Set or as part of the fabulous 5& 10 Design team. Just thinking about all the projects jessica is involved in literally makes […]

12 Skirts of Christmas// Shwin & Shwin


Today is the 10th day of 12 Skirts of Christmas and we have the amazingly talented Shauna from tje dynamic duo of Shwin & Shwin. Shauna is a talented pattern maker and the driving force behind the super successful Shwin Designs.  I love their patterns because of their great versatility. Part of the reason I love […]

12 Skirts of Christmas // Running With Scissors


Today is the ninth day of the 12 Skirts of Christmas and today we have Jessica from Running With Scissors! I always loved the name of her blog and her posts are just as cute and whitty. Plus throw in mad sewing skills (she actually owned her own tailoring shop) and you have a recipe […]

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Today is the 8th day of 12 Skirts of Christmas and we are lucky enough to have Simple Simon and Co. These ladies have crazy impeccable taste. Everything they whip up looks straight off a run way. Not only do they have time to keep up a flawless blog they are also the driving force behind […]


12 Skirts of Christmas// A Lemon Squeezy Home


Today is the seventh day of 12 Skirts of Christmas! Sharing with us today is Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home. Christie is incredible. INCREDIBLE. I feel like everyone in the crafting world knows what is going on with Christie’s sweet baby girl Ruby but just in case you don’t the briefest of brief overviews […]

12 Skirts of Christmas// Melly Sews


Today is the Sixth day of 12 Skirts of Christmas! Today we have the fabulously talented Melissa from Melly Sews. Melissa is the genius pattern creator behind Blank Slate Patterns. I have personally sewn several Blank Slate patterns and absolutely love them! (most recently to make Evie’s Christmas jammies seen HERE). She also teaches a […]

12 Skirts of Christmas // The Train To Crazy


Today is the fifth day of 12 Skirts of Christmas and we have Andrea from The Train To Crazy! Andrea’s blog is full of tasty recipes, amazing costume tutorials and fantastic sewing basic step by steps. I don’t know how many times I have googled a sewing technique and it has brought me to her […]

12 Skirts of Christmas// See Kate Sew


Today is the fourth day of the 12 Skirts of Christmas and we are lucky enough to have Kate from See Kate Sew! Kate is one of those bloggers who every time I see something she has done I think surely this is from a magazine, nope, its ALL her! As I followed her on […]