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12.24.1312 Skirts of Christmas// Me!

Today is the last day of 12 Skirts of Christmas! Hasn’t it been fun? So many great skirts! I didn’t want to ask anyone to share on Christmas Eve because honestly who is on their computer on Christmas Eve? Just didn’t feel right. But I also wanted to follow the schedule so today it is my turn to share!


I knew I wanted to make something with lace since I have TONS of it on hand and it feels wintery and christmasy. I also wanted it to be comfy since Evie has decided she will no longer wear clothes that aren’t comfy.


This skirt is ridiculous in its simplicity and really anyone who knows how to sew could whip this up with out a tutorial but I thought I would share one anyway.



2013-12-23_0005After things calm down after the new year I am totally making both girls this same skirt but with gobs of tulle. This was the original outfit I had planned but like I said Evie has developed quite the opinion and you gotta do whatcha gotta do to get pictures right?



All you need is a small length of soft waistband elastic, some stretchy lace (amount depends on size of cutie and desired length) and an old shirt or a small amount of coordinating jersey fabric.


I cut the top off the shirt at the waist originally but ended up taking even more length off later. Be sure to take it off the top so you have a nice pre hemmed bottom to work with.


Next I took my length of lace and folded it right sides together and sewed up the side to create a tube.


If you use a shirt it is already a tube, if not repeat this step with the length of jersey fabric you have.  At this point you should have what looks like this (the lace is slide over the jersey):

2013-12-23_0013 Fold the elastic band in half and stitch along edge. Be sure to leave a good sized chunk otherwise it is more likely to come apart.


Now comes the slightly tricky part. You are going to have to stretch the elastic as you sew so that it gathers the fabric when it is released. This is usually not the tricky but this time you will need to sandwich the material on either side. Be sure to to put the right side of your outside fabric matched up to the wrong side of your lining fabric. That way you have no visible seams when you turn everything right side out. Once you have things sandwiched you may want to pin the two fabrics (NOT including the elastic) together all the way around just below where you will stitch to help you keep everything together as you are trying to sew and stretch at the same time. This is where a third hand would be awesome ha!



I wanted my lace to hang down a bit but you can make it even if you prefer. I didn’t have to hem mine since it was stretch lace (whoot whoot for easy sewing!). When you turn everything right side out it should have a nice finished waist line.

2013-12-23_0017 So crazy easy right?

And it gets the comfy skirt stamp of approval!

2013-12-23_0007 Well that is it for 12 Skirts of Christmas!


Thank you for following along! We will have a wrap up party soon with a review of all the skirts. Until then out family wishes you a Merry Christmas!




12.23.1312 Skirts of Christmas // Ruffles and Stuff

Today I am positively giddy to have Disney from Ruffles and Stuff! Alright, I have been going back and forth about whether or not I should say this but I am just going to go ahead and do it. Disney is my absolutely favorite blogger. There I said it.
Don’t get me wrong I love so many ladies in this creative blogging world but Disney is just the absolute cream of the crop. I don’t know if there is an unkind bone this this cute women’s body.
She is a fabulous mother to her drop dead darling daughter (say that ten times fast) Paige AND is currently a foster momma to two, count them two baby boys. I have no idea how she has time to blog at all let alone pump out the stellar quality posts she does.
I firmly believe that hers is a God given talent and I am so glad she is willing to share it with us! Here she is today sharing an adorable skirt with the cutest pictures. Enjoy!
Hey, guys! So good to see you over here at Kelly’s. I just love, love her so much, what a sweet, elegant, beautiful and talented lady. And it doesn’t hurt my opinion of her that her gorgeous parisian pictures pepper my Instagram feed like sprinkles on a cupcake. ;o) I’m really honored to be here as part of 12 Skirts of Christmas! Skirts are my absolute favorite thing to make: quick, simple, feminine! Perfect for my quick and simple attention span.
The skirts I made for this post are as easy as they come. I have been meaning for a while to try out a simple skirt (I used my “Garden Veggies” skirt tutorial minus the fabric painting) with a wide elastic and heavy-weight decorator’s fabric. The result is a modern winter-weather skirt that is cute and cozy! And for a younger girl (like Paige, size 6) you need less than half a yard, so you can afford to make lots of them. Be careful, though, wearing them may bring on sudden urges to put up wallpaper or reposition furniture. ;o)

Thank you so much for having me over to share, Kelly! Have a lovely day, everyone!

Thank you Disney! I mean seriously couldn’t you just eat Paige up? I LOVE the pattern mixing of the polka dots and the plaid! Pretty sure Chloe and Evie need this skirt STAT! I am SURE you already do but if you don’t already follow Disney hop on over to Ruffles and Stuff and be amazed at all the talent stuffed into one blog!

