{personal} Scot-Land


Christopher found some cheap (I mean cheeeeeeaaaaapppp) tickets from Paris to Edinburgh so we decided to take the family up for the weekend. Part of Christopher’s family is from Scotland and it is a place he has always wanted to go so we were pretty excited. The kids were positively thrilled that the hotel had […]

{personal} Let it snow


We had a few big storms here in Paris while we were in Scotland. The amount of snow that fell is fairly unheard of in Paris and of course schools and businesses were closed. I had been dying for some snow to fall so I could go take some pictures of the city covered in […]

{personal} What To Wear This Weekend


I thought it might be nice to break up the traveling posts and talk a little bit about one of my passions, children’s fashion. It is what prompted me to start sewing AND doing photography in the first place. I knew when were assigned to Paris this would be taken to an entirely new level […]

{personal} An Entire Post About A Cafe


This is totally NOT a sponsored post though as I wrote it I thought oh man they are totally going to think I got a free meal out of this or something. Nope, it was just that good ha! I know you are thinking, SERIOUSLY an entire post dedicated to one little cafe? Oh friends, […]

{personal} Weekend Getaway


Before I move on with talking about our trip to Luxembourg I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who l eft a comment about Evie’s sleeping problems. I read every single one and Chris and I had a big discussion about how we were going to move forward. The first night I […]

{personal} Bed Time Woes


When I was little I distinctly remember be terrified at night. TERRIFIED. Nothing had ever happened to make me this way, I just had a super hyperactive ¬†imagination. I vividly remember getting up the courage to get out of my bed and slink down the hall to my parents room. Once there I would stand […]

{Foreign Service Friday} Double Stroller Drama


Just FYI: We currently have a City Select double stroller. It was a loooong process buying a new double stroller coming to Paris. First we were sold on the Phil n Ted but then we read the weight restrictions and well, we have chunky kids. I toyed with the Bugaboo donkey since it is the […]

{create} The Magic twine


A tutorial? Wait what? I know it has been FOREVER and believe me I am DYING to get my sewing machine (have you ever seen French clothing patterns? To-Die-For) but as it is not here and Evie and Chloe were in desperate straights as far as hair adornments go I set out to make them […]

{create} But not EVERYTHING


I hope you had a wonderful New Years celebration! Chris and I had an amazing weekend alone in Luxembourg (pictures forth coming) and one of the main topics of conversation was what our goals for 2013 are. 2012 was an odd year filled with lots of transitions, waiting and laziness. Lazy has never been a […]