{create} The Magic twine

A tutorial? Wait what? I know it has been FOREVER and believe me I am DYING to get my sewing machine (have you ever seen French clothing patterns? To-Die-For) but as it is not here and Evie and Chloe were in desperate straights as far as hair adornments go I set out to make them another set of felt bows in ever color under the rainbow. I love these bows. They are simple and classy and super cheap, a winning combination. I always visit one of my favorite etsy shops Lou and Lee whenever I am working with felt for a little inspiration. This time when I visited I was shocked to see the store was no longer open. I tried to find out more info, if it was a glitch or possibly just for the holidays, but couldn’t find anything except other posts from customers pleading for them to reopen. Knowing that I would never be able to purchase their perfect little bows again I decided I was going to figure out HOW they make those perfect, crisp little bows if it killed me…. or more likely melted all my finger prints off with a hot glue gun. Now don’t get me wrong there have got to be a thousand tutorials for felt bows but I wanted mine with the awesome tucks and folds that are crisp and clean and, well, Lou and Lee like. Turns our all it takes is a little twine! I posted my results on instagram and a few of my awesome lady friends/followers requested a step by step so here it is! (if you don’t you should follow along @sewinginnomansland)

So that is how I now make the girl’s bows. They look so much better and are ten times faster to make with a lot less glue burns ha! It is really important you tie the knot tight. You can see the bow at the top has better tucks and folds then the one at the bottom which I did not tie as tight. Makes all the difference :)




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    ChaCha says

    Hi Kelly,

    The bows are very cute! Pity my girl is nearly all grown up! You mention French sewing patterns…Any chance you could do a post on what is available?

    Kind regards,


  2. 5


    I love these. Also love the idea of not burning myself because I am not super talented with a glue gun. I always manage to burn myself, even though mine is low temp.

  3. 7

    Pamela says

    What an easy way to make a bow, but can’t seem to figure the reason for the piece of felt that was put between the clip. Isn’t the clip itself glued to the center strip? Maybe once I try this I will have a better understanding.


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