12.22.1312 Skirts Of Christmas// Sewing Rabbit

Today is the seventh day of 12 skirts of Christmas. Today we have Jessica from The Sewing Rabbit, or you may know her as Me Sew Crazy or the genius creator of Sew Set or as part of the fabulous 5& 10 Design team.
Just thinking about all the projects jessica is involved in literally makes me dizzy. Talk about organizational skills!
Plus it means she has creativity coming out her ears! And because The Sewing Rabbit is a collaboration of creators it means there is lots of new fresh content every week.
Today she is sharing a warm and comfy yet totally on trend skirt tutorial you could easily whip up for yourself for your impending holiday party, you know the one you are stressing about because you don’t know what to wear? Yup that one. Make a skirt!! Make this one!
Easy Side Panel Knit Pencil Skirt DIY, with Yoga Waistband   ||
Hi Sewing in No Mans Land friends! Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit here, and I am thrilled to be sharing with you today! I absolutely adore Kelly and her wild wanderings, everything she does is simply magic. So to be here as part of the 12 Skirts of Christmas Series is an honor for me.
I don’t know about you, but I love comfort in my clothes. Especially during the Christmas Season, when I am busy baking and eating cookies. Tight waistbands just wont cut it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little style in your life.
Easy Side Panel Knit Pencil Skirt DIY, with Yoga Waistband   ||
This side panel knit pencil skirt is easy to sew, and takes less than an hour to make. Allowing you to showcase some of your favorite cotton, suede, leather, or other seasonal fabric on the front and back, with knit fabric on the sides to allow for movement.  Furthermore, the waist is fashioned with a yoga-style knit waistband for ultimate comfort.
Easy Side Panel Knit Pencil Skirt DIY, with Yoga Waistband   ||
Hoodie: Marshals, Bracelets: gifted by Frances Suzanne, Skirt: Side Panel Knit Skirt DIY, Boots: Marshals
Perfect for last minute holiday attire!  The full sewing tutorial for the easy Side Panel Knit Skirt DIY can be found here.
Thanks again so much for having me here Kelly, and allowing me to showcase this fun last minute holiday skirt. Wishing you all a very Happy and Merry Christmas!
See you in the New Year!
Easy Side Panel Knit Pencil Skirt DIY, with Yoga Waistband   ||
Thank you so much Jessica for sharing! Hop on over to The Sewing Rabbit for oodles more inspiration and tutorials!

12.21.1312 Skirts of Christmas// Shwin & Shwin

Today is the 10th day of 12 Skirts of Christmas and we have the amazingly talented Shauna from tje dynamic duo of Shwin & Shwin.
Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 2.31.28 PM
Shauna is a talented pattern maker and the driving force behind the super successful Shwin Designs. 
I love their patterns because of their great versatility.
Lucilleshop1 Part of the reason I love sewing is to do my own thing and give clothing my own twist. I feel like with the patterns from Shwin Designs I have room to do that PLUS the added ease of sewing with a pattern.

Plus how ridiculously adorable are her cuties? And there are lots of boy patterns, something I think the sewing world needs big time. Today she is sharing a GORGEOUS holiday skirt. I have a personal weakness for the fabric she chose as I used it previously for my bustled up dress. I must admit though that it is a lot cuter in mini size :)

 I am beyond thrilled to be part of the 12 days of skirts again. Why? Because I love skirts! They are so easy to make and a great project for a beginner since you are literally wrapping some fabric around yourself and calling it good right? Skirts are fun and flirty and so cute on little girls.

For Penny celebrating her first “real Christmas” I say real since last year she was 4 whole days old and slept through the whole thing, I made her a very simple basic skirt. You could follow this tutorial (with free pattern)  I made basically the same skirt only it’s not reversible and the skirt part is more full. I also added a big bow just for fun.

I like to make baby skirts a little long, and they start by wearing them up super high (like arm pits) then as they grow taller I just move it down until its at the waist this way they get almost 2 years wear out of one skirt.

I used silk taffeta for the skirt and I love how full and fancy it looks while still being easy for a baby to wear.  Simple skirts are sometimes the best skirts.

Thanks Kelly for having me as part of the 12 days of skirts! I love seeing all the lovely skirts!

Thank you so much Shauna! Penny is just darling and the skirt is fantastic! I love the added fullness! Hop on over toe Shwin & Shwin for more tutorials and inspiration or if you need some last minute gifts for family and friends who sew and aren’t close buy a digital pattern from Shwin Designs would be a perfect gift!

12.20.1312 Skirts of Christmas // Running With Scissors

Today is the ninth day of the 12 Skirts of Christmas and today we have Jessica from Running With Scissors!


I always loved the name of her blog and her posts are just as cute and whitty.


Plus throw in mad sewing skills (she actually owned her own tailoring shop) and you have a recipe for a fun blog!


She recently brought her little sister on as partner with the blog so now there are even more fun tutorials and inspiration posts!


I am a bit obsessed with leather right now (as I think a lot of the blogosphere is) so I was pretty excited about her recent leather cuff tutorial.


How much would you love to get one of those for Christmas from a friend?!?

The skirt jessica is sharing today is down right gorgeous! It looks like it is straight off the racks at JCrew and I absolutely will be making one for myself! Just look for yourself:

I’m so excited to visit for 12 Days of Christmas!!
I love Christmas and was excited to plan an outfit to dress up a little this year.
I sewed a full, pleated skirt in charcoal.
The box pleats give the skirt a lot of volume for a fun, easy shape.
I always try to add pockets in my dresses and skirts if I can, making it a lot easier to wear.
The back is also pleated, but just a series of folded pleats rather than the box pleats.
 For the rest of the outfit, I paired the skirt with my fair isle sweater and chose red accessories and called it a Christmas outfit!
More details on my blog!
Hope everyone has Merry Christmas next week!

Thank you so much Jessica for sharing your fantastic skirt! Be sure to hop on over to Running With Scissors for the full tutorial and to find tons of great projects to do to keep sane while the kids are out the next two weeks ha!